Movie Night is the first episode of the "Gem Present" series of "Gem Tales".


Steven and Connie make Garnet, Amethyst and Pearl watch Dogcopter.

Extended Plot

( Set - Fish Stew Pizza, Mid-Day )

Connie:Steven, my mum(/mom) will kill me if she sees me in here, do you know how much trans fat is in this pizza?!

Steven: Shh, come on Connie, just have some of this pizza, it's delicious!

Ronaldo: Could you kids keep it quiet, I'm trying to work on my blog here!

Connie: Oh sorry, we were just ta-

Steven: Connie, don't worry about him.

Connie: Steven, you're acting strange... what's going on?

Steven: Well, I have a surprise for you...

( Steven pulls out rectangle shaped present with a red bow )

Connie: Oh Steven! You didn't have to.

Steven: The gems helped me wrap it.

( Connie rips open the present )

Connie: Dogcopter 1, 2 and 3! I wanted to get these movies. Well, I wanted the books more but they haven't released the new one yet.

Steven: We should go to your house and watch it!

Connie: Yeah! But one problem... my parents won't let me watch it.

Steven: Why?

Connie: My mother says it's too unrealistic.

Steven: Hmm, well then, I guess will have to watch it at my place!

Connie: Okay then!

( Steven and Connie rush out, Steven runs back in )

Steven: A man never leaves his left overs behind!

( Steven runs back out, Kiki walks over to collect plates. )

Ronaldo & Kiki: Kids...

( They both laugh )


( Set - Beach House Kitchen )

( Garnet is sitting on the couch whilst Pearl and Amethyst fighting about something, Connie and Steven run in )

Garnet: Howd-

Steven: Yeah, yeah! Howdy bang to you too Garnet, now we need to get to the T.V!

Garnet: Oh... okay then.

Amethyst: Woah Steven, chill out man and Pearl, you chill out too.

Pearl: Grr! Honestly Amethyst! You are being so ridicu- Oh, hello there Connie.

Connie: Hi Pearl...

Steven: Come on Connie, let's watch Dogcopter!

Pearl: Dog...copter?

Steven: Yeah, remember? Half dog, half helicopter, full hero! Also, he shoots missiles out his butt!

Connie: Like I've said in the past, there's much more to it than that.

Amethyst: Oh you mean this one? *Shapeshifts into Dogcopter*

Connie: *Whispers* Steven, I'm starting to feel uncomfortable.

Steven: Come on Connie, let's go watch the movie.

Pearl: Garnet, are you sure this movie sounds appropriate? I mean Steven said this dog shoots explosives out of it's posterior.

Connie: Oh it's not inappropriate it's just that th-

Garnet: We're going to watch it too.

Connie: *Blushes* Oh, okay.

Pearl: We're going to watch it?

Garnet: Yes, yes we are.

Amethyst: Awesome! Movie time!

Connie: Steven, I'm not sure about this..

Steven: Connie, come on, the more the merrier!

Connie: Oh, I guess so..

Steven: Now, Pearl you're in charge of setting up a nice seating area.

Pearl: Hm, easy.

Steven: Garnet, you're in charge of drinks and snacks.

Garnet: Got it.

Steven: Connie and I'll set up the DVD.

Amethyst: What about me?

Steven: You just go wait over there in the corner.

Amethyst: Can't I help with snacks?

Steven: No, because you'll just eat them before they get to the TV, I guess you can set up the seats with Pearl.

Amethyst: *Shapeshifts into a raccoon* But I don't wanna!

Steven: Then go wait over there.

Amethyst: Ugh fine

( Amethyst crawls over to the corner )

Steven: Now let's get ready for DOGCOPTER!

( Pearl walks up to Steven's room and starts putting down pillows, Garnet gets off the couch and walks into the kitchen and Steven and Connie go with Pearl. )

Steven: Dogcopter set-up montage time!

( Four different screens pop up, one with Pearl creating a neat seating area in front of the T.V, one with Garnet in the kitchen placing various foods into a bowl, another with Steven and Connie figuring out the DVD player and lastly one with Amethyst sitting in the corner. Montage finishes. )

Steven: Okay Garnet you got the food and drinks, Pearl created a nice place for us to sit, me and Connie p-

Pearl & Connie: Connie and I *they both blush*

Steven: Yeah, Connie and I put the DVD in and... Oh Amethyst! Amethyst we're watching the movie!

( Amethyst comes rushing up to Steven's room, they all sit down, Connie and Steven sit next to each other and then Garnet, Amethyst and Pearl sit around them, Connie shifts uncomfortably )

Steven: Now, get ready to witness the greatness that is Dogcopter 1!

Pearl: Nothings happening...

Steven: Oh, forgot to press play.. now, get ready to witness the greatness that is Dogcopter 1!


Steven & Connie: Woah!

Amethyst: That movie was awesome!

Pearl: I don't think that a dog that can fly who is in love with a human female is "awesome".

Connie: Well, the romantic sub-plot isn't really in the books.

