Love Affair
DDG Ep 26 Title Card
Season 2, Episode 6
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Air date June 7th, 2015
Written by Mr. Napcakes
Directed by Mr. Napcakes
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Amorous Amalgam The Fallen
"Love Affair" is the 6th episode of the second season in Dawn Dusk Gems, and the 26th overall episode of the series.


Apatite recalls the moment when Corundum was exiled from the Dawn Dusk Gems.


On a small island in the Pacific, there was an enormous temple with a gigantic statue against the cliff, and it’s nighttime. And in the temple lived several magical beings that called themselves the Dawn Dusk Gems. The temple’s entrance consisted of 9 gems positioned to form an “x”. Suddenly, one of the said gems starting glowing; the dark purple colored gem. The door dissolved in a tiny box-like pattern and the door disappeared. A tall man with long flowing hair and a dark cloak. He looked once or twice around the beach, then ran out of the door. The door closes and he whispers.

Cor: Spinel? Where are you, my love?

Suddenly, a grey hand pops out of a bush nearby. Cor spots the hand signalling him to go towards it. He walks quietly towards it, hiding behind the bush, crouching down to greet his lover.

Cor: Spinel!

Spinel: Corundum!

Cor: Quickly! We should get going to the Moonlight Blueberry Field. Tiger’s Eye is out on a mission, so it’s very unlikely that he’d catch us.

Spinel: Good! Let’s get going!

They both smile and head towards the warp. They both step on it quickly, and they warp away. Suddenly, Malachite steps out of the door, causing it to glow green. She’s wearing a bathrobe and bunny slippers, holding a cup of coffee saying “World’s Best Skrillex”. She inspects the warp pad and anything around it, but nothing catches her eye. She shrugs, sips her coffee, and heads back inside her room as the door shuts.


It’s now morning, and Tiger’s Eye warps back from his mission. He looks at and feels his pectoral muscles, then his ab muscles. He chuckles.

Tiger: Heh, bigger.

He knocks on the door repeatedly.

Tiger: Cor? You there bud?

Corundum opens his door as it dissolves into pixels.

Cor: Yes?

Tiger: Did you happen to… Sneak out last night?

Corundum is shocked by this, but he manages to stay calm.

Cor: Well, not sneak out, but-

Tiger: But what, man?

Cor: I went to the Moonlight Berry Fields to help Rhodo and Malachite with their baking. They were making some pastries called “cupcakes” for the first time.

Tiger: “Cupcakes” huh?

Cor: Yes. Cupcakes.

Tiger: Well, okay then! Do your thing!

Tiger’s Eye grins, showing his somewhat sharp teeth, walking away. But it breaks once Corundum closes the door. He walks around the beach, thinking to himself.

Tiger: Heh, he’s lying. I know he snuck out with that confusing beebab.

He walks up to Lucia, who seems to be resting beside a boulder. She wakes up and walks towards Tiger, who pets her head.

Tiger: Morning, girl.

Tiger’s Eye closes his eyes and hovers his hands over his gem, summoning some raw meat. He places it in front of Lucia.

Tiger: Here’s breakfast.

Lucia begins to gnash on the raw meat. Tiger walks away from Lucia and back to the temple door. He activates the door with his gem, making the gem in the center of the cross glow, opening the door for him like a tiger opening its mouth. He goes inside, and relaxes.


Malachite, Apatite, and Rhodo are in Rhodo’s room at a marble table. They’re discussing the whole situation with Spinel and Corundum. Malachite and Rhodo are laying down and Apatite is slouching a bit. The roaring red waterfalls give the room life and color. The whole room has a calm feeling to it.

Malachite: You guys think Tiger found out about it yet?

Apatite: Found out about what, exactly?

Rhodo: The love affair!

Apatite: Right…

Malachite: Wait, I keep on forgetting… Why does Tiger hate Spinel so much?

Apatite: She’s conflicted. She says she’s a proud member of the Dawn Dusk gems, but she won’t take off her Yellow Diamond necklace. Tiger’s Eye isn’t very accepting with her neutrality.

