Lucia II: The Big Screen
DDG Ep 24 Title Card
Season 2, Episode 4
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Air date May 27th, 2015
Written by Mr. Napcakes
Directed by Mr. Napcakes
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"Lucia II: The Big Screen" is the 4th episode of the second season in Dawn Dusk Gems, and the 24th overall episode of the series.


Jace and Octavia are taken by Lucia to a mysterious location that once belonged to Tiger's Eye, but they discover something horrible as well.


The sun is shining on Jace and Octavia, who happen to be on the black sand beach of Greymont. They were laying on the sand with Lucia, who acted as their pillow. The two children cloud gazed and talked with one another as the seagulls flew around and the waves pushed and pulled. Everything was at peace.

Jace: What about my cousin?

Octavia: How is she like?

Jace: She’s kinda gloomy and a little, er, indifferent… But she’s an AWESOME cook!

Octavia: She sounds pretty cool!

Jace: She IS cool!

Lucia growls. She awakens from her nap, and looks around the beach. The children follow her. They’re curious on where she was going. Lucia looks over to a boulder and glares at it. She goes towards it and starts sniffing the oversized rock. Nothing. Lucia goes towards the ocean and glares at it as well. The kids are confused.

Jace: Lucia, is there something wrong?...

Octavia: Is she okay?

Lucia takes some steps back, then charges towards the ocean. She roars loudly, creating a visible echo wave that transforms into a portal. Jace and Octavia are very impressed.

Jace: Wowzers!

Octavia: Wowzers?...

Jace: I like using that word! Sounds funny…

Jace and Octavia hop onto Lucia’s back. Lucia dashes into the portal and the kids hold onto her royal orange fur. The kids have a fun ride. As Lucia dashes into the location presented in the portal, it closes upon entering. They appear to be in a dark cave, dimly lit by a pedestal in the center of the room. The pedestal has a replica of a gem that resembled a Tiger’s Eye. Stalagmites create a border around the area in the dark cave. The floor is flooded by cool water, and the ceilings have several stalactites. The kids look around, amazed. They’re especially amazed by the pedestal in the center of the room. The rush towards it as Lucia slowly follows them.

Octavia: What IS this?...

Jace: No idea, but this is super cool!

The kids move out of the way when they’re confronted by Lucia. She places her paw onto the hand pedestal, and it starts glowing. The entire room starts shaking ferociously. The water covering the floor starts to shake and forms waves. A small circular area surrounding the pedestal, the children, and the tiger starts to shift up. The water in that particular area rushes down from the area and flows into the waves below. The children grab onto Lucia to keep their balance. The circular platform turns into a small pillar, and the pillar extends 20 feet above the ground. Suddenly, stairs form from the pillar that lead back down to the watery floor. The waves stop crashing and begin to calm down. Lucia’s paw is still placed on the pedestal. She roars and her eyes start to glow. Suddenly, a huge hologram appears before them in an instant, making some glitchy noises. It has bad feedback.

Octavia: Is this supposed to happen?...

Jace: I think so?

Lucia growls at them to be silent, and they do so. Suddenly, the hologram becomes clearer, showing icons like “call” or “leave a video message”. The entire GUI has an orange tint and it’s quite lovely. There’s a slightly transparent tiger’s claw watermark that takes up most of the background. There’s one icon that says “view messages” and it catches the interest of Jace. It continues to blink and blink, with the number 1 on the side of it.

Jace: Hm…

Octavia turns to Jace.

Octavia: What is it Jace? Jace: I wonder if the person who owns this room left any messages…!

Octavia: That’d be awesome!

But Octavia turns slightly away and looks a bit distressed.

Octavia: Though, I do have the strange feeling that I shouldn’t be here…

Jace looks at her, trying to reassure her.

Jace: Hey, it’s okay if you don’t wanna be here! We can take you back! I need to show Apatite and the gems this anyway!

Octavia nods and smiles. They hop back onto Lucia’s back and Lucia roars, creating another portal back to the black sands of Greymont. They dash through and the children get off Lucia’s back. Octavia walks home and waves goodbye, Jace doing the same. Lucia growls and Jace hops back onto her back. They both warp to Rise Island and dash towards the warp pad. They hear a warping noise, so the tiger and the child assume that they’ve returned. They make it towards the warp pad and stumble upon the gems conversing. They look a bit prideful.

Apatite: -fought a gorilla to defend it.

