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Mineral folk, Mineral kin






Ranging from 3 feet to 10 feet in height

Professional Status

Divided against itself

Personal Status

Least concern


Homeworld, other planets

Note: this is origin species of the canon Gem race.

The Nakatarkal are a powerful, space-faring race of Biomechanoids renowned for their immense power and beauty. They are also genetically diverse, and have 3 subspecies.


Anatomy & Physiology

The Nakatarkal are artificial organisms that are of both magical and technological origin. When inactive, they often retreat into minerals referred to as "elegies". Each Nakataral has a single elegy somewhere on its body. Each Nakatarkal elegy has a metal core in the center, which is believed to be the source of their consciousness and abiity of cognitive thought.

When in an active state, The elegies project their consciousness in the form of humanoid constructs, and are then called Nakarkal. These constructs are what are best described as the very physical embodiment of an individual Naktarkal's consciousness. They are much like holograms, but with mass and density. While not truly organic, Nakatarkal constructs mimic every single asset of the human body, including vital organ systems and blood. The self-modifying atoms of these constructs mimic carbon atoms almost perfectly to the point of being able to produce proteins and bodily fluids identical to those of organic life forms.

The Nakatarkal are very genetically diverse, with different complexions and body types unique to each individual. These phenotypes vary depending on the color of a Nakatarkal's gem. The blood color also varies.


Fusion is a practice between Nakatarkal that involves the merging and phasing together of two individual Nakatarkal. The resulting fusion is best described as a being possessing a mix of the features of both of the individual Nakatarkal within the fusion.

While more commonly used as a combat method, fusion can also represent marriage and union between two Nakatarkal. One good example of such a fusion is G'deloa So Noda, who is a fusion of the two gems Ruby and Sapphire.

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