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Moonlight gems is a fanon series created by Akechidoge that centers around gems that made up 'The Moonlight Battalion' of the war.


This tale focuses on a group of gems who were apart of Rose Quartz's army. However, they are now one of the many protectors of Earth, defeating monsters that threaten it's inhabitants.


  • Ussingite
  • Celestite
  • Hessionite
  • Strawberry Quartz 


Episodes for season 1A
Name Summary Title card

Strawberry's sanctuary

The gems investigate Strawberry's zoo where she kept near extinct gem animals.
Geometry lessons Hessionite goes on a solo mission.
Wisp gem Hess answers an ad from the paper and meets a new friend while completing the errand.
Murmurs of time Celestite and Ussingite visit a village that was a key base for the war.
Apparition Celestite fixes a warp pad and experiences some odd occurences.
Incensed Celest turns the temple into a fortune telling palace while the other gems are on a mission.
Obscure twilight The gems find themselves nostalgic for when they weren't 'alone' on earth.
Movie night Viridine tries to help her team relax with a bag of popcorn and a good ol' animated classic. 
The presence The Moonlight gems finally discover what happened to their beloved leader.
Season 1b
Name Summary Title card
Aftershock Strawberry's zoo is revisited.
Tagalong  The gems find a companion in the form of a friendly Canis lupus arctos.
Campfire songs Hess and Celes rent an rv and go bigfoot hunting.
Strapped for cash Ussingite and Viri decide to make some extra money by selling caramel and chocolates.
Bad memories Kindergarten is visited 
Veridis quo  Celestite  prepares her celebrations for the upcoming and unannounced meteor shower.
Runaways The rebels are forced to abandon their base.
The break in the system The fight on the space laboratory concludes.
Special episodes
Title Summary
Whaling: an odyessey  Ametrine, Elbaite and Hemimorphite go to the disneyworld of fish.
Dysentery  The moonlight gems go on a cruise 

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