Malachite: Wha?

Jace and Lucia make it to the Dawn Dusk Gems to tell them the news.

Jace: Guys! Guys! Looked what me and Lucia found!

The raised their eyebrows and looked at each other, then back at Jace.

Moonstone: Oh, uh, what is it Jace?

Jace: A straaaaaange cave!

Rhodo: A cave? That’s it?

Jace: Not just a cave; a straaaaaange cave!

Malachite: Strange, huh?

Apatite: You don’t think he’s talking about….

Apatite looks a bit shocked.

Apatite: Show us. Now.

Jace looks a bit surprised with the direct command, but he takes the gems to the shore. Larimar fixes her clothes and Apatite brushes dust off of hers. Agate looks at Rhodo and smiles, and Rhodo does the same. Idocrase is getting impatient and Malachite looks excited. They all stare at Lucia and Jace. Suddenly, Lucia roars, creating echo waves that form into a portal. The gems are shocked. They all traverse inside the portal, only to see a flooded cave with a high pillar. Apatite’s pupils shrink, as does everyone else’s.

Apatite: This… This-!

Moon: Good God, this is Tiger’s Eye Communication Hub!

The Dawn Dusk Gems smile.

Rhodo: This place belonged to Tiger’s Eye!

Jace turns to Rhodo, starry eyed.

Jace: R-REALLY?!

Rhodo nods and laughs.

Jace gets super excited and Malachite puts her hands on her hips, looking proud.

Malachite: Haha! I remember when I made this for that big bara!

Agate turns to Malachite.

Agate: … Big bara?

Malachite laughs it off and runs up the staircase, as does Rhodo, Idocrase, and Jace. The others slowly walk up the steps. Lucia places her paw on the pedestal and it lights up. The gems and Jace watch in amazement. The hologram pops up once again and Malachite smiles.

Malachite: I even made the GUI!

Larimar: W-well, I made the watermark for the-

Malachite: Oh, RIGHT! You did! Good job!

Larimar: T-thanks…!

Larimar smiles and Malachite does the same. Apatite turns to the hologram and sees the “view messages”. She spots the notification and is surprised.

Apatite: Lucia, could you navigate to the message box?

Lucia growls and does so. She tilts her head to the left, causing the message box to open. There’s a video message labeled “To the Future of the Dawn Dusk Gems” dated way before the current time period they were living in. Everyone is silent and watches the screen. Lucia growls and the message is played. Suddenly, an image of Tiger’s Eye’s Communication Hub appears and rustling sounds are heard. Out of the left side of the camera, a man appears slowly, then goes away quickly. Then the man slowly walks in front of the camera. He seems to have a blank face and doesn’t really know what he’s doing. He has scars all over him, as well as tattoos. His haircut is a bit messy and he’s shirtless. He’s also extremely muscular and his gem shines through his belly button. The gems are astonished. Larimar covers her mouth in shock and everyone else watches in silence. The man turns to the left of the camera. Suddenly, the man talks with a brash and raspy voice.

???: “Is… Is it rolling?”

Suddenly, a voice with a more serious tone and a slight English accent talks.

???: “Yes, now speak Tiger’s Eye! You’re making this extremely unprofessional!”

Malachite winces at the voice.

Malachite: Yo, that’s Cor-

Apatite: Shh!

Tiger’s Eye laughs a hearty laugh. He scratches the back of his head and smiles with his big smile and shiny sharp teeth.

Tiger: “Haha, well then!”

He coughs.

Tiger: “Hi, I’m Tiger’s Eye!”

Cor: “*whispering* They know that!”

Tiger: “Oh, right!”

Tiger’s Eye laughs again.

Agate raises an eyebrow.

Agate: … Is he okay?

Malachite: I think this was his first and last video message, actually!

Moon: Shh!

Malachite: AGH!

The Dawn Dusk Gems pay attention the the video message again.

Tiger: “Ahem! Anyway! Er, how do I say this… Well, I kinda wanted to make this video message thing because Smoky said it was a good idea! So I got our new tech-chick, Mal, to make me a communication hub!”

Malachite: Malachite. Never Mal…

Tiger: “So here we are! All I wanted to say is that whatever happens in the future or anything like that, that you guys are the awesome-est bunch I’ve ever worked with! No, had fun with! You’re all so cool with your wind powers and your clouds and-”

Unfortunately, the message is interrupted. To their surprise and possible despair was a video call from an unknown source. Everyone’s shocked and silent, until someone decides to say something.

