this is an up comping character in the legend of sapphire series


similar to amethyst, she has light purple skin but has long dark purple hair instead of long light purple hair. she is slightly taller then pearl but still is not as tall as garnet or emerald. she wears armor similar to those of a spartan soldier in a dark purple coloration. she also wears a helmet similar to those of a Spartans in the same color of the armor but with a light purple plume at the top. the helmet also has a small hole at the top that allows her to have her gem out to summon her weapon.

casual: when she isn't battling she wears blue jeans and a purple sleeve-less shirt with a lightning bolt on the front. she also wears sandals as well similar to those that were worn by the Greeks.


lepidolite is very kind to others but can sometimes be cold and relentless to her foes. but when it comes to being around others she is quite shy but can also over talk when around others she is friends with. she is extremely knowledgeable and constantly tries to learn more about the world and all of its wonders. in battle lepidolite is shown to be extremely courageous not even fearing death no mater what the odds are.


  • can summon creatures based on myth to back her up in battle
  • super strength
  • extreme agility
  • can turn invisible in battle
  • summon clones to help in battle
  • can fire lightning bolts at enemies
  • control water
  • summon gem based spirits


like any warrior in mythology she has a sword but unlike their swords her blade of the sword is covered in purple fire allowing even more damage to be given in battle. the sword could also fire lightning from it in battle if needed in emergency situations. the weapon is said to be so powerful that even onyx feared this weapon.


  • lepidolite is based on demi-gods from mythology like Perseus, and Hercules
  • the lightning she can summon is a reference to the god Zeus from Greek mythology
  • her water controlling ability is a reference to the god of the sea Poseidon
  • her ability to summon gem based spirits is a reference to the god of the underworld Hades
  • this character was made to honor a friend of the writer of the fanon named liduders
  • the character is based on Greek mythology
  • her gem is located on her head symbolizing the imagination of mythology
  • most of her major appearances will involve a Greek myth in the story line

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