New Friend
Season 1a, Episode 1
Vital statistics
Air date June 27, 2015
Written by Kayalolz12
Directed by Kayalolz12
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"New Friend" is the first episode in season one of The Homeworld Gems, and the first episode overall.


Lapis brings back an unexpected new "friend" from Earth.


Lapis: Thank you, Steven! Come with me. We can go home now.

Steven: Huh?

Lapis pulls Steven into space very fast, while Steven holds his breath.

Steven:W-Where are we going?

Lapis:We're going home.

Steven continues to hold his breath, while Lapis approaches a giant planet with a large, futuristic looking building.

They both go inside the building, and find two gems.

???: Hey! Who are the new guys?

???: Emerald, we can't just... Wait, is that a human?

Emerald: We've got to tell Jasper, Morganite!

Morganite grabs Emerald's hand.

Morganite: Now Emerald, why don't we keep this a little secret from Jasper? It's not everyday we see a human...

Emerald: With a gem! Who are you, anyways?

Lapis: I'm Lapis. I was stuck on Earth until Steven saved me.

Steven: I'm Steven!

Morganite: So... A human saved you?

Steven: Yep!

Morganite: That's impossible... Gems are far superior to humans, everyone knows that!

Steven: All I did was pull her cracked gem out of a mirror!

Lapis: And... Lick it.

Emerald: Bwahahaha!

Morganite: So... He has healing powers?!

Steven pulled his shirt up, revealing his gem.

Morganite: ....A Gem...Human...? That can't be... Unless... Lapis. Get him out of here. Now.

Lapis: Why? He saved me! He won't hurt us!

Morganite: That's ROSE QUARTZ'S gem!

Emerald: Huh?

Morganite: It doesn't matter. Get. Him. Out. Of. Here. NOW!

Steven: But-

Morganite: Lapis. Take him back to where you found him.

Morganite pushes the two out to the large, open "door".

Morganite: And don't bring him back.

Morganite pushes the button that closes the door and sighs.

Morganite: He's lucky that he's half human...

Emerald: What was all that?!

Morganite turns around and gives Emerald a cold glare.

Morganite: We are not to tell Jasper about this. Clear?

Emerald: Um...Clear?

Morganite: Good.

Morganite exits the room, leaving Emerald confused.

Emerald: She's never acted like that before...

Emerald runs after Morganite, shouting 'Hey! Wait up!' as the episode fades to black.


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Minor Characters

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