Moment Alone is the second episode of the first season in the series Otherwise.

Moment Alone
Season 1, Episode 2
Vital statistics
Air date When you're reading this.
Written by Purplecoal and Fudgecreep
Directed by Purplecoal and Fudgecreep
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Collapsed Gems Chef Steven


Steven starts dreaming of Rose.

Extended Plot

(Set - Unknown)

Rose: Steven...

(Steven opens his eyes)

Steven: Huh? Where am I?

Rose: Welcome, Steven.

Steven: Mom, is that..really you?

Rose: Of course its me.jj

Steven:Oh, Mom I miss--

Rose: Can't you recognise your own mother?

Steven: Uh...

Rose: I can't believe it.

Steven: Mom, I'm sorr---

Rose: Even my own son.

Steven: I said I was so--

Rose: How could you do this to me?!

Steven: Mom, please...

Rose: Don't. Don't call me "mom".

Steven: What? But I just---

Rose:'re not my son.

Steven: Just, just hear me out...

(Rose pulls out her crystal sword)

Steven: Mom...

Rose: Enough of this.

(Rose attacks)

Steven: Aahh!

(Steven wakes up at the house)

Steven: What the...

Pearl: Are you alright?

(Steven looks at Pearl)

Steven: Wha.. what just happened?

Pearl: It's okay, Steven. It was just a bad dream.

Steven: It's  just....

Pearl: It's not real. Just calm down.

Steven: Yeah, I guess.

Pearl: Just breath, everything's alright.

Steven: Ok, ok...

Pearl: See? It's all---

Steven: Wait.. what are you doing here, In the middle of the night?

Pearl: Me? I was  just... you know...

Steven: You were watching me again, aren't you?

Pearl: What... why would I do...Oh. Um, I'll... I'll just go.

(Pearl quickly walks away)

Steven: Sigh..every time..


(The very next day, in Beach Citywalk Fries)

Steven: And she was like, standing right beside me. So creepy.

Connie: Pearl?

Steven: Yeah! It was just weird.

Connie: Uhuh.

Steven: I mean, it's like the third time this week.

Connie: Yup.

Steven: I just keep having these, dreams.

Connie: Mhm.

Steven: Maybe I should tell Garnet about it.

Connie: Yeah.

Steven: Probably not to Amethyst.

Connie: Yes.

Steven: I just keep on seeing Rose and...hey Connie, are you even listening?

(Connie puts down her phone)

Connie: Oh, I'm sorry, what?

Steven: Oh, nevermind.

Connie: I was just um, reading this blog post about some guy named Ronaldo, heard of him before?

Steven: Yeah, long story.

Connie: It's pretty interesting.

Steven: Uhuh.

Connie: It's really cool, you sho--Oh shoot, I gotta go.

Steven: Wait, you're leaving? Why?

Connie: I got tennis practice, remember?

Steven: But it's a Saturday...

Connie: Exactly.

Steven: Uh...

(Connie stands up and grabs her bag)

Connie: Bye, Steven. (winks)

Steven: Um, bye...

Connie: I'll call you later.

(Connie walks away)

Steven: "Call me", huh... I don't even have a phone. And she left. Great, just...great.


(Set - Pink Plains)

Steven: So let me get this straight, its my fault she got mad at me?

Cookie Cat: Precisely.

Steven: I just wanted to--

(Clock rings)

Cookie cat: Unfortunately, I must go. I have some important business to attend to.

(Cookie cat stands up)

Cookie Cat: Farewell. Remember Steven, its not too late. There's still a chance for you to speak with Rose again.

Steven: Wait, wha--

Cookie Cat: Just follow the signs.

Steven: Signs? What si--

(Cookie Cat disappears)

Steven: Okay then...time to deal with Lion.

(Back at Steven's house, midnight)

Pearl: Come on Lion...just let go!

Amethyst: Just keep pulling!

Pearl: He's just so heavy...

Amethyst: Are you even pulling?!

Pearl: I AM!

Amethyst: Just..pull harder!

