Making Reservations
Season 1, Episode 3
Vital statistics
Air date May 5, 2015
Written by Darktriggerhappy
Directed by Darktriggerhappy
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Welcome to Goldenrod Island Checking In
Making Reservations is the third episode of the first season in Outcasted to Earth.


A mysterious visitor arrives on the island


In space, the four pods are flying ominously close to their destination. All of a sudden, a fifth pod appears, yet going at a much faster speed than the other four. It finally reaches the atmosphere of the planet. Earth. All of a sudden, static comes to life as four voices followed. The first was calming in a way, the second was very sporadic, while the last two spoke in a unified, preachy tone.

Voice 1: Alright...which one of you left the cell open?

Voices 3 and 4: It wasn't us! Probably the knuckle-dragger you left in charge of the area!

Voice 2: Hehe. Guilty as charged.

The first voice sighed in an annoyed tone.

Voice 1: Remind me to never take you anywhere ever again.

The fifth pod finally reached the ocean of Earth, however it opened, as a feminine figure walked out and swam the rest of the way. Where she was heading was the giant hotel in Goldenrod Island. Make at Mondo's shop, he was watching the news on a small TV with Soda and Jet.

Reporter: We're here near the Golden Luxury Hotel, where citizens have reported that a mysterious green sphere has appeared recently. According to one witness, he states that he saw something similar to it falling out of the sky. However, nobody knows how or why this is here, exactly. Stay tuned to Action New 6 for more on this developing story.

Mondo and Soda stared at the TV in shock, but Soda was for horrified. Jet just shook his head.

Jet: So let me guess. We're just going to stand here like a bunch of cowards and not do anything about that.

Soda: Well, yeah! I for one don't feel like being caught!

Mondo: Wait, your people use those things? Huh. Honestly though you guys only used the prisms.

Soda: That;s not the point! We need to hi-

Soda noticed that Jet was leaving.

Soda: Where are you going?!

Jet: I'm going to actually do something other than whine.

Jet exited the store, rushing over to the giant hotel. There were a whole bunch of thoughts running through his head. While some were optimistic that it would be the friend he and Soda left behind, others were that Soda was right. When he finally reached the hotel, he sighed standing infront of the revolving doors.

Jet: Well....only one way to find out.





  • News reporter


  • The five pods
  • Mondo's TV


  • Space
  • Goldenrod Island
    • Mondo's shop/house
    • Golden Luxury Hotel


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