Lucia and Jace
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Season 1, Episode 3
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Air date February 9th, 2015
Written by Mr. Napcakes
Directed by Mr. Napcakes
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"Lucia and Jace" is the 3rd episode of the first season in Dawn Dusk Gems, and the 3rd overall episode of the series.


Lucia brings home an unexpected guest.


Rise Island was quite this afternoon. Rhodo and Apatite were playing volleyball while Lucia was out somewhere. Lucia is able to use the warp pad, despite being a tiger. Apatite and Rhodo assumed that Tiger’s Eye trained her to use it, but it’s a mystery. Lucia went to a small island town in the Atlantic by the name of Greymont. Some say the island looks a bit unappealing, due to the ashes that covers the grasslands that came out of the island’s volcano. This town was unaware of Lucia’s presence, but there was one young boy that noticed something off. Lucia was laying beside the beach sands when the boy came towards it. Alerted, Lucia turned around steadfast and growled at him. The boy tried to calm her down, and was somewhat successful. However, Lucia was still a bit tense. The boy went up to Lucia and petted her.

Boy: Hey, boy! What’s your name?

The boy didn’t see a name tag (he also assumed Lucia was a male), but that didn’t matter. Lucia walked slowly to the warp pad hidden under the ash. Her growl made the ash spread out, and the boy was amazed. The little boy followed Lucia onto the warp pad, and Lucia activated it, bringing them both back to Rise Island.

Meanwhile on Rise Island, Apatite and Rhodo were finishing up there volleyball game, when Apatite hit the ball into the air, but they both paid attention to the activated warp pad.

Apatite: Oh, Lucia’s back!

The ball fell back down and hit Rhodo’s head. He was stunned for a second. What was surprising to them was that Lucia brought back a human child, about the age of 11.

Apatite: Lucia, what were you THINKING bringing a human back here?!

Rhodo: You know humans aren’t allowed here, Lucia…

The boy was confused. Lucia looked like she didn’t want to hear anything from the gems.

Rhodo: Who even are you, kid?

Jace: I’m Jace! Your pet tiger brought me here. He’s pretty cool!

Rhodo: Uh, she.

Jace: It’s a girl?

Apatite: She brought back someone from Greymont? And a child? This can’t be good.

Jace: Can I stay here?

Apatite & Jace: What?!

Staying on the island was out of the question. A human was simply not allowed to visit the island. It was a one of the rules for the Dawn Dusk Gems set by Tiger’s Eye.

Apatite: That is OUT of the question. I’m sorry, but we don’t let humans-

And she was cut off when she heard an eruption coming from the ocean. A magma gem monster came from the ocean, and it wasn’t happy. The monster burnt down one of the palm trees, and he looked like he was going to do the same for the island.

Rhodo: Shoot! We don’t have time for this…

Apatite: What should we do? He’ll burn me alive if I get near him!

Jace: I have an idea!

The gems turned to Jace. Jace looked at Apatite.

Jace: Can you do something to distract the lava thing?

Apatite: I could try my clouds?

Jace: Yeah!

Jace turned to Rhodochrosite.

Jace: Can you do something to hit it when she’s using her clouds?

Rhodo: I can use my claws?

Jace: Good! Now go!

Apatite and Rhodo didn’t really think it was a plan, but they tried the strategy anyway. Apatite went in front of the flying magma gem monster to distract it. The monster shot blasts over burning hot magma towards Apatite as she blocked them with her cloud shields. The monster’s back was turned to the 50ft cliff  where the Dawn Dusk Temple was attached to. This gave Rhodo the perfect opportunity to strike the monster from above. Rhodo sprinted to the top of the cliff, watching Apatite block the gem monster’s attacks. Rhodo jumped down and stabbed the monster in the head, destroying it, and making it revert back into its gem. Apatite caught the gem and bubbled it. Apatite and Rhodo ran back to Jace.

Rhodo: Pretty good idea, kid!

Apatite: Yep! It wasn’t much of a plan, but you helped us alot.

Jace: Leave it to me!

Rhodo: Hey, about the “no humans on the island” thing… We could make an exception!

Apatite: Excuse me?

Rhodo: Oh, come on, Apatite! I’m sure the kid can keep a secret.

Apatite frowned. She thought for a moment, and then she turned to Jace. Lucia payed attention to this.

Apatite: Promise never to tell anyone about this place?

Jace: I promise!

Apatite: Hm…

It Apatite quite a long time to decide, but she gave Jace a warp whistle. Jace had an excited expression and warped back home. Apatite and Rhodo turned to each other.

Apatite: Was this a good idea?

Rhodo: I'm sure it was.




  • Magma Gem Monster Gem


  • Rise Island
  • Greymont


  • Jace is the first human to be introduced in the series.
  • Lucia is revealed to be able to use the warp pads.

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