Pearl: We..need Gar--

Garnet: Step aside.

(Garnet grabs Lion's foot and throws Lion off the bed.)

Amethyst: Wooh...good job, (pants) Garnet.

Pearl: Yeah...(breathes heavily)...we couldn't have done it without you.

Garnet: I'm getting real tired of this.

(Garnet walks to the gem door and goes back to her room)

Amethyst: Man, that was exhausting. I'm outta here.

(Amethyst leaves)

Pearl: Steven, you alright?

Steven: Yeah, I'm fine.

Pearl: Goodnight, Steven.

(Pearl walks away)

Steven: You too, Lion.

(Lion growls)

Steven: Don't you "growl" me.

(Lion leaves)

Steven: Yeah that's right. Keep walking.


(At the Beach House, at sunset)

(Steven opens the door)

Steven: Hello?

(No response)

Steven: Pearl? Garnet? ...anyone?

Steven: Ok, they're not here.

Ronaldo: Oh, good.

(Steven and Ronaldo walk into the house)

Ronaldo: Nice place you got here...

Steven: Uhh...thanks. I guess. Pearl tries to keep it clean.

(Ronaldo starts taking pictures of the Warp Pad)

Steven: Hey, what are yo---

Ronaldo: Don't wory. It's for my blog, Keep Be---

Steven: I KNOW what it is! Don't need to tell me.

(Ronaldo walks towards the gem door)

Ronaldo: Woah...what's this?

Steven: That's uhh..the Gem Door. Where the---

Ronaldo: Sweet! 

Steven: Yeah, its pretty--

Ronaldo: Let's go inside.

Steven: What? No...jeez.

Ronaldo: Oh, come on...



Steven: Pearl says its dangerous in there.

Ronaldo: Well, is it?!

Steven: Yeah, like this one time I tried to share my breakfast with Garnet.

Ronaldo: What happened?

Steven: It tried to kill me...

Ronaldo: Just this one time.

Steven: No.

Ronaldo: Let's just check the rooms.

Steven: ...No.

Ronaldo: Pearl's Room?

Steven: ...No.

Ronaldo: Amethyst's Room?

Steven: ...No.

Ronaldo: Garnet's Room?

Steven: ...No.

Ronaldo: What about the Burning Room?

Steven: ...No.

Ronaldo: Oh wait, why not Rose's Room?

Steven: Nope. Never again.

Ronaldo: Hmm...I'll give you a dollar.

Steven: Nope.

Ronaldo: 3 dollars.

Steven: Nope.

Ronaldo: 5 dollars.

Steven: Nope.

Ronaldo: 10 dollars?

Steven: Hmm...nope.

Ronaldo: What about...a Cookie Cat?

(Ronaldo pulls out a Cookie Cat from his pocket)

Steven: Woah, how... I thought they stopped making them..

Ronaldo: I have my "sources".

Steven: Haven't eaten one a long time.

(Ronaldo opens the wrapper and holds the cookie in his hand)

Steven: Oh my...

Ronaldo: Deal?

Steven: Uuhh...

Ronaldo: Come on, it won't last forever...

Steven: ...Please ...don't do this.

Ronaldo: Mmm...the good.

Steven: Ummm...

(Ronaldo takes a bite)

Ronaldo: Mmm... so delicious..

Steven: Ronaldo...please sto---

(Ronaldo takes another bite)

Ronaldo: Last one, Steven.

Steven I..I can't....

Ronaldo: I think I'll just eat it...


Ronaldo: What? Can't hear you. 

Steven: DEAL!!!

Ronaldo: Good.

(Steven grabs the last bit of the Cookie Cat from Ronaldo and eats it whole)

Steven: Mmm...that tastes so...good...

Ronaldo: Don't forget about our deal.

Steven: Oh, right.

(Steven and Ronaldo walk towards the Gem Door)

Steven:  Here's the problem...

Ronaldo: Huh?!

Steven: I don't know how I open it.

Ronaldo: WHAT?!

Steven: Really.

