Manganaxinite (Axinite-(MN)) is the warden of Prison #7 on a Gem-Controlled Planet. He holds the distinction of being one of the most brutal wardens that the Gems have utilized. Due in part to the failure of Jasper and Peridot, he is on his way to Earth to retrieve the "prisoners" they had failed to bring him

Manganaxinite 3


Manganaxinite stands just taller then Jasper, while weighing in at 250kg. His body is composed of various ridged and jutting crystals that compose a helmet-like crown fitted to his head. His shoulders are wide with squarish guards that function as armor. His face has two crystalline tusks that protrudes from his cheeks with similar looking crystals curving around his forearms. Two large crystals of various ridges and points rise out of his back, supplying most of his weight as well as protecting his Gem. His Gem can be found below the back of his neck, on his middle-to-upper back. His upper torso, arms, and legs are composed of a type of smooth solid shell rock-like mineral that acts as post his actual arms and armor. His "toes" compose of three large "nails" constituted entirely out of rock, and as such has no feeling what-so-ever. The same can be said of his fingers, made of a similar type of mineral that is somewhat softer. He has a small mouth, a long nose, and a cyclopean eye.


He is loyal to the Gem Homeworld and to Yellow Diamond as well as the other Diamonds. He doesn't care how the Homeworld conquers other worlds. So he doesn't quite care. He has Misophonia, the literal "hatred of sound". He cannot stand most "annoying" noises, like grinding teeth, crunching food, tapping, pins dropping, and the like. It is partly because of this that he has built his prison to create near absolute silence. He doesn't seem to have much of a personality.


Like all Gems, he has the ability to Shape-shift, summon a weapon, regenerate, and retreat into his gemstone to heal. That being said, his weapon(s) is the ability to turn his hands into stretchable whips, each tipped with about four crystal-like spikes. These spikes can change position on the whip when needed. He sometimes summons a quarterstaff

Unique Abilities

  • Acute Hearing
  • Extremely tough and durable skin


- He was created by

- His crystal is Axinite-(MN) with particular amounts of Manganese. It is commonly formed through contact metamorphism or hydrothermal origin. It is commonly found in alpine veins.

- He sometimes turns his whips into springs and uses them to bounce to victory.

- He cannot see red. It is beyond his spectrum.

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