Jade is a Homeworld Gem and was an antagonist for a few episodes before reforming and joining Lapis' side. She was an assassin at Homeworld and was ordered to get intel from the Crystal Gems.


Jade has a light green skin color with a visible scar across her left eye. She is a rather tall gem, being about as tall as Garnet and yet is easily able to hide her presence. Her eyes are more closed than other characters, making her look more Asian-like. She has a long turquoise braid hanging out of her hoodie and some few plucks of her coming from underneath her hoodie. She wears a cape with a hoodie which is black of color and a green scarf covering her mouth. Her right shoulder is exposed revealing her jade gem on the side of the shoulder. On both arms she has white bandages and black fingerless gloves. She also wears very high black boots.


Similar to how Garnet acts towards outsiders, Jade is a very quiet person who is always straight to the point. She show no emotion in her speech and only seems to be focused at her current goal at hand. She has a mind of her own and doesn't like listening to others. She says she has no problem with killing other being and wouldn't hestitate a second to finish someone off, displaying her cold appearance again. She is very skeptical towards other people's ideas and only seems to accept feedback from Lapis, who she considers her only friend.


Jade possesses standard Gem abilities, including weapon-summoning, shape-shifting, bubbling, regeneration, fusion, agelessness, and superhuman strength/durability.

Jade is one of the fastest Gems on the show. She can move at a very high speeds, maybe even surpassing the sound. She is very stealthy and can get past anyone unseen, evident when she was spying on the Crystal Gems for a few weeks before Garnet could notice it.


    • Big Shuriken
    • Small Shuriken
    Shuriken Proficiency
    : upon summoning her weapon Jade wields a large-sized shuriken which she uses to throw at opponents and slash with from up close. She can alter the shuriken's size to a very big one, which she usually has to a very little one. When it is little she can compensate that by having multiple shurikens to throw. The large version of the shuriken also acts as a boomerang and returns after being thrown, only at Jade's will of course.
  • Enhanced Speed: Jade is considered the fastest Gem know at the moment. She can surpass the speed of sound and run that fast that is seems like there are multiple versions of her. She often uses her speed to get out of tricky situations or for quick attacking.
  • Stealth: Jade can sneak pass many obstacles, including Garnet with her future vision who wasn't able to detect her only after a few weeks of her spying on them. Her stealth is very useful in sneak attacks as displayed when she easily got Steven in a dreadful situation.

Unique Abilities

  • Vanishing: like any assassin or ninja Jade can vanish into a cloud of smoke to escape away from her current location. It almost acts like teleporting but it simply is her creating a cloud of smoke from nothing and using her fast speed to get away.




Lapis Lazuli





Image Description
Jade's gemstone is located on the side of her shoulder. It is a thin and long gem with edges on both sides.

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