Episode 1 part 2 of Steven Universe: Shining Stars

Moon Gem
Season 1, Episode 1 Part 2
Written by: MoonstoneSenpai
Storyboarded by: Nobody
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A New Friend?
Mason is up on stage in the Temple, panting after his performance, with white crystal wings stretching from his back.

Mason: What?

Pearl: Drop the act!

Mason: W-what act?

Mason looks at his wings

Mason: O-oh no...

Amythest: Your another one of those Homeworld dirtbags arent you!

Mason: No! Please! Just...Please don't hurt me...

The Gems prepare to attack, but Steven runs in front of Mason

Steven: No! He hasnt done anything to us!

Garnet: Not yet at least.

Steven: Mason, will you hurt us?

Mason: No! Never! And...My real name is Moonstone...

Steven: Alright then! Moonstone, why dont you join the Crystal Gems!

Pearl: No!

Amythest: I don't know... Maybe?

Garnet: I'm open to the possibility.

Pearl: Are you guys serious!?

Steven, Amythest and Garnet: Yes.

Moonstone: Don't I get a say in this?

Steven: Don't you want to join the Crystal Gems?

Moonstone: No I don't!

Pearl: Ah, lovely. So you can leave now and never come back, right?

Garnet: Pearl.

Pearl: What?

Amythest: Are you saying we arent cool enough?

Moonstone: No! I don't want to be a Gem at all!

Moonstone runs out of the Temple, flying off once he reaches the door

Garnet: Steven. Go and talk to him.

Steven: You got it!

Steven runs after Moonstone, the sun has finally set and there is a full moon in the sky

Pearl: I hope he'll be alright...

Steven is in Beach City, and sees Moonstone on top of the Big Donut's donut statue. He climbs up and sees Moonstone crying with two wholes in his t shirt where his wings were.

Steven: Moonstone?

Moonstone: Go away!

Steven: Please... Just let me talk to you OK?

Moonstone: Theres nothing you can say to change my mind...

Steven: Can you at least tell me why you don't want to be a Gem?

Moonstone: *Sigh* Alright. First, Ill show you my true form.

Moonstone is engulfed in a white light, when it fades, Moonstone's skin is white and he has deep blue hair, he has the same pysical properties as before.

Moonstone: It all started up there...

Moonstone points to the full moon.

Moonstone: I don't know what I was before I woke up. I just know that Luna was the first thing I saw.

Steven: Luna?

Moonstone: Yes. Luna. She raised me on the Earth's Moon. I don't know what she was. If she was a gem, I never saw it. She knew a lot about Gem stuff though. She taught me how to summon and use my wings. she had wings too...Real wings...

Steven: What like, feathery wings?

Moonstone: Yeah...

Steven: So... What happened?

Moonstone: One day she said: 'You are ready to take your life anywhere in the galaxy. Just choose a planet to visit first.' and she had always told me that Earth was her favourite planet so I went there first. And I never left.

Steven: Not even to visit her?

Moonstone: She said I couldn't come back untill I had learned what It really meant to be a Gem...

Steven: What does this have to do with you not wanting to be a Gem?

Moonstone: I... I saw the way humans lived, interacting and caring for eachother... Luna had told me the other Gems were all ruthless and coldhearted... I didn't want to be like them... So when I heard about the Crystal Gems I headed straight to your Temple to meet you. To see if you were just like the other Gems.

Steven: Do you think we're like the other Gems?

Moonstone:...Considering you came all this way to talk to me... Obviously not... Forgive my little tantrum earlier...

Steven: Its fine.


Steven: Uh-oh...

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