Steven: What do you mean?! Dogcopter and Mindy are meant to be!

Pearl: That's ridiculous, a robotic dog and a human female should not be together!

Amethyst: *Shapeshifts into Dogcopter* What do you mean Pearl? Don't you want some of this?

Pearl: Amethyst! Not in front of Steven and Connie!

Connie: I-i-i don't know how to respond.

Steven: I just don't know what you mean, Mindy and Dogcopter had an important relationship.

Pearl: Steven, if you think that a do-

Garnet: Steven's right.

Pearl: But, h-

Garnet: He is right.

Steven: Now who's ready for Dogcopter 2?!

Pearl: Actually, I thi-

Garnet: We are.

Steven: Yay!


Connie: I've never seen the director's cut!

Steven: I can't believe that Mindy almost died!

Pearl: Oh please, they wouldn't kill off Mindy.

Amethyst: Pearl, she isn't magic like us, we do-

( T.V makes a loud static noise, everyone blocks ears besides Garnet )

Connie: Why is it making that noise?!

Steven: I don't know, I can't turn it off!

Amethyst: I've got it!

( Amethyst summons whip and breaks the T.V, they all take their hands off of their ears )

Pearl: Steven, what was that?

Steven: I don't kn-

( The static noise starts again as a the T.V becomes a giant floating monster )

Connie: What the?

Steven: Connie, jump out of the way!

( T.V monster rapid fires T.V buttons at Connie )

Connie: Agh! *Jumps out of the way in time*

Garnet: Gems summon your weapons!

( Garnet and Pearl summon their weapons, they all jump up )

Pearl: Connie, Steven, run!

Steven: Connie! We have to hide!

Connie: Steven! I feel... (Falls over) bad.... (Passes out)

Steven: Connie! Pearl! Garnet! Help herrreugh... (Passes out also)...

( Garnet, Amethyst and Pearl keep on fighting. )

Pearl: (Notices Steven and Connie) Garnet! Steven and.. (Looks at Garnet who is knocked out next to a knocked out Amethyst) Oh no, this can't be good... (Passes out)

(Everything blacks out)

Pearl: (Opens eyes slowly, groans) Hmm... Oh! Garnet, Amethyst! Steven! Where are you?

Amethyst: I'm over here!

Garnet: I'm here.

Steven: Connie's at home but I'm here.

( Pearl, Amethyst, Garnet and Steven all get up off of the floor by the bed )

Steven: What even happened just then?

Pearl: Well, the monster ca- Oh! The monster where is it?!

Garnet: I took care of it. (Clenches fist)

Steven: It almost killed Connie!

Amethyst: Luckily thanks to my incredible intellect I managed to rearrange the-

Pearl: Wait, what? Amethyst, when did you expand your vocabulary?

Garnet: She didn't! I did! (Face starts dripping red juice onto the floor)

Pearl: Garnet, what's goi-

Steven, Amethyst and Garnet: (Dripping juices from their faces) Come on Pearl, be strong in the real way! Be strong..

Pearl: W-what?

Steven, Amethyst and Garnet: in the.. (Grabs Pearl's arms)

Pearl: Get off of me!

Steven, Amethyst and Garnet: (Faces melt off to just show skulls) ReAl wAy!

(Pearl collapses on the ground, Steven, Amethyst and Garnet get in the way of the camera, then it changes suddenly to the Crystal Gems on the beach, Steven lying down and Garnet, Amethyst and Pearl standing around him)

[Set- Beach]

Pearl: Why?!

Amethyst: He was so young!

Garnet: He wasn't ready....

(Shows Steven's face, his lip slightly moves but he stays still, you can hear his voice but his lips aren't moving)

Steven: What are they on about? Why can't I move? Why can't I speak? I can still think...What's even going on?

Pearl: (Trying to hold back tears) I'll.. miss you... STEVEN! (Cries loudly and slams body onto STEVEN at attempt of hugging her)

Steven: (Thinking) What's going on? Pearl. I can't speak to you... why can't I speak?

Amethyst: (Pulls back Pearl) It's too late Pearl..

Garnet: Goodbye Steven... you were a great member of the Crystal Gems.

Steven: (Thinking) What does Garnet mean by that? (Pearl, Garnet and Amethyst start to lower him down) Are they floating? I'm sinking! What?

Garnet: Okay, let's fill the hole..

Steven: (Thinking) Hole? I'm in a hole?

(Amethyst shapeshifts into a dog and starts kicking the sand on to Steven and Pearl pushes sand down on him)

Steven: (Thinking) This is a funeral! But I'm not dead! Am I? Oh my gosh what's going on? I'm trapped! There's too much sand.. (Gets fully covered in sand and everything goes black)

( Loud ringing noise, darkness turns quickly into a very white background and suddenly Rose is in floating somewhere, Garnet appears next to her)

[Set- Unknown]

Garnet: Rose! You've returned!

Rose: Yes Garnet but I won't be here for long, Steven needs his body back.

