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Mangano Calcite
Mangano Calcite
  • Mangano




Gender Pronoun







Mangano Calcite

Professional Status

Homeworld (former)

First Appearance

Aventurine's new friend

Voice Actor

Karen Strassman

Mangano Calcite is a pink Gem who first appears in the fanon episode, Aventurine's new friend.


Mangano is a short, striped white and pink gem with reddish-pink curly hair with lighter highlights in it, her eyes are grayish-pink. She has a large scar on her torso with a wrapped blood-stained bandage around it. She wears pink leggings with a heart-shapped cut-out revealing her gem, a slightly off-circular Mangano Calcite. Mangano wears red boots and golden armbands with red gems embedded them.

Mangano Calcite Gem

Her gem


Mangano is a sweet gem who only wants to help people, with this she completely opposes the Diamond authority. She was not around during the time of the wars but thinks highly of Rose, like she does with all of her idols. She is quite passionate and patient. She is not aggressive but can put up a fight when needed.


All gems have the ability to summon a weapon, shapeshift, fuse with other gems and retreat to their gemstone after becoming injured to heal. Activating her gem summons an Rapier. She can fuse with Aventurine to form Indicolite, Carnelian to form Imperial Topaz, Pyrope to form Bixbite and Emerald to form Alexite.


  • Sword Proficiency: Mangano is very skilled in Swordsmanship and her fighting style is often graceful and is in the style of ballet, similar to Pearl's.
    • Length Change: Can change the length of her Rapier at will.

Unique Abilities

  • Healing: Mangano can heal Humans, Animals and severely injured Gems. She is often viewed as a valuable asset to many teams, because of this.



She and Aventurine exhibit a "special" kind of relationship and care about each other a lot. Mangano Left White Diamond for Aventurine. They share a hate of the Diamond Authority together.


He and Mangano are friends, being the same team and get along well. They don't interact much


He and Mangano are friends, being the same team and get along well. They tend to want to do good and help their team.

Rose Quartz

She thinks highly of Rose and admires here even though she wasn't there at her time. She wished to join her rebellion. She doesn't know of her disappearance or of Steven's relationshp with her.

Steven Universe

Mangano has an okay relationship with Steven. She does not realize his relationship to Rose Quartz.


  • She wasn't "born" at the time of Rose's Rebellion making her a "younger" or "modern" gem, similar to Peridot.
  • She has two "sisters":
    • Angelite
    • Seraphinite.

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