New Buddy? (GF Ep.)
Season 1, Episode 5
Vital statistics
Air date 4/25/15
Written by NeonClovers
Directed by NeonClovers
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We Meet Again Gem Trackers
"New Buddy?" is the 5th episode of the first season in Gem Fantasies, and is the 5th episode overall.


Kyanite needs help in order to befriend a girl named Isabelle.


The episode begins with the gems walking through Maybell, a city in SpringWater Island. They were trying to make it to Tiffany's Bakery, but had to return to the temple soon. For they had made a promise to Aventurine that they'll help her start the search for Emerald. As they were heading closer, Kyanite stopped walking. The others noticed this and turned around confused.

Melanite: Why did you stop walking? We have a tight schedule you know.

Moonstone: Yeah,and you better have a good reason too. You know how Aventurine takes excuses seriously.

Kyanite:'s none of your business.

(The gems then glares at Kyanite)

Melanite: Tell us.

Coral: Pleaseeeee?

(Kyanite then folds his arms and closes his eyes)

Kyanite: No.

Melanite: (Melanite then summons her nunchucks) TELL US.

Kyanite: Fine....see that girl over there? Sitting down reading a book??

(The gems then look to see a girl,almost taller than Kyanite. She had short black hair, a white shirt,and black overalls on top. She had on some white and black sneakers,and a white headband. She was seem to be reading a huge book or something.The gems then turned around and looked at Kyanite, but Coral wasn't surpised.)

Coral: I know her!

(Kyanite then perks up and smiles. He then turns to look at Coral, and is practically happy.)

Kyanite: You do?! Tell me Coral! How old is she,is she nice, do she like blue boys,does she like fighting,why is she wearing black and white? Do you-

Coral: Whoa whoa whoa! I just met her 3 days ago! First off, her name is Isabella,Second, why do you want to know this stuff?

(Kyanite then blushed. He then shook his head.)

Kyanite: I just want to know. No big deal.


Coral: I got an idea! How about you guys go on and help Aventurine, while i can help Kyanite,AND get the donuts!

(Moonstone and Melanite looked at each other. They then nod of approval and turned back to look at Coral.)

Melanite: Hmm...sure kid.

Coral: Yesssss!

Kyanite: Uh......

(Moonstone and Melanite then walks away)

Coral:...Alright. Now, first you should go up to her normally,and greet her. Got it?

Kyanite: I'm not sure.What if she thinks i'm weird??

Coral: She won't. When she met me, she didn't freak out.

Kyanite: Maybe cause your skin color looks like a girl that has sunburn??

Coral: Hmmm....Maybe. But, that doesn't matter! Just go make your move!

Kyanite: I just want to be her friend. That's all.

Coral: I gotcha. Now go talk to her!

(Kyanite facepalms,and starts to walk over there. When he finally gets there, he just stands there and doesn't say anything. Finally, the girl stops reading and looks up. Her pupils then shrink and she drops her book.)

Kyanite:...Hello uh...My name is..uh...Kyanite....

Isabella: Your..Your skin!!!

(Isabella then gets up and picks up his arm,examining it.)

Isabella: What..what happened? Too many blueberries? A disease??? Markers???

Kyanite:,i'm actually...not human.

Isabella: Not Human?! You''re an alien then?!?!

(Kyanite then brung his arm back)

Kyanite: No! I'm a gem! I like, fight these monsters,and i uh..protect you humans.

(Isabella curiously looked at Kyanite. Kyanite then waed nervously at her.)

Isabella: Um..ok then. So..why did you interupt my reading??

Kyanite: Oh! I was wondering if you to be-

All of a sudden, Coral came running out of nowhere! She then started jumping up and down.

Coral: So! Are you her friend yet?!?

Kyanite: Coral!!

Isabella: Oh. Hello Coral. What are you talking about being "friends"??

Coral: You see, Kyanite has been wanting to be your friend ever since-

All of a sudden, a huge lion like monster came out of nowhere! It looked at Coral and Kyanite angrily,and started to run towards them! Isabella then backed up,and tried to hide in the shadows.

Coral: Who's lion is that???!

Kyanite: I don't know, but let's kill it!

Kyanite then summoned his gauntlets,and Coral summoned her spear, they then started to run towards the lion,and began to attack it. Coral then stabbed the lion in the chest, but lion just shook it off. It then noticed Isabella, and started to charge at her. Isabella's pupils then shrank, but before it could attack her, two pair of navy blue gauntlets punches the lion's face! Kyanite then looks at the lion angrily,and jumps up. The lion then looks up and starts to roar. Kyanite then points one of hs gauntlets towards the lion, and punches him in the ground. After the dust and dirt fades away, all that is left is a red gem. Kyanite then bubbles it,and warps it away. He and Coral then puts back thier weapons and looks towards Isabella.She looked surprised.

Isabella:....You guys are....incredible!!!

Coral: Why, thank you!!! It takes lots of practice to do all that stuff we did back there!

Kyanite: Ughhh, i only came here to request a friendship between you and me!!!



(Kyanite was surprised, but then he smiled. Isabella then gave him a handshake and smiled back.)

Coral: Ahhh, finally! Now, can we go get some donuts??

Kyanite: Alright.

(Coral then had another idea. She then looked at Isabella.)

Coral: How about join us and visit where we live??? 

Kyanite: What?!

Isabella...I-I love to!

Coral: Great! Now, call your mom while me and Kyanite go get the donuts!

(Coral then grabbed Kyanite's arm,and dragged him into the bakery. Isabella just stared and started to call her mom.)

Isabella:Hey Mom? I think i'm gonna go over to my friend's house. They seem to be excited by it.

(Isabella continues to talk on her phone, as the episode ends.)


  • This is the first time Maybell has been seen in an episode.
  • Coral knew Isabella before Kyanite
  • This is the first time Isabella appears
  • This episode happens after the events of "We Meet Again"


  • Coral
  • Kyanite
  • Moonstone
  • Melanite
  • Aventurine (Mentioned)
  • Isabella (Debut)


  • Maybell


  • Isabella's book

Production Notes

  • This episode was suppose to air last week. Hehe, sorry!

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