New Arrival is the first episode in the series, Steven University.


A new girl arrives at school.

Extended Plot

[ Steven University Theme Song plays ]

( Set - Gem School Office )

( Steven runs into the office, Pearl looks at him )

Pearl: Mr. Universe? What is causing you to be in such a rush?

Steven: Pearl! I mean, Ms. Pearl! The new girl has arrived!

Pearl: (Smiles) Perfect, bring her in....

Steven: I'll go get her then... (Steven walks out, comes back with Peridot)

Pearl: Ms. Peridot, good to see you here, now, I assume you know what you'll be doing here today?

Peridot: (Shakes head slowly) Uh, no, actually...

Pearl: Well then, we have a spe-

( Slowly zooms out of the room to show Amethyst watching in through the window, Pearl can still be heard in the background )

Amethyst: (Sighs) I can't believe another new gem's here (Looks down at her apron) Which means another mouth to feed...

( She walks down the path and walks past Garnet, who is wearing a gem training outfit, continues walking the other way, screen follows here )

Garnet: (Starts running, runs past the office) Huh? Another new gem? Silly...

( Garnet runs off and the screen zooms back into the office )

Pearl: And that's all you need to know (Smiles)

Peridot: Well, thank you...

Pearl: Now, hurry off to your dorms.

( The words "To be continued" flash up on the screen, camera zooms out to reveal Garnet, Amethyst, Pearl, Steven and Peridot standing next to a screen )

Pearl: And as you can see, that concludes our presentation!

( Clapping noises come from other students, Mr. Smiley walks up to them )

Mr. Smiley: Very good! Now class, you're all dismissed!

( Students stand up and leave, flashes away to Peridot walking down a corridor, Lapis walks up to her )

Lapis: Uh hey! Good presentation back there!

Peridot: Oh.. uh, thanks?

Lapis: So, uh, I was thinking....

Peridot: Yes?

Lapis: Well.... what if we we-

( Jasper comes out from behind a corner )

Jasper: Hey! Babe, did I say you could talk to this nerd?

Lapis: (Looks down) Jasper, back off...

Jasper: What?! Don't you dare speak to me like that!

Peridot: Uh... hey, don't be mean to... her...

Jasper: What's this dork saying?! Maybe you won't say it when you're in the locker! (Opens locker and pushes Peridot in, slams it shut)

Lapis: Hey! Don't be mean to her!

Jasper: Come on! (Grabs Lapis' neck and drags her away)



  • Peridot
  • Steven Universe
  • Pearl
  • Amethyst
  • Garnet
  • Lapis
  • Jasper


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