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M'golo Due Salos



Mutant Gem Nakatarkal





Gender Pronoun



Light Blue bodysuit with dark blue metal shoulder pads




6 feet

Hair Color


Eye Color




Professional Status

Crystal Gem


Crystal Gems (when needed)

Personal Status





Pearl, Garnet, Amethyst, Rose Quartz

Voice Actor

James Arnold Taylor

M'golo Due Salos, better known as Morganite, was a Crystal Gem who fought alongside Rose Quartz in the war for Earth. He was born at a kindergarten located on the mining planet of Sinthe 9.


Physical appearance

Morganite is unique amongst the rest of the Nakatarkal race. He has a masculine construct and voice, and seems to resemble a human male. However, being a Nakatarkal, he lacks any genitals. He stands at 6 feet in height, and weighs the same as an average human of his height. he has pink hair and peach skin, and he most commonly wears a powder blue bodysuit with darker blue shoulder pads, gloves, and boots. His elegy is a large, pink morganite gemstone that is embedded in his sternum, and it has more facets than the elegies of most of the other Crystal Gems.


Morganite is described as a good-hearted, benevolent fellow, with a good sense of honor and loyalty. However, he is rather shy and reluctant, due to his past. He is shown to care a lot about his allies. However, if he loses his loved ones, he is known to act extremely vengeful and violent towards the one who took their lives. This is most notable during the early days of his life, as he brutally and mercilessly slaughtered the operator of his birth kindergarten in order to avenge the dead soldiers there.

When in combat, Morganite is shown to be extremely precise and deadly, and he was able to take down almost half of an army of Nakatarkal single-handedly. Often, when in battle for too long, Morganite becomes increasingly more violent, almost to the point of going berserk.


  • Godlike power - Morganite, much like Lapis Lazuli, possesses almost godlike strength and ablities. However, he can't fully use his abilities unless he is assisted by another gem.
  • Cleansing Beam - He can fire a powerful beam of pure energy from his elegy if he absorbs enough electricity.


Morganite was born in the kindergarten of Sinthe 9, owned by the homeworld Emerald gem E'adra Cas Nado. He was born under the sole purpose of being an ultimate weapon, along with a whole army bred of the same model. However he was. His construct was modeled off of human males, as the Nakatarkal regarded male humans of strong build to be imposing and intimidating, which is what they intended with Morganite's appearance. However, while Morganite possessed almost godlike abilities, he was also born defective, along with the rest of this army, and they were all executed by E'adra Cas Nado, with the exception of Morganite. E'adra planned to reprogram him and fix "any glitches", but Morganite, in grief of his fallen allies, tried to excape the kindergarten, but was under pursuit of E'adra. He then accidentally knocked over an injector, whick fell and crushed E'adra, and shattered her gem. Administrators on Sinthe-9 heard reports of E'adra's death, and Morganite's attempts to excape, and made plans to evacuate the other gems, and glass the planet to prevent Morganite from excaping. Fortunately, Morganite managed to control his rage long enough to steal a ship, and leave the planet right before it was completely glassed.


  • Morganite shares many similarities with Steven.
    • Both him and Steven are unique compared to the rest of the Gem race.
    • Both appear to have a masculine form (although Morganite is not truly male)
    • Both possess pink gemstones.

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