Larimar (Post)



Bow and Arrows



Gender Pronoun


Professional Status

Dawn Dusk Gem


Dawn Dusk Gems

Personal Status



Rise Island

First Appearance

The Road Not Taken

Music Theme "Naminé's Theme" from Kingdom Hearts
Voice Actor

Arryn Zech

Larimar is a major character in Dawn Dusk Gems.


Larimar's gem is located on her chest, like Amethyst and Rhodo. Her hair is quite long, fading from viridian to brown. She has pale blue skin. Her top is a sleeveless shirt with crossing straps. There is a brown cross on the right side. Her stomach is exposed, but a brown cross is seen again. There are royal blue bandages that go around both of her arms. She has royal blue leggings and fur that marks as a border between her stomach and the pants. There's a strange insignia hanging from the fur, with a blue diamond in the center with other diamonds branching out. She wears no shoes.


Larimar is a shy and neurotic character. She has a nervous disposition, which can sometimes bring the team down, but the members of Division B and C don't care about that and try to comfort her at times of need. She has a hard time saying what she wants to say, due to her anxiety. She's almost constantly paranoid about the dangers around her. In battle, she tries her best not to get damaged, but she still maintains her nervous state. Though, when she's calm, she likes to observe picturesque sceneries, as mentioned in Green Gem when Apatite went for a swim. Her love for the arts really takes her mind off the dangers of the world. She loves all of her friends dearly and is quite sentimental.


As of now, none of her abilities have been seen yet.



Moonstone and Larimar are good friends, which explains why they're on the same division.


Idocrase and Larimar are good friends, which explains why they're on the same division.

The Dawn Dusk Gems

All the Dawn Dusk Gems comfort her and try to calm her down when she's feeling uncomfortable. They're very kind to her and she thinks good of them.


She fears her dearly, knowing that she murdered her friends. Spinel didn't kill her at Rose's Temple because "she was not worth killing", but Larimar sees her from time to time, preventing her to escape because she was so afraid to get hunted down.


  • It is revealed by Moonstone in Snowfall that she could possibly be at Rose's Temple.


Image Description
Larimar Gem (DDG)
Larimar's gemstone is located in the middle of her chest. It's shaped like an oval and appears to be smooth with no facets.


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