My Name Is Christa
DDG Ep 28 Title Card
Season 2, Episode 8
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Air date June 25th, 2015
Written by Mr. Napcakes
Directed by Mr. Napcakes
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The Fallen Someone Who Changed My Life
"My Name Is Christa" is the 8th episode of the second season in Dawn Dusk Gems, and the 28th overall episode of the series.


A girl named Christa visits Rise Island with some shocking news.


It’s sunset at Greymont, and the waves crash against the black sand shores. The crickets start singing their melodic songs, and the entire town is starting to sleep. But in a little convenience store downtown, there’s a bit of a storm brewing. There’s shouting coming from the kitchen, and one little boy runs out of it. It’s Jace. He runs through the door that leads to the shop and looks around. Nobody’s there. He runs away from the counter, hops over a glass container filled with frozen treats, and runs back home to his somewhat small apartment down the block. But the storm is still going on in the kitchen. A 17-year old girl is arguing with her 51-year old father. The 51 year old man had a somewhat strong build for a person his age, with greyish-brown hair and a lighter streak of greyish-brown through it, as well as a black t-shirt and a smock saying “Dusk ‘til Dawn”. he also had a scruffy beard. The teenage girl wore a blue hoodie that faded to lavender. She also wore black jeans and had a bandage around her right foot. Her hair was orange, but there was a lighter streak of orange in her short-cutted hair. The two were bickering with each other. The man shouts first.

???: Christa, this is the last time you’ll be slacking off!

Christa: Well excuse me for not looking at those employee forms earlier, Henry!

Henry: Did you just call me Henry?! I’m your father! Address me as such!

Christa: You’re no father!

She marches off and to the door that leads to the store. Henry Helix stops her.

Henry: Where do you think you’re going?!

Christa: I’m leaving! I’m my own person and I always HAVE been! NOW GET OUT OF MY LIFE, YOU USELESS OLD MAN!

Henry looks a bit heartbroken, yet angry. Christa slams the door and runs away from the store and to the black sand beach. She dashes through the streets quickly, panting, not regretting her decision. She finally reaches the black sand beach, panting. She turns left and right, looking for something. The sun has set and the sky is filled with shining stars. Christa is still panting, but she finally notices the warp pad to the left of her. She runs on top of it and steps in the center of it.

Christa: They’ll give me a home…

She warps away and to a mysterious island. There’s a temple behind her, and a campfire in front of her. The Dawn Dusk Gems all turn to her, curious and a bit frightened. Christa slowly walks towards Apatite and Moon. All the gems turn to her. Apatite raises an eyebrow.

Apatite: Who… Who are you?...

Christa: I’m Christa, and I know something you don’t know.

The gems inspect the stranger for any weapons. Apatite turns to Malachite.

Apatite: Get out your scanner.

Malachite: Okie dokes..

She activates her bracelet. There’s a glowing green hologram that pops up from it and everyone is amazed by it, including Christa but excluding Rhodo.

Larimar: Every time that pops up, it still looks so cool…

Malachite goes through some menus and presses some icons, then appears a scanner. It shines over Christa’s entire body, gathering info on her. The scanning process is completed and Malachite reads through the data she received. When she reaches a certain section of the screen, her pupils shrink. She turns to Christa, then back at the screen.

Malachite: Uh… What.

Idocrase: What’s the big deal?

Idocrase hops on top of the log to see what the data says. He’s shocked as well.

Idocrase: WAIT, WHAT?!

Larimar: W-what is it? Please, uh, let me see…

Larimar slowly tilts her head to read Malachite’s data, and she shrieks in surprise. Apatite, Moon, Rhodo, and Agate all look confused. Christa just stands there, looking unsatisfied.

Apatite: Malachite, what does the info say?..

Malachite slowly walks over to Apatite and slowly turns the hologram towards her so she can read it. Apatite and Moon take good looks at the paragraph, and they jump back in surprise.

Apatite: You’re a gem?!

Moon: Yet you have Human DNA?! I.. I don’t understand!

Rhodo: Wait, WHAT?!

Agate: Oh, another gem! That’s so cool!

Agate smiles while all of his other teammates look like they just witnessed their 10-page essay that took them 5 hours to type was just ruined by spilled milk.

Apatite: This is unprecedented… Is even remotely possible?!

Moon: Do you have relatives?!

Idocrase: Are you an ALIEN?!

Christa twitches and shouts, causing all of the other gems to be silent and start listening to her.

