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The trio follow a new gem that does things that are suspicious.





New Gem (Name Unspecified)


... Not completed


(INT; Trio Home: Aquamarine is doing squats, Emerald and Spessartite are reading books. The wailing stone activates.)

Spessartite: Ahh! What is that???

Aquamarine: It's coming from the wailing stone!

Spessartite: It must not be a message, considering this is the only wailing stone leftover.

(The wailing stone's sound starts playing out a voice.)

???: Hello gems. (All gems gasp.) I know you can hear me, there's a gem looking for you. She is a very strong one, who has brute force and can destroy anything in her path.

Aquamarine: Who is this gem??? Tell us!!!

???: The name of the gem is unspecified, she is a shapeshifter and can take on any form. Be cautious of gems at all costs... (the wailing stone's sounds continue.)

Emerald: What do we do?? She could be here any minute!!!

Spessartite: I know what we have to do, we train. And by training I don't mean go on a caboose and ride it. I mean TRAIN!!! (Knocking at the door. Spessartite opens it.)

Tanzanite: Hi, I'm Tanzanite. I'm new here. Can you tell me what 9 + 10 is??

Spessartite: It's 14, please go away. (Slams door in Tanzanite's face.) That must be her. She's the one who must be powerful.

Aquamarine: Looks may be deceiving, and can not be deceiving. It depends on how the person carries itself.

Emerald: But that chick looked like a little girl. Thin. Very very unkempt.

Aquamarine: We must prepare for this moment and we must start doing it now.


(Aquamarine and Emerald are relaxing. They are both sweating.)

Aquamarine: Alright. Time to go to bed. (INT; Trio Home: Everyone is asleep. Scratching sounds can be heard. Aquamarine wakes up.) What is that??

Emerald: (opens eyes.) Little... Cat... (Yawns.) Maybe.

Aquamarine: I'm going to check it out, guys stay here. (Aquamarine walks downstairs and sees another new gem outside, she is talking to Tanzanite. He summons his spear. The new gem and Tanzanite both walk away from Aquamarine's vision from the door.) It's that new chick... And a new gem. (The camera pans to both Emerald and Spessartite holding hands, they have a worried look in their faces. EXT; Trio Home; Day: Aquamarine is sitting on the beach, looking scared. Emerald and Spessartite look the same.)

Aquamarine: That gem... What were they talking about?? I... I can't take this.

Spessartite: Maybe they are part of The Rebellion.

Emerald: I hope not. (Gasps, covers her mouth, points toward the abandoned lighthouse. Tanzanite and the new gem walk inside. Aquamarine and Spessartite summon their weapons.) Lets go. (They open the door. They slowly walk up the stairs, Emerald peeks from the corner and sees Tanzanite and the new gem staring out at the sky.)

Tanzanite: ...But Homeworld is advanced!! No other gem except us can harness the powers of Homeworld. We need to do better than this.

The New Gem: Please, please understand. You will not stop bothering me until the day is out.

Tanzanite: That monster we sent... Where did it go???

The New Gem: It landed here on Earth. Rumors say it landed in three new gems' home, but they bubbled it.

Tanzanite: I'm going to go downstairs, and catch up with my new... "friends". (Tanzanite walks past all three gems disguised as poles. The New Gem follows her. All three gems return to their normal form.)

Aquamarine: Who is that new gem??

Emerald: Tanzanite better not be working with him.

Spessartite: We need to go back home, I'm beginning to rethink landing on Earth.

Aquamarine: No, do not rethink. Earth is our home. Those other gems on Homeworld don't know what's coming for them. They don't know at all...

(Trans. Kindergarten; Emerald and Spessartite are reading while Aquamarine is searching for something.)

Aquamarine: Hmm... Ah! There it is! My new ball! (Picks up a ball, it's green with purple dots in it. The ground starts shaking, Emerald and Spessartite close their books. A spaceship is landing and it lands on the kindergarten floor. Tanzanite, The New Gem, and Peridot come out of it. Cut to the trio hiding behind an Injector. Cut back to the other trio.)

Peridot: This ground seems stable. Tanzanite, please go and check the coordinates to see if this is the right kindergarten.

Tanzanite: I don't think-

Peridot: TANZANITE! Do what I Instruct you to do... NOW.  (Tanzanite grumbles and walks offscreen) My machines have been destroyed, but I still have my plug robonoids with me... Ussingite... can you hand me a knife please?

Ussingite: What do you need a knife for??

Peridot: Duh! To cut through these thick leaves!

Ussingite: The kindergarten never had any leaves.

Peridot: Are you implying that I made a mistake!? You made a mistake of sneaking aboard the ship with me and Tanzie in it! Why do you keep treating me this way? (The two are arguing. Tanzanite comes back.)

Tanzanite: These are the right coordinates. Anyways, what are we here for??

Peridot: To check on the holes!

Tanzanite: You two are arguing so, I'll just... go away. BYE! (Tanzanite runs away off-screen)

(The two continue arguing)




  • Emerald, Spessartite and Aquamarine are shown that they can read.
  • The Rebellion is a (not) new thing mentioned in this show.

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