CHAPTER 1 - Mission gone wrong.

The night is calm as Steven quietly sleeps in his bed, The gems on a mission.

Suddenly the warp lights up, as Steven gets out of bed

Steven: "gems are Back!"

As Steven Looks at the warp, a Heavily wounded Garnet and Amethyst limp off, no sign of Pearl

Steven: "where is Pearl?"

Amethyst tears up, running into her room, as garnet kneels down to steven, one hand in a fist.

Garnet: "Steven..."

Steven: "where is P-Pearl?"

Garnet: "I'm sorry Steven, we did all we could." Garnet says with remorse.

Steven heavily breathes, tearing up "n-no, it's not true!"

Garnet: "she is gone"

Garnet opens the fist, pearl's gem reduced to nothing but dust.

Steven gasps, falling on the floor, blacking out.

As steven is blacked out, garnet carryies Steven into his bed, lying him down.


So sorry for such a short chapter, the others will be longer.

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