Garnet: What's going on? What are you doing here?

Rose: I came to tell you something...

Garnet: What is it Rose?!

Rose: You've failed me.

Garnet: I've... failed you?

Rose: You didn't take care of Steven enough, he's gone.. you let him die.

Garnet: No, Rose, it's not like that, he ch-

Rose: I don't want to hear it, you must be punished..

Garnet: Punished?

Rose: Yes (Gem starts glowing white and eyes become pitch black)

Garnet: W-what's going on, Rose?

Rose: You've failed me... (Blood slowly drips from mouth)

Garnet: Rose, snap out of it!

Rose: You must be punished... (Something slithers out of her ears, lands on the floor covered in blood)

Garnet: Rose! Stop this madness! (Gems start glowing) What's happening?

Rose: This is your punishment Garnet, you've let me down...

Garnet: No! Rose, it wasn't me.. (Gems are fully white, a vine comes out of each gem) Rose, what are you doing?!

Rose: (Head starts spinning around, stops and faces Garnet, voice becomes deep) DON'T QUESTION ME!

Garnet: Rose... why? (Vines wrap around her wrists)

Rose: *Eyes go back to normal, blood and ear slugs vanish* Garnet, where is Amethyst?

Garnet: What? Why do you need her? Stop these vines?

Rose: *Eye twitches* D-do-d-

Garnet: Rose! What's happening?

Rose: *Eyes flash black, blood pours out of her ears, eyes and mouth extremely fast* DON'T QUESTION ME! YOU WILL ALWAYS BE A FAILURE TO ME! I NEVER WANTED YOU TO BE NEAR MY SON!

Garnet: W-what? Rose... (Vines grow further up her arms, almost covering them entirely)

Rose: *Starts to fade* Isn't the Earth wonderful?

Garnet: Rose! Stop! Come back! (Vines wrap around her chest and start moving towards her legs)

Rose: Each person is an incredible individual...

Garnet: Rose! No! (Vines cover entire body other than her face)

Rose: Goodbye...disappointment (Vanishes entirely)

Garnet: Rose! (Falls to the ground, tries to escape the vines, face gets covered in the vines)

(Screen flashes black then white, a picture of Rose with a sword through her chest flashes on screen before a completely black screen)

Pearl: Amethyst! Get up!

Amethyst: Huh? (Reveals to be in her perspective, opens eyes and is lying in a bed)

(Changes from Amethyst's perspective to normal style, Amethyst is lying on a big bed with pink sheets)

Pearl: Come on Amethyst, it's time for breakfast!

Amethyst: (Smiles) Coming, honey! (Jumps out of bed, she's wearing pajamas with little purple cats on them)

[Set- Unknown House Kitchen]

Pearl: (Holding plate of pancakes) Good morning, sweetie!

Amethyst: Yummy! Pancakes!

Pearl: (Places plate on the table, pulls out chair) Take a seat (Smiles)

Amethyst: (Smiles back, sits down) Thanks Pearl

Pearl: You're welcome, Amethyst

Amethyst: (Bites into a pancake) Mmm, delicious!

Pearl: What do you want to do today?

Amethyst: Oh, well I was thinking of playing some video games (Smiles)

Pearl: What?! Today is our anniversary! I can't believe you!

Amethyst: Oh! Honey, I'm so sorry!

Pearl: Don't call me "Honey"!

Amethyst: Pearl, please...

Pearl: This is the last straw! We're over!

Amethyst: No!

Pearl: Goodbye! (Storms out the room)

Amethyst: Pearl... (Begins crying, falls off chair into a crying heap on the floor)

(Goes back to Amethyst's perspective, she closes her eyes slowly then opens them, goes back to normal perspective)

[Set- Beach House]

Amethyst: What the heck? What's going on?

Steven: Hey Amethyst!

Amethyst: Steven? Where's Pearl?

Pearl: I'm right here

Garnet: I'm here also

Amethyst: I just had the weirdest dream, well it was more of a nightmare..

Steven: Oh yeah, I had a nightmare too!

Pearl: I also had one, I believe it was a side effect from the monster's attack...

Amethyst: Oh! The monster! (Summons weapon) Where is it?

Garnet: I took care of it (Cracks knuckles)

Steven: Connie and I helped!

Amethyst: Connie fought a monster?

Steven: Yeah! It was awesome! The monster was like "Pew, pew pew!" and Connie went "Bam! Bam! Overhead death strike!" and then the monster went "BAM!" and.. yeah!

Pearl: It wasn't really like that..

Garnet: It really was

Amethyst: So, uh... now what?

Steven: Who's ready for Dogcopter 3!



  • Garnet
  • Amethyst
  • Pearl
  • Steven
  • Connie
  • Rose
  • Docopter (Mentioned)
  • Mindy (Mentioned)
  • T.V Monster


  • When Amethyst shapeshifts into a raccoon and complains about setting up the chairs, its a reference to Regular Show's Rigby in the "Just Set Up The Chairs" episode.

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