R:*Goes Outside To see what made the explotion And Roar*

R:*Sees 3 Gems Fighting A Massive gem monster*

R:Whats going on??

???:We were walking around And This Monster Appaered By the way My name is Yellow Ruby And They are Quartz And citrine

R:My name is Ruby

R:Why dont we make a team?

YR:Hmm Sure

R:Well discuss the name later


Q:Umm Yellow Ruby This isnt a good moment For Talking

C:Yeah Come help us

Q:By the way who is he

YR:He's name is Ruby

Quartz And Citrine Both say:Hi


R:*Battles Along with Citrine,Quartz And Yellow Ruby*

*1 Hour Later*

YR:Ruby do it now!!!

R:*Jumps to the gem mosnter's Head And Stabs It*

*The Monster Explodes*

YR:Good Job Evreyone!

R:Now Lets Go Inside*

R:*Calls White Diamond And Topaz*

*White Diamond And Topaz Come In The House*

R:Guys This Are Diamond And Topaz They Are My Brothers*

*Quartz,Citrine And Yellow Ruby Both Say Hi To Them*

R:Topaz,White Diamond This Are My Friends Quartz,Citrine And Yellow Ruby*

*White Diamond And Topaz Both Say Hi*

R:Well Now that you know each other Diamond Topaz wanna join our team?


T:Yeah Why Not

R:Ok but The name isn't Decided Yet

*White Diamond And Topaz Both Say Ok*

R:So Guys why were you walking near here?

YR:We were looking For a Male gem called Turquoise And a Another One Called Amazonite thats Female

R:Oh Could We help you find Them?


*Obsidian Enters The house again*

R:Oh hi obsidian

O:Prince Ruby Just came to remind you to meet the king And the queen on the fire kingdom

R:Oh ok

O:By the way Hi Prince Diamond And Prince Topaz The king Fire Agate has Talked me About you

WD:who are you

R.Oh hes the new Royal Mailman


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