Just, ignore the title.

So...this is pretty much the page where I post my theories and ideas, instead of making a fanfic story of it. I'd probably do it in the future, or not. Anyways, just leave a comment or something, if you're interested.

  • The gems have existed ever since the universe was created.
  • All gems are all under one government called the Intergalactic Gem Alliance (or something, well the point is they're all under one body).
  • All the gems are under one ruler (of course).
  • The gems originally lived in a series of planets, known as the Gem Homeworld.
  • As their population grew, they started travelling into different worlds.
  • Years later, all planets and the civilizations in those planets, were now under their control.
  • It didn't take long until for these civilizations to rebel against them.
  • At the start of these rebellions, an old threat was discovered, which was responsible for eliminating all life in the galaxy billions of years ago.
  • It was the Aeons , huge, mind controlling worms who eliminated all civilizations hundreds of centuries ago, by driving all life in the galaxy into mass suicide.
  • These worms soon started appearing in different planets throughout the galaxy.
  • Many civilizations became influenced by the Aeons and started creating religions based on them.
  • The gems tried to prevent the Aeon influence from spreading to other planets, but to no avail.
  • Soon, all life in the galaxy were now under the control of the worms.
  • Desperate, the gems created the Synthetics , self-replicating machines all controlled by one central control unit, the Patriarch.
  • Soon, the Synthetics started eliminating the Aeon worms and all life in the galaxy, influenced or not, to prevent the Aeon threat from spreading again.
  • Billions of innocent lives were lost, civilizations were completely wiped out, entire planets blown to smithereens, and the Aeon worms were driven back to their homeworld.
  • One of the officials of the Intergalactic Gem Alliance, which was Rose Quartz tried to make peace with the Aeons, but they refused to surrender.
  • The Synthetics' response was brutal and relentless. The Aeon homeworlds were bombarded into oblivion, entire suns were detonated, planets were completely vaporized, hundreds of Aeon worms and their newborn were completely annihilated.
  • Years later, the Aeon Worms were extinct.
  • The Synthetics soon discovered that some planets survived and soon planned to eliminate them, to prevent the Aeon threat from spreading.
  • The Intergalactic Gem Alliance objected the idea and soon led to the Gem-Synthetic War.
  • The gems were soon defeated by the Synthetics, which were more numerous and far more advanced than their creators.
  • As one of the officials of the Intergalactic Gem Alliance, Rose Quartz tried to settle a truce with the Synthetics and begged Earth to be saved.
  • The Synthetics accepted their truce but under one condition: they would be under complete control of the Syntethics.
  • The Intergalactic Gem Alliance had no choice but to submit.
  • The gems who rebelled against the Synthetics were exterminated.
  • Rose Quartz and the Crystal Gems soon fled to one of those planets which survived the extermination, which was Earth.
  • The Synthetics soon started harvesting gems and experimenting on them, turning them into Synthetic Gems.
  • These Synthetic Gems were later sent to hunt down Rose Quartz and other gems who were able to escape.

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