New Jade is the daughter of Aquamarine and Obsidian. She is the sister of Jet and Jewel


New Jade


Being the Daughter of Aquamarine she had to be born in the sea. After her birth she quickly took a liking to Connie. She and Connie were friends but Connie's parents would never let her in so she made herself an 8 years old and took up Kendo and Fencing. She also went to school with Connie and enrolled Steven and even convinced Connie's parents to let them move into the new temple and pocket dimensions
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Imitation Phantom Style


  • Despite contrary belief, she is the middle kid
  • She can unlock a temporary form of Phantom Style


Hydrokenesis: Being the daughter of Aquamarine she can control water.

Pyrokenesis: Being the daughter of Obsidian she can control fire

Swordsmanship: She can wield  a wide variety of katanas, rapiers and longswords

Cyrokenesis: An ability inherited from her uncle, she can control ice

Imitation Phantom Style: She was once able to unlock a very early form of phantom style during her fight with Jet

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