Ronaldo: did you open it the last time?

Steven: Uhh...hmm. I was at the bed...with the Pearl's just...

Ronaldo: Just what?

Steven: Really hard to remember...I.. I'm sorry... I can't do--

(The Gem Door opens)

Ronaldo: You did it!

Steven: Wha...Oh cool.

Ronaldo: Let's go.

(Steven and Ronaldo jump inside)


(Video plays)

"Isn't it remarkable, Steven? (static) many possibilities. (static) Each liv--(static) entirely unique experience...(static)...sounds they hear..(static)...lives they live...(static)..Their lives are so complicated, and so simple...(static)        I can't wait for you to join them...(static loop)...can't wait for you to join them...(static loop)'...can't wait for you to join them...(static loop)'...can't wait for you to join them...(inaudible voices)'...can't wait for you to join them...(inaudible voices)'...can't wait for you to join them....

Buck Dewey: Steven?...Steven?!

(Steven wakes up)

Buck Dewey: You've been drifting away back there, Mr. Universe.

Buck Dewey: I believe you haven't been sleeping well in a while, why is that?

Steven: I keep having these...nightmares...

Buck Dewey: Ah yes, your nightmares, about your dead mother...what was her name?

Steven: ...Rose.

Buck Dewey: Yes, Rose Quartz. She was the Leader of the Crystal Gems, before you were born, am I right?

Steven: Yes...

Buck Dewey: But you never met her. Why is that?

Steven: She...

Buck Dewey: What happened to her?

Steven: She...she died.

Buck Dewey: And... why did she die?

Steven: It... its because of me.

Buck Dewey: Why, what did you do, Steven?

Steven: I...  killed her...

Buck Dewey: Correct.

Steven: It's... it's all my fault.

(Rose suddenly appears in front of Steven)

Buck Dewey: After Rose died, she left something, something for you, didn't she?

Steven: Yes...

Buck Dewey: What was it? What did she leave, Steven?

Steven: The tape...

Buck Dewey: It was from Lion, wasn't it?

Steven: Yes...

(Rose suddenly becomes covered in blood, starts moving closer towards them)

Buck Dewey: After that, you started seeing things, hearing things, didn't you?! Things you didn't wanna see.

(Rose was infront of them now, but only Steven could see her)

Buck Dewey: What did you hear, Steven?

(Rose looks down at Steven, all covered in blood, smiling)

Buck Dewey: What did they tell you, Steven? What did they tell you?!

(Steven looks up at Rose's bloody face, terrified)

(Rose opens her mouth, dripping with blood)

Rose: ...I can't wait for you to join us...

(Rose suddenly pins Steven to the ground)

Buck Dewey: Steven?...Steven, can you hear me?!

Rose: Don't worry Steven, it will all be over soon...

(Rose wraps her hands around Steven's neck and starts choking him)

Rose: It will all be over soon...


Ronaldo: Steven...Steven?!

(Steve wakes up again)


Ronaldo: Hey, you alright?

Steven: Can't remember a thing...

(Ronaldo helps Steven up)

Steven: Wha...what happened?

Ronaldo: Dude, you've been standing there, doing nothing ever since we got here. Then you fell right on your-

(Alexandrite falls from the sky)

Ronaldo: LOOK OUT!!!

(Ronaldo pushes Steven)

(Alexandrite lands directly on top of Ronaldo, crushing his skull and killing him instantly)

Steven: Ronaldo…

(Alexandrite’s head turns toward Steven)

Steven: No way…

(Steven slowly backs away)

Steven: This can’t be real…

(Alexandrite opens her mouth, revealing her huge fangs)

Steven: This isn’t happening…

(Alexandrite roars, then charges towards Steven)

Steven: (Runs) Get away from me!

(The Gem Door suddenly appears)

Steven: Oh, finally!

(Steven jumps inside the door)


(Set – Steven’s House)


(Steven teleports back to the house)

 (Steven gets back up)

Steven: (Breaths heavily) …that was too close.

