This is the 15th episode in the Legend of Sapphire series.


Steven tries to write a song with Sapphire's help in order to get back together with Lapis.


The episode begins with Steven on the beach heartbroken about Lapis breaking up with him. The pain for him was excruciating and never before has Steven been hurt this much in his life. He looks out at the ocean and begins to sing "Will You Be with Me", letting his emotions of pain and suffering out in song. Unknown to him, Lapis hears this song from inside the house and begins to cry feeling Steven's heart from the song. Rose and Greg heard the song as well and walked outside to find Steven singing. The two walked down to him and asked him what was wrong. Steven began to cry which put so much pain into Rose's heart seeing him like this. Steven told them that Lapis broke up with him and that ever since their break up, he constantly daydreams about her and wishes that someday she would come back to him. Rose and Greg hugged Steven trying to comfort him as he cried in their arms. Greg told Steven that he and Rose once broke up similar to how Lapis broke up with Steven. Steven then asked how they got back together and Rose told Steven that he wrote a song for her which won her heart again. Greg told Steven that maybe he should write a song for her and maybe she will come back if she hears it. Steven began to stop crying and thanked Greg and Rose for their advice. Steven then asked if they could help him with the song but Greg had to deal with something important back at work and Rose was going on a mission with Garnet, Amethyst, Pearl, and Lapis. Rose told Steven that she can help when she comes back but until then she told Steven that maybe Sapphire could help him with the song. Steven then smiled a bit and hugged them both again wishing Rose luck on the mission and wished Greg luck with work. Greg walked back to town and Rose went inside with the others and warped away for their mission. When they left, Steven went inside the beach house and found the Brothers inside.

Sapphire noticed the puffy eyes Steven had from crying and asked if there was something wrong. Steven told about Lapis breaking up with him and is trying to find a way to get back together with her by writing a song. Sapphire thought it was a great idea but he wondered how he was going to present the song to her. Steven was thinking and he remembered that there was a concert tonight and began to think that maybe he sould sing it at the concert. Sapphire loved the idea and asked if him and his brothers could play the music for him in the background. Steven knew that Sapphire could play but he didn't know that Onyx or Emerald could play music as well. Emerald then summoned his bass guitar and played a smooth melody with it which impressed Steven. Onyx then summoned a drum set with his dark matter and began to play an amazing rhythm which Steven loved. Sapphire then summon his keyboard and played such an amazing melody. Steven then asked if he could play something as well and pulled out a harmonica and played an impressive solo. Sapphire was amazed by this and said that aling with his singing that his harmonica would be perfect for a song. Steven sat on the couch with the brothers and began to think of lyrics for a song. Steven tried to think hard but no matter how hard he tried nothing he made was good enough in his own eyes. Sapphire then gave a piece of advice by saying that he needed to not try so hard and just feel the lyrics inside. Steven didn't try as hard and just felt lyrics run inside his head. He began to write it down and Sapphire noticed what he was writing as was impressed with his choice of lyrics. Sapphire told Steven that the lyrics were amazing and that it would definitly have some affect on Lapis. Steven then asked if Sapphire could write the music for the instruments which he agreed to and began to write some sheet music for the performance which matched perfectly with the lyrics.

