Jade's gem is located on her right cheek.

She has bright green hair, pale green skin, and dark green eyes.

Her outfit consists of a black crop top, a white ruffle skirt, dark green leggings, black boots and black earrings.

She has a thin, hourglass body type.


Jade is known to be very shy at first, but once she befriends someone she's very fun to be around and friendly.

Although she may seem shy, she can be very flirty when she is around guys, and usually ends up in bed with them.

She tends to be a little bipolar. One minute she's laughing, the next she's crying in the corner.


  • She was created in Kindergarten
  • She is voiced by Sheena Easton, who voiced Sasha in All dogs go to heaven 2
  • Speaking of Sasha, she sounds just like her
  • She is a member of the Crystal Gems
  • Jade has had multiple boyfriends at a time
  • During her time in Kindergarten, she escaped thanks to the help of Robonoid #63, who is now her pet

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