(Steven looks around the empty house)

Steven: Pearl? Garnet? …Amethyst?

(Steven takes a seat at the couch)

Steven: Hmm…I guess they’re no—

(Alexandrite’s hand suddenly comes out the couch and grabs Steven)

Steven: What the--

 (Steven gets pulled inside)

Steven: Aaahh!!!

(Steven falls from the ceiling, lands headfirst on the floor)

Steven: Uugghhh…

(A white figure appears)

Mysterious Figure: Steven…

Steven: Huh, are you…

(The white figure rushes out the door)

Steven: Hey, wait!

(Steven runs out the door and gets on his bike, and chases after it)


(Set – Beach City Pier)


Ms. Maheswaran: No, you’re not going.

Connie: But…but why?

Mr. Maheswaran: You’re too young.

Connie: Dad, I’m 14. I can handle myself.

Ms. Maheswaran: Your dad and I have already decided.

Connie: You…you can’t just do this.

Mr. Maheswaran: Yes we can, we’re your parents.

Connie: But…I’ve been waiting for this all year!

(Steven suddenly appears and nearly hits Connie with his bike)

Connie: Woah!

Ms. Maheswaran: Connie! Are you alright?

Mr. Maheswaran: Hey! Watch were your goi—

Connie: Wait, was that..Steven?


(Set – Beach City Outskirts, inside an abandoned railway station)


(Steven sets his bike down)

Mysterious Figure: Steven….

(Steven starts walking towards the figure, several meters away)

Steven: (Exhausted) Wait, don’t leave me again.

Mysterious Figure: Over here, Steven.

Steven: I’m…(pants)…coming. Just---

(Steven falls to the ground from exhaustion)

Mysterious Figure: Get up, you’ll have to get up, Steven.

(Steven slowly gets back up)

Steven: I’m…here…I’m coming, mom.

Mysterious Figure: You’ll have to hurry, Steven. They’re coming.

Steven: What…no…

Mysterious Figure: I’m here Steven, come to me. We can be together.

Steven: To--…together..?

Mysterious Figure: Always and forever, Steven. Always and forever.

Steven: ...forever.

(The mysterious figure suddenly disappears)


Steven: What the…

Pearl: Steven!!! Look out!!

(Pearl tackles Steven, then a speeding freight train passes by, inches away from them)

Pearl: Steven, are you alright? Are you hurt?!

Steven: Let go of me!

Pearl: Just calm down, Steven.

(Steven stands up and starts walking around the station)

Pearl: And where do you think you’re going?

Steven: Mom? …Mom? Where are you?!

Pearl: Steven? …Steven?!

Steven: We need to find her!

Pearl: Find who?

Steven: You know, my mom. I swear I saw her!

(Pearl walks closer to Steven)

Pearl: Steven…

Steven: Rose? …Rose?!

Pearl: Steven, please.

Steven: Get away from me…

(Pearl grabs Steven’s hand)

Pearl: Steven, listen. Your mother’s not here, okay? She’s…she’s gone.

Steven: I…I…(pauses) you’re right.

Pearl: Just…calm down.

Steven: Ok…okay.

(Pearl pulls out a syringe)

Pearl: Good.

(Pearl stabs it into Steven’s neck)

 Steven: Wha…what did you do to me…

(Steven falls to the ground)

Pearl: Just take it easy.

Steven: Feeling…dizzy…

(Steven passes out)

(Pearl transforms into Emerald)

Emerald: Target has been apprehended. Proceeding to next objective.

Jade: "(static) Good work, Emerald. (static) Bring him back in one piece."

Emerald: Acknowledged. Emerald out.


(Set - Unknown, inside a poorly lit room)

(Jade lightly slaps Steven's face)

Jade: Steven, Steven? You there?

(Steven finally wakes up, tied to a chair)

Sapphire: Oh good, he's waking up.

Steven: What the...where am I?

(Jade ignores the question)

Jade: Hey, Steve-o. Ok, so... my name's Jade and--

Sapphire: Are you even sure it's him?