Christa: Ugh, can you guys be quiet for one second? Let me explain some things…

Christa sits next to Apatite and unties the bandage on her right foot. Everyone is watching her closely. Christa removes the bandage, revealing what appears to be a circular orange gem with a diamond-shaped facet. Everyone is astonished. Apatite gets closer to the gem to inspect it.

Apatite: Is this.. Is this Carnelian’s gem?!

Moon: But if that’s Carnelian’s gem, where’s Tear’s?

The gems keep chattering and speculating. Christa tells them to stop.

Christa: SHUSH!

The gems are quiet.

Christa: I’ll answer ALL of your questions!

Idocrase: WAIT! Summon your weapon! So we know that you’re the REAAAAAAL Carnelian!

Christa shrugs and stands up. She walks a few inches away from the log and stands up straight. She closes her eyes, bends down as her gem glows, and swoops her right hand down, taking out a glowing weapon from her gem, swinging it to the left and eventually bring it to the right. The weapon is an orange mini-bazooka, which Christa holds with both hands. She points towards Idocrase and he jumps with his hands up.

Idocrase: I SURRENDER!

Christa laughs and throws the weapon at the sea, where it dispels. She sits back down again next to Apatite.

Rhodo: Well now we know you’re the real Carnelian!

He laughs, as well as Malachite and Agate. Idocrase has a pouty face.

Apatite: So tell us, Christa… How do you have Carnelian’s gem?

Christa: My dad married a gem from your team. You probably know her. Er, Smoky Quartz.

Apatite: Ah, so that’s what happened Smoky! She left the Dawn Dusk Gems to marry… A human man? That’s a bit… Odd....

Christa: My dad’s Henry Helix. Though he’s not much of a dad… My stepmom’s alright, though.

Moon: Stepmom?

Christa: Yeah, Casey.

Malachite: Wait, didn’t Jace mentioned he had an aunt Casey?...

Christa: Oh, Jace? Yeah, he’s my cousin. He’s living with us while his parents are working up at the International Space Station.

Rhodo: I always thought he was kidding when he said that!

Christa: I know. It’s pretty hard to believe, I guess…

Apatite: Wait, Smoky is a fusion… Why would she fall in love with someone?

Christa shrugs. Moon turns to Apatite with discontent.

Moon: Tiger’s Eye ordered Corundum to brainwash Smoky so that she’d forget she’s a fusion and never unfuse… I think you really DID lose a chunk of your memories. It worries me, Apatite…

Apatite: I see… I’m.. Sorry. I didn’t know.

Apatite and Moon turn back to Christa.

Christa: And I have no idea where this “Tear” person is, so don’t ask me about them.

Moon: That’s quite a shame…

Apatite: And why did you pick specifically NOW to visit us?

Christa: I left home today… I was wondering if you’d be able to shelter me, feed me, and all of that stuff.

Agate: Wait, so… You’re saying that you want to join the Dawn Dusk Gems?! That’s AWESOME!

Christa: I guess I can be useful… I’m kinda lazy though…

Apatite: Hm.. We DO need help when we go against Spinel…

Christa: Spinel? Who the Hell’s Spinel?...

Apatite: Oh, I’ll tell you about her later. But first, tell us about how Smoky left. We want to know the WHOLE story. Tell us, and we’ll let you join the Dawn Dusk Gems.

Rhodo, Agate, Idocrase, and Malachite all woohoo! Christa crosses her legs and clears her throat.

Christa: Well, this is gonna be one Hell of a story, so be prepared...




  • Christa's Bandage


  • Greymont
    • Dusk 'Til Dawn
  • Rise Island


  • It is revealed that Smoky left the Dawn Dusk Gems when she fell in love with a human man and lived on Greymont in secret for the rest of her days.
  • It is revealed that Henry Helix is the biological father of Christa and the man that Smoky referred to as "someone who changed my life" in The Reunion.
  • Christa's biological parents are Henry and Smoky, but her stepmother is Casey, who is a human woman who married Henry 5 years after Smoky gave up her physical form.
  • Christa is revealed to be Jace's cousin.
    • She was the cousin mentioned by Henry in Friendly Visit, but her name wasn't given at that time.
  • It is revealed that Tiger's Eye ordered Corundum to brainwash Smoky so that she'd forget that she's a fusion and would never unfuse.
    • This DID of course take place before Corundum left the Dawn Dusk Gems.


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