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Season Season 1, Episode Pilot
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Air date June 24, 2015
Written by Sugilite-Chan
Directed by Sugilite-Chan
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This is just the Pilot! Nothing is totally set in stone personality-wise or anything like that! I'm gonna see the feedback I get, and then I will go from there!

Pilot Episode

A dark green gem lies on the ground, motionless in a desert-like area. It’s burning hot out with the sun high in the sky.  Two figures stand over the gem, shaking their heads in disappointment. The larger figure speaks.

???: We need to try harder, you know. She’s an *ASSET* to us and we can’t let her keep failing like this, Peridot.

Peridot, the slimmer, more triangular gem, nods in agreement to the other gem, Jasper.

Peridot: Definitely. She’s a clod, but she’s a really important one. You’ve seen her power! She’s more cooperative than Lapis will ever be, and she’s just as powerful!

Jasper: I understand that-- Why do you think we’ve been putting her through all of this trainin--

Jasper was interrupted by the dark green gem glowing, before it took the form of a tall gem, no taller than Peridot but shorter than Jasper. She giggled as she placed her palm to her forehead.

Jasper: MAW-SIT-SIT! Stop laughing! You need to FOCUS, understand?

Jasper shook Maw-Sit-Sit violently. Maw-Sit-Sit snapped out of it immediately.

Maw-Sit-Sit: yes, ma’am! Sorry, Jasp. What’s the haps? What’s next for me, I can take it! I can take it on!

She giggled again, acting like a beast for a second as she pulled out her weapon, a trident, and imitated stabbing a beast to death. She giggled again, before getting smacked upside the head by Jasper.

Peridot: Calm down, Jasper! It’s not her fault we pulled her out of the oven in the kindergarten too early!


Jasper shouted, causing both Maw-Sit-Sit and Peridot to rear back. She breathed heavily, looking at the two of them angrily. She sighed and pressed her palm to her face.

Jasper turned to Maw-Sit-Sit.

Jasper: Alright, time to try again. Stand up.

Jasper yanked Maw-Sit-Sit up from where she sat on the ground with wide eyes.She glared into Maw-Sit-Sit’s eyes and huffed angrily.

Jasper: You need to be BATTLE-READY by sundown, you hear me? I don’t care how many times your *stupid* gem cracks, or how many times you need to regenerate. Battle ready. SUNDOWN.

Jasper let go of Maw-Sit-Sit and walked away, back to the Homeworld temple where the three of them lived.

Maw-Sit-Sit: I won’t let you down, ma’am!

Peridot: She’s already gone, dummy.

Maw-Sit-Sit: I know, but… I still want her to know how much my assistance is worth! I need to be powerful by sundown, you heard her.

Maw-Sit-Sit sat back down on the ground and sighed. She looked up at the sun, high in the sky as Peridot contemplated for a moment.

Peridot: Hey, Sit-Sit. I’ve got an idea.

Maw-Sit-Sit: Huh?

Peridot: Fusion. Let’s try fusion, you and me!

Maw-Sit-Sit: But-- Jasper said how dumb it was, how cheap it was! She said it was unfair! It’s not righ--

Peridot interrupted immediately, grinning.

Peridot: She only said that because she doesn’t wanna be weaker than anybody! You know that, Maw-Sit-Sit! Come on. Dance with me.

She held out her hand, and Maw-Sit-Sit reluctantly took it. She stood up and looked Peridot in the eyes. Peridot made a goofy grin to try and seem normal about fusion dance, but she just ended up looking stupidly flustered. Maw-Sit-Sit, unsure, spun Peridot and began to dance with her. A series of complex moves and tangled fingers and legs was what the two became before they were engulfed in a beautiful light, morphing and changing into a taller figure. The figure laughed happily, now as one being. The glow faded and it revealed a tall feminine figure, reflecting several beautiful colors, including a brilliant green.

Mystic Topaz: This feels sooooo, SO COOL!

She grinned, and looked down at her new features. Four arms, four eyes, and short, beautiful hair. She was overjoyed.

Mystic Topaz: I can do it! I can fuse, finally! Peridot, I’m so happy!

She giggled happily, but Mystic Topaz was quickly split with a stern scolding. Jasper stood between the two gems, Peridot and Maw-Sit-Sit on the ground.

Jasper: Please tell me that wasn’t what I think it was!

Peridot: No. No, you don’t get it! I just wanted to try it, I just wanted her to try it!

Peridot quickly became flustered, hiding her face.

Peridot: I’m sorry!

Jasper: Yeah, whatever. DON’T do it again. You know how unfair that stuff is.

Jasper yanked up Maw-Sit-Sit and Peridot to their feet and began to lecture them sternly as they all walked back to the temple, the two of them being dragged behind by an outraged Jasper.

--End of Pilot episode--

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