Larimar is a gem from Homeworld and is a member of the gem council.


Larimar is slightly taller than Garnet, Larimar is a light blue gem and has dark turquoise hair, a turquoise scarf a dark turquoise suit with lighter blue diamonds on the sleeves, turquoise pants, dark turquoise shoes and white gloves. His gem is on his chest.


He is very cold and has no remorse for killing other gems. He is very obedient as he was sent to kill and bubble rebellious gems including the crystal gems. He is somewhat merciful because he decided not to kill of the crystal gems. And he likes to remain mysterious because he believes too much information can be used against him.


He can summon his battle axe and is pretty skilled with a sword as well. He can adapt to any weapon and his surroundings in a short amount of time.He can also transform into other things like other gems.

Imageedit 6 4182040248

Larimar's Gem

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