Jade: I know so.

Emerald: Facial recognition results are 99.9% positive. It's him.

Jade: See? Even the droid agrees with me.

Sapphire: Whatever...

(Jade looks back at Steven)

Jade: That tall one over there's Sapphire and the droid over there's Emerald.

Emerald: Pleasure to make your acquintance. 

Jade: And we are the---

Sapphire: DON'T say it. It's ridiculous.

Jade: Well, you get the idea.

Steven: Wait. Where's Pearl? She was just---

Jade: Oh, that wasn't the real Pearl.

Steven: What? So who---

Jade: That was Emerald. She's our shapeshifter droid.

Steven: I don't care just please...just let me go...

Jade: Not just yet. We got a job for you.

Steven: And what if I say no?

Emerald: You will be subjected to termination.

Steven: "Termination"?

(Sapphire steps in)

Sapphire: We'll kindly break your arms.

Steven: But...why me? I...I'm just a kid!

Sapphire: We don't really need you. We need Stevonnie. Bring her out.

Emerald: As you wish.

(Emerald pulls out Connie from a locker at the end of the room, and places her in front of Steven)

Steven: Hey, let her go!

(Emerald straps Connie on the bed next to Steven)

Sapphire: Relax, Steven. 

(Connie wakes up)

Connie: (Yawns) Oh, hey Steven...what the..where am I? Steven?!

Steven: (Looks back at Connie) I'll uh...explain everything later.

(Emerald moves to Connie's side)

Emerald: This is relatively painless.

(Emerald's hand transforms into a hypodermic)

Connie: (Whispers) Steven...I'm scared...

Steven: (Sweating) It'll be fine, just---

(Emerald injects the hypodermic deep into Connie's arm)

(Connie screams in pain)

Steven: Connie! Just, stay with me!

(Yellowish fluid starts oozing from Connie's eyes)

Connie: (Screams) I...I can't see!!

Steven: (Looks back at Jade) What's happening to her?!

Jade: Relax Steven, its fine.

Sapphire: At least it was better than last time.

Connie: (Stops screaming) Steven...

(Connie faints, yellowish fluid start dripping from her mouth to the bed)

Steven: (Sobs) Connie...

(Emerald moves to Steven's side)

Emerald: Your turn, Steven.

Steven: No...please...I can't...

Emerald: (Raises hypodermic) The side effects will wear off, momentarily.


(Set - Unknown, inside a poorly lit room)

(Jade, Sapphire and Emerald are standing near the bed)

Jade: she awake?

Sapphire: Looks like it.

Jade: (Lightly taps Stevonnie's face) Stevonnie? there?

Sapphire: I think she's waking up.

(Stevonnie wakes up) 

Jade: Can she see us?

Emerald: Most definitely. 

Jade: (Looks back at Stevonnie) (Smiles) Heeyyy Stevonnie!

Stevonnie: Uuughh....

Jade:  Are you feeling alright, Stevonnie?

Stevonnie: ...head hurts...

Emerald: Side effects should wear off shortly.

Jade: (Holds Stevonnie's hands) Can...can you get up?

Stevonnie: Uh...yeah.

(Jade helps Stevonnie stand up)

Jade: There, there...just take it easy.

Stevonnie: (Blushes) Uhh...

Jade: What's wrong?

Stevonnie: (Tries to cover her body) Whe.. where's my clothes?

Sapphire: Over there. (Points at a lump of clothes at the floor)

Jade: Here, wear this.

(Jade hands Stevonnie a dark coat)

Stevonnie: Uhh...thanks.

(Sapphire steps in)

Sapphire: Get dressed. We're going after Emma.


The press conference was only about three minutes away. She pushed through the crowd and ran along  the back alley. She felt her heart beating faster this time, she was almost out of breath. There, just a few hundred feet in front of her, was the Town Hall, along with crowds of people. perhaps close to hundred people. Not wanting to attract attention, she slowed her run and started walking quickly.

“No,” said Mayor Dewey. 

