Lazulite is a fictional character who does not appear in the show.


When he joined to the Crystal Gems' group, Lazulite has started off bad, because he wasn't understanding how is to be a Crystal Gem that needs to protect the earth and it's people. But after that, he calmed himself and turned into a official Crystal Gem.

Personality and Appearance


Lazulite is very calm and proud of himself. He likes to eat chocolate and vanilla donuts from The Big Donut. His weapon is a turquoise and blue morning star and his monster gem's weapon turns into a frisbee with spikes. His gem theme is Lazulite, blue gems and minerals. All the image copyrights goes to his real owner.

Monster Gem

When Lazulite was just a child, he got cursed by an evil gem called Tourmaline. She shot black Tourmalines in his gem. As a result, every time he gets upset or too much nervous, he turns into his monster form. His monster form looks like a huge, ripped and strong beast. All his clothes got rip out and his skin changes into turquoise blue color with dark-blue blots all over his body. Even in this form, he can fuse, summon his weapon and change parts of his body.


Foreign Names

Language Name Meaning
Catalan Latzulita Lazulite
German Lazulith Lazulite

لازولیت La-zoo-leet




Strong blue diamond
Finnish Latsuliitti Lazulite
Russian Лазулит Lazulite




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