Season 1A, Episode 5
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Air date 6/26/15
Written by jordancon2000
Directed by jordancon2000
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Steven: It's so weird today.

Spike: Why's that?

Steven: Everyone in Beachcity has bad luck.

Spike: (looks at Crystal) Do you think it could be...

Crystal: No, it can't be...she promised to leave us alone.

Steven: Who?

Spike: Jinx, She was a crystal gem, with strong powers...

Crystal: Stronger than any gem in the world.

Steven: What happened to her?

Spike: Everyday as her powers got stronger, she became weaker.

Steven: What do you mean?

Crystal: While her powers got stronger, it changed her personality.

Spike: No one knew this could happen to gems, so when your mom created us...

Crystal: She made sure that we would stop her.

Spike: We were the only ones who could.

Steven: My mom created you?

Crystal: Your mom was Rose?

Steven: Yeah.

Spike: So this is the son we were suppose to take care of.

Crystal: But we couldn't.

Steven: Why?

Spike: Once your mom gave up her physical form, our gems deactivated.

Crystal: That was because when her gem is active, then we're active.

Steven: So that's why you guys were in your gems so long.

Spike: Yeah.

Steven: Well, what about Jinx? Is she causing all of this.

Crystal: She couldn't be, she promised she would leave earth alone.

Spike: And we never saw her again.

Steven: So, is she a threat?

Crystal: Not now.

Spike: Yeah.

Steven: Why?

Crystal: The last time we fought...

Spike: Something happened causing all gems to be weakened.

Crystal: And with Jinx...

Spike: It made her supper weak...

Crystal: Causing almost all of her to be destroyed.

Spike: We tried to help, but she didn't want any.

Steven: Then what?

Crystal: Then she went into her gem and regenerated.

Spike: Which wasn't a good idea.

Steven: Why?

Crystal: It caused her to change evil.

Spike: Destroyed her gem in sight.

Crystal: And then one day, she discovered her bad luck.

Spike: That's how she got the nickname Jinx.

Crystal: It use to be Genevieve.

Steven: Oh my gosh, that story was amazing.

Spike: Yeah, but don't worry, you don't have to think it's Jinx anymore.

Crystal: Yeah, she's long gone.

Jinx: (spying through the window) That's what you think, Crystal Nerds.

The End



  • Steven Universe
  • Spike Jefferson
  • Crystal Jefferson
  • Lapis Lazuli


  • Jinx(Debut;cameo)

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