Malachite: Well, I wouldn’t say it would be neutrality...

Apatite: Fine. How about discombobulation?

Rhodo: Heh, that’s a funny word…

Malachite and Rhodo both giggled as Apatite sighed. Suddenly, a knock on the door is heard and Rhodo activates it. It’s Smoky Quartz. She walks in pacing elegantly as the group watches. Her boots clash against the waterfall platforms. Rhodo and Malachite sit up as Apatite sits up straight.

Division C: Smoky!

Smoky: Morning, you three.

Apatite: Are you in need of our assistance?

Smoky: No, actually… I’ve overheard you talking about a certain someone...

The three Division C members look at each other, then back at Smoky.

Malachite: N-no we weren’t…? Smoky: You’re lying. I can sense it, remember?

Rhodo: Shoot, right…

Apatite: We’re sorry, ma’am… We were just curious as al-

Smoky: Curious or not, I think it’d be best if didn’t speak about the matter at all. Are you all clear?

Everyone is silent for seconds.

Division C: Yes ma’am…

Smoky: Alright. Good day.

Apatite: Good day, Smoky.

Smoky Quartz paces out of the room as the door closes. The members of Division C look at each other nervously, but Apatite’s expression later turns to anger.

Apatite: How did you two forget that Smoky has the ability to sense truth?!

Malachite: She kinda scares me! I can’t think when I’m scared!

Rhodo: Plus, she doesn’t really showcase it, so yeah.

Apatite: Ugh..

Apatite sighs as Rhodo and Malachite continue to banter.


Division B appears to be in Larimar’s room, also talking with one another. The sea is a bit chilly, but that doesn’t bother them. The plantlife and fish make the entire room lively. Idocrase is sitting on a rock while Moonstone sat on the sand bed, watching Larimar paint four men in ties and black suits.

Idocrase: Who are those weirdos?

Moonstone: They go by the name “The Beatles”. They’re a musical group that-

Idocrase: Do they sing about bugs?

Moonstone: N-no…. They don’t…

Larimar: .. T-They did sing about a submarine once, though!

Idocrase: Weirdos.

Larimar: I just t-though it’d be a good idea to, uh, p-paint them… You know, if they ever break up or anything…

Moon: Oh, that sounds unlikely.

Suddenly, a knock on the door is heard. Larimar slowly activates the door with her gem, only to see Spinel. She smiled and bobbed a curtsy to Division B.

Spinel: Good morning

Moon: Oh, hello Spinel.

Idocrase: Ayyyyyy!

Larimar: H-hey…

Spinel: Moon, do you mind if I borrow one of those blue moon orchids that you grew in the garden on top of the cliff?

Moon: Oh, well, sure. May I ask for a reason why you need them?

Spinel: It’s a, well, private matter.

Moonstone glares at Spinel as her teammates watch closely.

Moon: Hm… Okay. Go on your merry way then.

Spinel: Thank you, Moon.

She bobs another curtsy and exits Larimar’s room. Larimar returns to painting as Moon and Idocrase continue to talk in the ocean-like room.

Idocrase: She’s dating Corundum! It’s super obvious!

Moon: I had my suspicions…

Idocrase: I don’t think they’re right for eachother.

Moon: Why is that?

Idocrase: Her dress is ugly! Like, SUUUUPER ugly!

Idocrase laughs as Larimar stops painting.

Larimar: …. I-I made that for her.

Idocrase stops laughing abruptly. He pauses as Moon glares at him.

Idocrase: I mean, um, ugly on HER! It’d look great on anybody else!

Moon: Nice job, you arse.

Idocrase: HEY!


It’s nighttime at Rise Island and everyone seems to be in their rooms; except for Corundum and Spinel. They warp back from their secret night with each other and step off the warp pad, onto the cold sand. The waves make the overall atmosphere pretty romantic.

Cor: Did you enjoy our little picnic on Ellesmere Island?

