Season 1, Episode 7
Written by: Dove's Song
Storyboarded by: Dove's Song
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Fusion Horror
"Larsadie" is the 7th episode of Dove Fandom.


We spend a day with the married couple.



Steven: Thanks guys, see ya later!

(Steven takes his doughnut and walks with Connie to her house)

Sadie: Bye Steven, Connie.

Lars: When did he get a girlfriend?

Sadie: Lars! They're just friends.

Lars: Sure (!), anyways they're this party downtown wanna go with me.

Sadie: Uh, OK.

Sadie: Is this the place?

Lars: It sure is, it's where the Cool Kids go.

Sadie: Why are you so obsessed with them?

Lars: No reason.

Sadie: Are you sure?

Lars: I'm sure!


Lars: C'mon Sadie let's leave this party stinks.

Sadie: You're the one who brought us here! C'mon let's dance.

(They dance then they leave)

Sadie: It wasn't that bad!

Lars: No! It was!

Sadie: No! It wasn't!

(Lars walks Sadie to her house)

Sadie: Anyways, thanks for the great night!

(She kisses Lars)

Lars: Y-Yeah. Heh, heh.

(Lars blushes very deeply)





  • The Big Donut
  • The Warehouse (seen in Alone Together)


  • This is a short episode
  • This is the second DF episode not to include the Crystal Gems.
  • This could be counted as a filler episode
  • It was made because the creator wanted more fluff in the series and because she's shipping trash
  • Because it included two ships (hinted Stonnie and Confirmed Larsadie)

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