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Mage is a main protagonist in The Last Of Us.


Mage wears a blue and white hat, with a blue brim and a blue pine-tree on it. He has somewhat messy brown hair and relatively pale skin, and his nose is a bit darker than the rest of his face. His eyes are brown, with noticeable bags underneath. He wears a navy blue hooded vest, (which has an inner pocket on both sides) a reddish-orange T-shirt, grey shorts, white socks with a red stripe, black sneakers.


Mage is fun and care-free. He gets easily flustered when his plans fail. Mage is shown to be very hot-headed, and has a very short temper.

The motive for Mage's personality was shown in "The Test," where it was revealed that Ivory sheltered Mage his entire life, leading him to grow up as an unintelligent and lazy person.



They have deep and finely interwoven friendship due to similar personalities and instincts and the two seemed to get along well from the very beginning. They often fight and get on each other's nerves: Jet's cold demeanor and "creepiness" annoy Mage and he is often irritated by his immaturity.

Crystal Gems

Mage is on seemingly good terms with the other Crystal Gems.


Mage possesses standard Gem abilities and traits.

Unique Abilities

  • Invisibility: Mage has the ability to turn himself invisible.
  • Pyrokinesis: He demonstrates pyrokinesis when he sets the Bay House's kitchen on fire with his mind. He can summon green flame-like energy around his hands. It is shown to relate to Mage's anger.
  • Aura: Mage can exude an aura of death and rot around him. This was shown in "Road Trip", when he began to melt the metallic parts of the Gems's van, and, presumably, "poofed" the Stag-Man. It is also shown to relate to Mage's anger.
  • Hydrokinesis: In "Lion Takes a Bath", Mage appears to have immense power over water and liquid material.
    • FLT Flight: Mage can fly using water-wings he can sprout at will.
    • Water Generation: In addition to manipulating existing liquid, Mage can generate a certain amount of water. This was demonstrated when he formed his water-wings.
    • Water Constructs: Mage is capable of forming water into various constructs that he can control. He has shown to form hands out of water that he can use to smite enemies.
  • Thermo-regulation: As shown in "Gem Glow", Mage can drastically lower the temperature of his surroundings, even forming ice on the walls.
  • Levitation: As shown in "Gem Glow", Mage is able to hover in the at will.


  • Mage sometimes refers to himself in the third person.
  • Citrine destroyed Mage's phone for unknown reasons.
  • Mage has not summoned his own weapon.
    • His hydrokinesis, however, could replace his ability to summon something other than a tangible item.
    • Mage does not know how to summon a weapon, foretelling that the Gems may show him how in future episodes.
  • Mage possesses culinary skills.
  • He is not disgusted with human digestion.
    • According to Ivory, he enjoys vanilla.
  • Mage receives social security checks in the mail.
  • Mage attends school off-screen.
    • He mentions that a Pre-AP test is coming up.
      • Pre-AP courses are on-grade level academically advanced courses designed to challenge motivated students to understand rigorous content, implying that Mage may possesses a high intellect.

Cultural References

  • "Mage" is the Latin word for "magician" or "wizard."


Image Description
TLOU - PalmGem
Mage's gemstone is located in the center of his left palm, featuring a triangular facet. It is an octahedron.
TLOU - WristGem
Mage's gemstone is located in the center of his right palm, featuring a large crack. It represents a teardrop.

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