This article is about the fanon character. You may be looking for the canon character.

Malachite (Post Regen)


Malachite (Without Eyepatch)







Gender Pronoun


Professional Status

Dawn Dusk Gem


Dawn Dusk Gems

Personal Status



Rise Island

First Appearance

Provoked Skies

Music Theme "Kiっ9=KELL" from Kill la Kill
Voice Actor

Ashly Burch

ATTENTION! The idea of THIS Malachite was made BEFORE I knew about the canon Malachite. I'm making this clarification to avoid confusion and/or rude assumptions. I even drew art for her before Jail Break came out.

—Mr. Napcakes

Malachite is a major character from Dawn Dusk Gems.


Malachite's gem is located where her left eye should be, which is under her eyepatch, which is black with a shamrock-green diamond on it.

Three fourths of her hair, which is shamrock green, is shaved, while the rest of her hair is flipped to her right. She has a grey blouse-like shirt with a v-neck, containing a lighter grey undershirt under it. Her blouse-like shirt has a white diamond on it. She has transparent mint-green cloth on both of her arms that connect to her shirt, much like Apatite. She has a dark shamrock-green colored belt with white pants that have diamond shapes etched into the knee area. Her boots are black with spring green triangles on the back of them and dark grey triangles on the front. She has a grey bracelet with neon green markings.

After her regeneration, her hair's longer, and it slowly fades to a bluish color. She wears an ascot in the spot where she was stabbed by Spinel. Her bra is a dark indigo color. She wears a shoulder-less grey sweater with a big white stripe extending from the top right to the bottom left. There are 3 grey diamonds in said stripe. her sleeves are rolled up, and she still has her bracelet. She has dark indigo ripped shorts and ripped black leggings. She wears white boots.


Malachite is a sweet, funloving gal. She loves to go on adventures and she loves action. However, this may get out of hand as this could put her fellow comrades in danger during missions. She rarely gets angry, and she's usually cheerful. She's really into any sort of music that catches her ear. She isn't the most organized of the Dawn Dusk Gems, however. Like Amethyst, her room is pretty untidy (but not nearly as untidy as Amethyst's Room). She sort of a slob, and Apatite has to clean up after her. She's a good thinker, though. She loves animals, no matter how gross, terrifying, or uneasy.


She has the ability to repel certain things in the vicinity, as shown in Provoked Skies when she used her scythe to create a pathway through the ocean. She has small control over electricity and electrical currents, turning them green and more powerful, and being able to manipulate them as she pleases.

This may backfire, unfortunately. If she has possession of electricity for too long, it damages her and stuns her for several seconds.

She can't figure out how to work a Wailing Stone, but she's very knowledgeable of Homeworld Technology.



They were very close before her disappearance. Apatite was a wreck without her, but when she was healed, she brightened things up.


She's very good friends with him. They used to watch Full House together on their free time before she disappeared. They're trying to get back into the habit, now that she's back.


She LOVES Lucia so much, she just wants to cuddle her every second of the day!


  • She is the first Dawn Dusk Gem that does not show her gem proudly, as she covers it up with an eyepatch.
  • She has an old television in her room.
  • Her favorite animal is a narwhal.
  • She's able to fuse with Rhodochrosite to form Sard.
  • She's able to fuse with Apatite to form Amazonite.


Image Description
Malachite Gem
Malachite's gemstone is located where her left eye should be. It's shaped like an oval and appears to be smooth with no facets.


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