First episode of HomeWorld(HW) a series by CrystalUploader


Obsidian gets captured by the homeworld gems and must find his way to escape before being executed.


Obsidian Leaps back and contiues fireing at Zircon. Zircon dodges the bullets easily by flipping,rolling, and leaping. All while getting closer to obsidian. They'd meet, Zircon would tackle Obsidian and they would roll for a bit. Obsidian would pin Zircon down.

Obsidian: "Heh that all ya got, Speed Demon?"

Zircon would snicker and burst into a cloud of blue gray smoke, Forming about 4 feet infront of Obsidian, who would be ready, with his pistol aimed at Zircon as he would pull the trigger.

BAM, a flash of light from the pistol, a different type of bullet was switched using magic, it had released a charged energy shot, which creates lots of light.

Zircon stood there, unharmed, his Katana now out. The high speed bullet laid in 2 halves on the ground. When Obsidian looked up from the bullet Zircon was in mid air, jumping at Obsidian.

Zircon: "Nope!"

Obsidian was out cold...

The next scene opens inside a large room, with a half circle stage with Obsidian,Zircon, and one other gem in high offical clothing on it, the rest of the area had lots of homeworld gems,they seemed to be mostly in uniform,but there were other civilians within the crowd.

He awoke inside a large room, The leader of main Homeworld,Spinel, Stood tall over Obsidian who was sitting, tied up.

Spinel: "Good job. Thats why you're my right hand man, Zircon!"

Zircon: "Thank you Lord Spinel"

Spinel: "Well we finally got him!"the crowd cheered

Spinel: " The most wanted gem...the so called 'Gem Bandit' Obsidian. will be executed!" The crowd cheered again, louder.

The scene would switch to a bunch of jail cells, a gem in the same homeworld uniform from some gems in the crowd, walks by. Only one cell was occupied. In that cell was Bloodstone, a member of the gem bandits.

Bloodstone looke left and right out the cell, not another organism in sight.

He would shape shift into a small wolf looking creature. A guard would walk past and see him

Guard Gem: "Awww, how'd ya get in there little fella?"

The guard opened the cage and let Bloodstone out.

Bloodstone: "Blood mist!"

Bloodstone would turn into mist and come out looking eactly like the guard. The guard was also knocked out.

The scene cut back to the stage with Obsidian,Zircon, and Spinel. Who had a spear with a long blade, perfect for cutting.

Spinel: " Obsidian was sentenced to execution by decapitation!" Spinel would laugh with joy

Spinel got ready to swing, but he stoped when he heard screaming.

Blood stone poofed into mist and back to normal, he was mid air jumping onto the stage.

Bloodstone: Blood stone laughed " Wassup guys!"

Spinel would growl, Spinel: "I see you've made your big entrance....gem bandit...."

Bloodstone: " The name is Bloodstone, dont wear it out!" Bloodstone would summon his scythe and cut Obsidian free. Obsidian would leap back near bloodstone.

Spinel: "Get Bloodstone, Zircon! I'll take Obsidian!"

Zircon: "Yes sir!"

Zircon and Bloodstone would battle. Bloodstone would use his beast shift, forming into a huge creature with long claws, long backwards knee legs perfect for springing and huge wings. He would lunge at Zircon slashing several times. Yet Zircon kept slashing him easily. He'd use one of his abilities.

Zircon: " Thousand Sword Dance!"

Thousands of swords made of energy would duplicate and fly from his katana, they would move quickly throug hthe air with his katana movements, cuting bloodstone, who eventually was blinded by a huge blast of light. The light would fade. The Gem bandits Obsidian and Bloodstone had dissappear, Spinel and Zircon would start to flee.

Spinel: "Dang bandits escaped....."

Spinel and Zircon would leave

a part of the wall, a random eye would appear, and lizard like skin would start to show and then shrink and form into bloodstone, he had turned into a huge bat like-reptile with the abilities of a cameleon. He had hid Obsidian in his wings and changed colors to match the wall and floor.

The Bandits would quickly runaway and the scene would end.

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