She is an upcoming character in the Legend of Sapphire series.


She is as tall as Garnet but still shorter then Jasper. Her skin is dark pink with long pink hair tied in a fish tailed braid. Her eyes are light pink when she is calm but they can turn into a dark pink when ever agitated or angry. She wears a black long sleeve shirt and black pants along with gray bulky armor similar to a knights on her with slopping shoulder guards that look similar to a pair of wings. She wears black boots as well that are good for moving through rough terrain. When not in battle, she dons a candy floss pink sweater with white pants that fade to hot pink and wears laced brown hiking boots. She is also shown to have a pair of glasses with a white faded color when not in battle. Her gem is in the shape of a bird that is located on the right side of her chest under all of her armor.


Like the brothers, she is pretty serious about what she does and seems at times pretty cold to others. But she is secretly extremely caring for others and is willing to stand tall against any enemy she will face in battle no matter how dangerous they are. She is also shown to be extremely resourceful crafting things that she could use in battle from weapons to traps and can even create things to help survive out in the wild. But she is also very shy around people she isn't comfortable with and often tried to keep to herself. She also seems to love birds and can actually communicate with them which can also be used in battle if needed.


  • Extreme precision
  • Excellent marksmanship
  • Survival skills
  • Resourcefulness
  • Extreme agility


Kunzite is equipped with two ranged weapons which includes a long bow and a crossbow. Her long bow can fire the furthest of the two and this is her best weapon for long-ranged shots. Her bow is black with pink detail to it and also has a holster for her arrows on her back. Her second weapon, the crossbow is her personal favorite which does not go as far but does more damage on close range targets. Like the bow, it is black with pink detail and can use her arrows for the crossbow. But what makes her so powerful is the types of arrows she can use, she is capable or using traditional arrows but also can use poison arrows, smoke bomb arrows, fire arrows, explosive arrows, and even electrical arrows which makes her a powerful and strategic fighter.


  • Rhodonite: She and Rhodonite get along really well since they have known each other for a while and just like Rhodonite, they both don't like males.
  • Onyx: At first, they didn't get along at all and Kunzite was often to question Onyx and his leadership. But eventually they grew to care for each other like a brother and sister and often would train together to improve their combat skill.


  • She is a reference to Katniss from the Hunger Games trilogy.
  • Like Rhodonite, she doesn't like male gems.
  • She is an expert marksman.
  • Her favorite bird is the hummingbird.
    • Which looks similar to the Mockingjay in the Hunger Games.

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