Lapidot is the second episode in the fanon series, Chocolate Thunda


In an alternate universe, Lapis tries to teach Peridot how to have fun.

Extended Plot

[Set - Unknown House]

(Lapis is sitting on a couch, playing with a water bottle on the table)

Lapis: (Sighs) Where is she?

(Bright light shines as Peridot warps back in)

Peridot: I got back as soon as possible! What's the problem?

Lapis: (Jumps off the couch) There is a problem!

Peridot: What is it?

Lapis: (Smiles) I wasn't having fun...

Peridot: Lapis! My job is extremely important, I don't have time for jokes (Sighs) Log date: 210. This is Peridot, reporting on Lapis Lazuli trouble, false alarm.

Lapis: Oh come on! It is a problem... can't you just take the day off?

Peridot: Lapis Lazuli, ever since I was informed I have to take care of you I knew that there would be no time for these silly games.

Lapis: Just call me Lapis and you don't have to take care of me, they are forcing you to watch over me since the whole Earth incident... we might as well have fun, right?

Peridot: Lapis Lazu- Lapis, I am sorry but I can not help cure your boredom, not I must return to my duty of repairing and testing all warp pads.

Lapis: (Sighs, lifts water out of the bottle and splashes it at Peridot) Haha, you can't leave if you're wet!

Peridot: Agh! Lapis! This is not a joke, water is dangerous to a being like myself, now please allow me to leave.

Lapis: Fine... (Makes water float off of Peridot) But, how about this...



  • Lapis
  • Peridot


  • Lapidot is the "ship" name of Lapis and Peridot.

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