Jade is a character in the Legend of Onyx series.


Jade is equal to the height of Sapphire with light green skin with dark green eyes. Her hair is green color with light green highlights. When not in battle, she wears a light green dress with long sleeves with a form of vest on top in a dark green color. She also wears a light green sash around her waist. When in battle, she uses her magic to change outfits. In battle, she wears a jade form of armor and carries a scabbard with a Chinese sword in it as her secondary weapon. Her gem is in the shape of a dragon's head which is located at her chest.


When in battle, Jade is courageous and honorable. She is shown to be extremely intelligent when fighting others making them use their own power against them. She is shown to have discipline that is equal to Onyx in battle and never loses focus in battle. However her personality is different when she isn't fighting. She is still extremely intelligent but she is also quite worried what people think of him. She is also known to have a good sense of humor and is willing to pull a witty remark when the time comes. Jade also is shown to love nature and is fascinated with the Earth and all of its wonders of nature. Jade is also known to talk very flirty to others he is close friends with (mainly Sapphire).


  • Green fire orbs of energy
  • Can transform into a Chinese dragon
  • Can breath fire in her gem form
  • Can summon dragon wings
  • Creates waves of energy around her attacking enemies
  • Can let out a dragon roar
  • Creates green fireballs in her gem form
  • Can create a smoke screen with her mouth
  • Has superior speed and agility
  • Lightning fast reflexes
  • Can summon her weapon at any time
  • Uses magic to switch outfits


When in battle, she has a choice. Most of the time, she would rather draw her sword for battle for its quick and agile strikes. The sword is a light green with a very sharp blade and has a dragon's head holding the blade at the handle in a dark green color. But if she need to really bring the hurt, she can summon a mace for battle. It is extremely heavy but she makes it seem like its lighter than air when in battle. The mace has a light green handle with the spike ball of the mace in a dark green coloration.


  • Sapphire: Both Sapphire and Jade have a very close relationship as best friends they spend a lot of time together and often speak in a flirty tone when talking to each other. Although it sounds like they flirt with each other they know they are just friends.
  • Pearl: At first, Pearl was a bit jealous that Jade was spending so much time with Sapphire but when she realizes they are just friends she begins to loosen up with Jade.


  • Jade is shown to be able to transform into a dragon if needed.
  • Jade is shown to have a crush on Sapphire unaware that he is engaged.
  • Her dress is a referance to Mulan's dress from Disney's Mulan.

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