Spinel: I loved every minute of it, dear.

They smiled at each other, but then they got closer. Corundum closed his eyes and Spinel closed hers. Their gems started to glow and they got closer and closer. They kissed passionately, phasing into each other. But all of a sudden, Tiger’s Eye and Smoky come rushing towards the two as they phase into each other.

Tiger: Smoky, subdue the stranger!

Smoky: On it!

They aren’t aware that the glowing figure was Corundum and Spinel fusing. They split in half, however, when they heard Smoky and Tiger. Corundum fell to the floor and Spinel stood up, scratching her head. All of a sudden, Smoky summons her weapons; greaves. They were like titanium boots that blasted the enemy when they made contact with them. Unfortunately for Spinel, she happened to turn to Smoky right when she made contact with the boots. Smoky’s greaves kicked Spinel’s gem as both Smoky and Spinel’s pupils shrunk. A gunshot was heard. Spinel’s gem blasted into a thousand shining grey shards and flew across the sand. Corundum watched in horror as Smoky rolled across the floor and the gem shards of his lover flew everywhere. Smoky got up slowly as Corundum ran towards her, putting his hands on her shoulder, shaking her, screaming at her, tearing up.


Smoky: I-I’m sorry! I didn’t know it was-

Cor: Do you REALIZE what you’ve DONE to me?! WELL?!

Smoky started to cry as Cor continued to shake her.

Smoky: Cor, I-I’m so, so sor-

Cor: Sorry won’t fix the death of my one true love, you WITCH!

Tiger’s Eye is furious. He runs at Cor and tackles him. Tiger has Cor unable to move, Cor struggling against the sand. Suddenly, Apatite runs out of the temple door, worried.

Apatite: Tiger’s Eye, what’s wrong?!

Cor: Stay OUT OF IT!

Corundum manages to reach out his hand towards Apatite. His hand has a slight black aura. Apatite holds her head in pain, beginning to fall. She shrieks and falls over the beach sand. Tiger’s Eye pins Corundum down completely, holding the arm he used to subdue Apatite.

Tiger: I KNEW you were dating that, that….

Cor: Don’t you DARE, Tiger!

Smoky is stands beside them, not doing anything to help or stop anyone. She continues to sob quietly as she watches in fear.

Tiger: Get OUT OF HERE!

Cor stops struggling.

Cor: W-what?..!

Tiger: You’re BANNED! EXILED! Get off of my island NOW!


Apatite: That’s how it went about, apparently…

Agate: Well… What happened after that?

The campfire kept burning as everyone watched Apatite explain things to Agate. The nighttime waves were calm. The sky was full of stars. The crescent moon was unbelievably luminous.

Apatite: He used his mind-altering abilities to make the rest of the group think that Spinel was just a Homeworld gem. We don’t know why he did it, but that’s not really our biggest concern at the moment.

Rhodo: I kinda miss him.

Moon: We all do.

Malachite: Not so much Spinel, though…

Agate: But how is Spinel still, you know.. Alive? She died in the story you told me.

Apatite looks over to Moonstone nervously.

Moon: Well, er, we don’t exactly know?

Apatite: We’re trying really hard to remember things from the past...

Agate: And what about Tiger’s Eye? Where is he?

Everyone turns to Lucia, who’s resting behind a boulder, once again. Agate raises an eyebrow in confusion. He was about to get on Hell of a story.




  • Moonstone's Blue Moon Orchids
  • Spinel's Gem Shards


  • Rise Island
  • Dawn Dusk Temple (Flashback)
    • Rhodo's Room (Flashback)
    • Larimar's Room (Flashback)
  • Ellesmere Island (Mentioned) (Flashback)


  • It is revealed that Spinel is Corundum's lover.
    • Corundum used his mind-bending abilities to make the group think that Spinel was a Homeworld Gem.
  • Smoky is seen in person for the first time, but in a flashback.
  • It is revealed why Apatite was affected so much more by Corundum's mind altering powers than her other teammates.



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