"New Age", is the first episode of the first season of Guardian Gems.

New Age
Season 1, Episode 1
Vital statistics
Air date 5/17/15
Written by MultiGamePlayer
Directed by MultiGamePlayer
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The Guardian Gems leave the temple, but they are soon greeted by a monster.


-Episode opens up to the temple on a small island about 10 miles away from the nearby town of Ocean City. Two gems named Black Star Sapphire and Citrine are on the temple's steps. They are training with their weapons.-

Citrine: Hyaaah!

BSS: You can't even hit me!

-BSS dodges Citrine's strikes.-

Citrine: Taste my sickle!!!!

-Citrine throws sickle at BSS. BSS is hit and retreats to his gem.-

Citrine: Yes!!! I won!

-Later BSS is back and training again.-

BSS: You won't beat me now!!!

-BSS pulls bow into two swords.-

BSS: Now it's a fight.

Citrine: Nope!!!

-Just as Citrine goes to strike, a monster comes out of the water and screeches at them.-

Citrine: Uh oh!

-BSS jumps out of the way and strikes a leg of the Ocean Crab. Citrine throws the sickle at the Crab. It hits them hard.-

BSS: Ugh! I'm gonna use my bow. At the same time, you use your Sickle blast. Ok?

Citrine: Ok!

-BSS and Citrine do the plan, and the Ocean Crab is in it's gem. BSS bubbles it.-

BSS: Whew!

Citrine: That was fun!!!

BSS: Maybe that was just a warm up.

-Citrine's eyes widen. The episode ends.-



  • Citrine
  • Black Star Sapphire
  • Ocean Crab Gem Monster


  • Ocean Crab's Gem


  • Ocean Island


  • This is the first episode of Guardian Gems.
  • It is revealed that BSS and Citrine's weapons are a bow/swords and a sickle, respectively.

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