“The government can hardly have teams wandering around the city, cleaning up their mess. We simply cannot afford it.”

Stevonnie looked around the crowd. She knew she would be here. They told she was here.

“But,” said a reporter, “how can you afford not to?”

Dewey replied. “We can afford to do a little of it, but we do not have endless resources, so we have to focus on them.”

Stevonnie kept scanning the crowd, more slowly this time, moving from face to face.

“It’s a sad thing.” said Mayor Dewey.

“But we do have to make choices. We depend on the citizens to let us know when they see signs of failure or stress. We do our best to correct the problem as quickly as possible. However, its not a government’s fault. It’s the Crystal Gems’ fault. It’s their duty to clean up their mess, not us.

A dull rumble moved throughout the crowd. People started looking at each other and whispering.

Stevonnie finally caught sight of Emma. Now, all he had to do was---

Something bumped into Stevonnie’s side, nearly knocking her off balance. She looked around to see Sadie, fallen to the ground, and Lars standing right next to her.

“Oh, Stevonnie…I uh, I didn’t see you there—

Lars grabbed Sadie’s arm and helped her up.

“Sorry Stevonnie, Sadie didn’t mean anything by it.”

Stevonnie didn’t reply.

Sadie pulled her arm away, “Just, get away from me.”

“Oh come on, it was nothing like that!” Lars replied.

“Then what were you guys doing in the store?!” Sadie replied in anger.

“You know, just hanging out, as friends.”

“Oh please, I’m not falling for that again.” Sadie started walking away from Lars.

“And where do you think you’re going?” Lars shouted back at her.

“Sadie? Hey, wait up!”

Lars chased after her.

Stevonnie looked back at the crowd. Emma was nowhere to be seen.

“Don’t you think—“ another reporter began to say, when Stevonnie suddenly saw Emma run toward the stage. The security guard nearest to Emma was caught napping, by the time he stood up and began to react, Emma kicked him right in the face, breaking his skull into pieces.  The other guards rushed forward. Someone in the crowd started screaming and suddenly everyone was fleeing away. The flood of moving bodies carrying  Stevonnie along with it. He tried to resist, but turned around and fell. He felt someone stepped on her chest and stumbled over him and fell. He scrambled to his feet and rushed forward again. He saw Emma kicking the guard in the chest. The man stumbled back, and fell down to the ground, dead. Mayor Dewey was crouching behind one of the chairs on the stage. Emma spun and pointed what was in her hand. Stevonnie realized it was a gun.

“Emma, no!” he shouted.

But Emma didn’t seem to hear him. She had a strange grin on her face, it didn’t seem malevolent or malicious, but only the grin of someone was smiling.

And then she pulled the trigger, followed by a roar and Dewey’s head broke apart and scattered across the stage. His body swayed there for a little, and then collapsed. Emma’s face had changed: she was no longer grinning. Instead she seemed genuinely shocked. He turned the gun around and brought it close to her face. Stevonnie rushed towards her.

“I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.” said Emma.

“Please, put the gun down.” Stevonnie said to her.


But Emma kept holding it.

“Steven,” she pleaded, “help me”.

Stevonnie took a step forward.

“Ok, just put the—“

Emma pulled the trigger. Her face was blown apart. Bits and pieces of her face scattered to all directions, and covering Stevonnie’s face with blood. The gun fell to the floor. Her body stood motionless for a while, then fell to the ground. Stevonnie  just stood there, staring at Emma’s corpse, unable to speak.


They’ve been walking for hours now, not saying a word to each other. Steven looked back at Connie, and noticed the nervous look on her face. They continued walking in a steady pace until they finally arrived at Connie’s house. Her parents weren’t home.

“Well, here we are.” Steven broke the silence.

Connie didn’t reply, and walked towards the door.

Steven stared at Connie. “Hey, Connie I—“

“Just… don’t talk to me anymore.” Connie said as she shut the door behind her.

Steven just stood there, in the silence, wondering what he did wrong. Unable to think of anything, he faced the opposite direction and started walking back home.












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