Idocrase: Should… Should we answer it?..

Apatite: That could get us killed!

Malachite: Oh, come on, Apatite! What could POSSIBLY go wrong?

Apatite looks at Moonstone. She shrugs, confused and a bit scared. Lucia answers the call anyway, to Apatite’s dismay. The image popping up is horrid. What appears in front of them is Star Lemon Quartz, but she looks terrible and extremely frightened. She’s tied up with her mouth covered by a cloth and with cuts all throughout her arms, leggings, and face. She looks even more terrified when she realizes that there’s a call going on. Her muffled sounds don’t make words, but only sounds of fear. Suddenly humming can be heard from afar. Everybody is quiet, but Star begins to make muffled sounds. She starts to tear up. Suddenly, a girl with two long wavy pigtails and grey skin appears before them. She’s wearing a black and red dress, and her hand has a blade in it. She looks at the screen and the Dawn Dusk Gems jump. The mysterious girl smirks.

???: So what have we here…

Malachite glares at the girl.

Malachite: You…. You’re Spinel!

Spinel: So I am. What of it..?

Star continues to struggle as the Dawn Dusk Gems watch in horror. Larimar sobs at the sight of someone being tortured so badly.

Larimar: W-why? Why would you e-ever do that to someo-

Spinel: Quiet, you! You’re so annoying with you preserved shy girl personality. I should have broken you when I had the chance.

Spinel glares upon Larimar. Larimar hides behind Apatite, crying.

Apatite: Why did you call us? What was the point?!

Spinel: I’ve heard that you’ve found your friends, and that they’ve been recovered… How pitiful. Your Tiger’s Eye didn’t stand a chance when that woman-

Moon: Stop!

Rhodo: Why did you call us you goddamn psycho?!

Spinel: You all don’t deserve to live. They’re all gonna die Rhodo. I’d be glad for them to take you down with them.

Rhodo steps back.

Spinel: I’m arriving in 31 days. That’s a month to be exact. That’s the day the Dawn Dusk Gems will fall. For good.

Apatite: T-that’s it! I’m ending this call RIGHT NOW OR SO HELP ME I”LL-

Star Lemon Quartz get rid of the cloth covering her mouth. She shouts quickly as Spinel approaches her, angry.

SLQ: She-She’s unstoppable! Immortal! Wh-when I tried defending myself my flail went right thro-

She was stopped by a blade. She bled out a yellow substance and her pupils shrunk. Spinel went up to her sobbing and ruined bloody face.

Spinel: Goodnight.

Star Lemon Quartz reverted back into her gem. Spinel picked it up and crushed it with much force, shocking the Dawn Dusk Gems. She opened her hand and threw the gem shards on the floor.

Moon: Why… Why are you even doing this to us?! What did we EVER do to you?!

Spinel got angry and winced. Suddenly, she barked at them.

Spinel: I WAS A MEMBER OF THE DAWN DUSK GEMS, YOU DAMNED TRAITORS! That Tiger’s Eye kicked me out for reasons you already know! He’s a monster… We’re all monsters...

Moon: W-what?!

The Dawn Dusk Gems all looked around at each other. All of them knew this deep inside, but it was such a repressed memory, yet so vital. It was impossible how they’d be able to forget it.

Apatite: H-how could I forget something so… So big?...!

Spinel: You already know what he can do...

Apatite looks at Spinel.

Apatite: He?

Spinel: Forget it! You’ll all end up like her when the 31 days are up!

She points at the gem shards.

Spinel: And there’s also a gem coming after you. The leading political party of Praelior, lead by Lady Pyrope herse-

The call ends abruptly. Lucia removes her paw away from the pedestal. They all looked at each other in fear and silence. What would become of them?




  • Star Lemon Quartz Gem Shards


  • Rise Island
  • Greymont
  • Tiger's Eye's Communication Hub
  • Praelior (Mentioned)


  • This is the first appearance of Tiger's Eye, the leader of the Dawn Dusk Gems.
  • This is the first time the voice of Corundum is heard in the series.
  • After escaping the crashing gem warship, it is revealed that Star Lemon Quartz was somehow found by Spinel and tortured.
  • This is the first appearance of Spinel.
  • It was revealed that Spinel once part of the Dawn Dusk Gems, but was exiled by Tiger's Eye for an unknown reason.


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