Hello! I thought of the design and backstory of Emerald a few months ago. I FINALLY found this wiki and decided to make her a bio. Constructive criticism is appreciated.

Name/Gem: Emerald

Nicknames: (None)

Pronouns: She/Her

Height: Slighter Taller Than Pearl

Weapon: An Axe With A Vine Wrapping Around It's Handle With A Thorn On The End

Gem Placement: Middle Section On The Back

Origin: Homeworld

Current Residence: Earth

Alliance: Crystal Gems

Personality: Calm and Paient

Likes: Plants, Animals, Humans, Basically All Living Things And Creatures 

Dislikes: The Diamond Authority

Magical Power: Controls Plants And Animals

Backstory: Was Injured Badly Fighting In The Rebellion And Became Corrupted And Became A Gem Monster. Was Found In Present Time And Revived To Her Humaniod Form

Appearance: Short, Spiky, Hair, A Light Green Crop top and Dark Green Capris

*Work In Progress*

Would anyone like to draw my character? I'll give you a Instagram shootout on my friend's account.

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