Steven was eager to play this but then he noticed the warp pad activating and quickly ran outside with the song. The Crystal Gems and Lapis returned but notice that Lapis was a bit depressed for a reason that the Crystal Gems dont know. Rose knew but she acted like she didn't so it wouldn't worry the others or make things even more depressing with Lapis. Meanwhile back outside, he looks at the music hope that it will help bring them back together but he began to worry about whether she would show up or not. Just then Connie walked up to Steven and asked how he was doing. Steven told Connie about Lapis breaking up with him and he is trying to get her back with a song. Connie asked if she could look at the song and Steven gave the sheet music to her. Connie took a deep look into the song and was amazed by what he wrote for Lapis. Connie agreed that this song would get them back together and asked Steven how he was going to perform it. Steven told her that he will be playing at the concert tonight and plans on performing it for Lapis. Connie then asked how would he know she would show up. He began to think and asked Connie if she was going to the concert as well which she revealed she was. Steven then asked if she could find a way to get Lapis there if possible which Connie agreed to. Steven then noticed the sun is beginning to set and looked at his watch showing that he and the Brothers needed to head out for the concert. Connie then went inside the house and told the Brothers that Steven needed them outside and then asked if the others were going to the concert. Pearl revealed they were but Lapis wasn't for being to depressed to go. Connie began to grow worried about this and she tried to talk to Lapis into getting her to go. Connie made a point that the music may help Lapis get better if she wanted to go. Lapis then agreed to this and decided to go to the concert with them. Meanwhile, the Brothers arrive at the concert and sign in to perform. They noticed the hundred of people entering to the concert and saw even more people enter at a constant rate. Steven grew a bit nervous about this but Sapphire told him that he can do this and that he must think of Lapis when he sings. Steven then notices the Gems enter the concert with Connie and even sees Lapis entering with them giving Steven that boost of confidence that he needs.

Connie, Lapis, and the Gems get front row sets and notice the massive amounts of people behind them preparing to see the performances. Connie secretly hopes that this will work and that things will work out for Steven and Lapis. Then a man walks out onto the stage and tells that they have five performances for the night and begin the concert. Behind the stage, Steven and the Brother begin to prepare for their song even though it was the last one since they only have once chance to get Steven and Lapis back together. Steven began to feel even more worried that maybe this would not work and all the work they did will be wasted. Sapphire tells Steven that although he may think that he knows deep in his heart that it will work even if it doesn't seem like it will. Steven took a deep breath and got out his harmonica and began to practice. Four performances later, the Brothers and Steven set the stage behind the curtains for them to perform. Back in the audience, Lapis still feels down but Connie tells Lapis that maybe the next song will cheer her up. Lapis didn't think this was helping and actually wanted to leave but the announcer came on stage and told the audience that their last performance for the night comes from Steven Universe. Lapis' eyes opened wide in shock as the curtains began to open revealing Steven and the Brothers with their instruments. Steven then said that the song goes out to Lapis Lazuli and then they begin to play "Forever in Your Heart". The song was amazing and the audience loved the melody as they heard it. Lapis began to cheer up as she heard the song knowing that Steven wanted them to be together again. Lapis couldn't resist anymore and she decided to get on the stage with her wings and begins to sing with Steven. Steven heard Lapis singing revealing that she loves him and the two then begin to sing together as a duet. As they finish the last lyrics of the song, Steven and Lapis begins to kiss wich makes the crowd cheer for them from the song.

They give a bow and return back stage still hearing them cheer for them. Lapis then hugs Steven tight and tells him that the song was so beautiful. Lapis then tells Steven that she wants to be back with Steven again. Steven was so happy with this but he thought that Lapis was trying to protect him but Lapis told him that she can't do that without him in her life which makes them both blush brightly from what they said. The two then head back to the beach house but Lapis and Steven decide to stay on the beach for a bit. The moonlight shines on them setting a romantic mood for them as they slowly walk even closer to each other. Steven told Lapis how heartbroken he was when she broke up with him and Lapis even admitted that she regreted every moment of her breaking up with Steven. Both were so happy they were together again and share a kiss under the moonlight as it begins to rise into the air. The two then lay on the beach snuggling next to each other and wrap their arms around each other as they begin to fall asleep together under the night sky which ends the episode.


  • Steven
  • Lapis Lazuli
  • Garnet
  • Amethyst
  • Pearl
  • Onyx
  • Emerald
  • Sapphire
  • Connie
  • Greg Universe
  • Rose Quartz
  • Concert audience


  • The song Steven writes is based on the song, True to Your Heart by 98 degrees and Stevie Wonder.
  • This is the first time Steven writes a song with Sapphire.
  • Steven can play the harmonica.
  • The brothers are shown to be skilled with playing instruments.
    • Onyx plays the drums.
    • Sapphire plays the keyboard.
    • Emerald plays the bass guitar.
  • This episode is mainly about Steven trying to get back Lapis.




Teaser for Musical Madness

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