Is This My Home?
DDG Ep 33 Title Card
Season 2, Episode 13
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Air date August 14th, 2015
Written by Mr. Napcakes
Directed by Mr. Napcakes
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The Leaf Village Time's Up
"Is This My Home?" is the 13th episode of the second season in Dawn Dusk Gems, and the 33rd overall episode of the series.


Olive has second thoughts on joining the Dawn Dusk Gems, so the gems come up with an idea to cheer her up.


Moon: Have you finished the book?

Olive: Yeah…

It’s a cloudy day on Rise Island. Olivine and Moonstone are sitting on the small ceramic steps of the temple door. Rhodo and Malachite were playing volleyball, once again, but with Idocrase swimming in the ocean water. Lucia is laying down next to Rhodo. Apatite and Lari are talking near the mossy boulders, a bit further away from the group. Olivine looks rather down, and Moon is questioning that.

Moon: Olive, is there something wrong?

Olive: Mhm...

She hands Moon the book back. It’s titled “The Dawn Dusk Gems: A Brief History”.

Olive: All of the stuff that’s happening, like Spinel trying to get you guys REALLY soon, and I’m also a liiiiittle worried about the Leaf Village!

Moon: Oh, I’m sure Cassius can handle running Togoda just fine. Then again, he’s a fox..

Olive: Well what I’m SUPER worried about is Spinel.

Moon: We can take her. She’s not too powerful, and she’s outnumbered.

Olive: Okay…

Olive still looks a bit down. Moon is concerned. Her facial expression shows her slight confusion and worry. She sweats a bit.

Moon: You want to talk a bit more?

Olive: No, it’s okay…

Moon: It doesn’t seem okay to me…

Olive: Eh, just ignore me… I’m just a little stressed.

Moon: … If you say so..

Moon slowly stands up, still watching Olive looking down at the sand. Moon is concerned. She slowly walks off and goes to Apatite and Larimar. Her sand-trail is faint. The sounds of the ocean and the seagulls makes the atmosphere oddly depressing with the cloudy skies. Apatite and Larimar turn to Moon.

Apatite: Oh, hey Moon.

Larimar: Hi!

Moon: Hey, so Olive’s not feeling so well for some odd reason…

Apatite and Larimar frown.

Larimar: W-what do you mean?

Moon: Apparently, she’s worried about Togoda…. And Spinel’s upcoming visit.

Apatite: Good lord, isn’t she visiting tomorrow?!

Lari: Oh no…!

Lari looks weaker and Apatite looks a bit distressed.

Moon: How are we supposed to cheer her up? We can’t have her fighting like this.

Apatite pats Lari’s back, a mouths It’ll all be fine to her. Lari smiles and stands up straight, looking a bit more confident. Apatite looks down at the sand, thinking, hand tapping her chin and the other arm supporting it. Moon still looks distressed. Suddenly, Apatite turns to Rhodo, who's still playing volleyball with Malachite. Rhodo accidentally hits the ball horizontally, hitting Malachite in the head, making her fall over. Her arms flail. She falls on the sand and they both laugh in a surprisingly unattractive way. Apatite looks a bit weirded out, but then she smiles and turns back to Moon, who raises an eyebrow.

Moon: Uh…. Apatite? Are you implying what I think you’re implying?

Apatite nods, still grinning. Larimar is interested. Moon is surprised.

Moon: You.. You want me to form Morganite?!

Apatite: Yes!

Moon: But.. Why?!

Apatite: It’s an excellent idea! Olivine’s a child and children love dessert!

Moon: … Go on?

Apatite: With the use of Morganite’s Ice Turbine, it’s possibly to make ice cream by mixing and freezing the ingredients at once.

Lari: I’ve tasted her ice cream before… It’s-It’s pretty, uh, good!

Moon turns to Rhodo’s direction. He and Lucia chasing Idocrase with a volley ball while Malachite is laughing, still on the sandy floor, calm waves crashing against her skin. Moon makes this are you serious? face, then turns back to Apatite, unsure.

Moon: Uh… Are you sure?

Apatite: Yes, I’m sure. Just look at poor Olivine!

Moon turns to Olivine, who’s still on the steps of the temple, looking down at the sand, depressed. Moonstone looks at Apatite and sighs.

Moon: Oh, alright. I’ll do it.

Apatite: Good. Me and Lari will just… Take Olive inside, so she doesn’t see you fuse.

Lari: Mhm!

Apatite smiles and Moon has a bit of a grumpy face. Lari has a blank face. Moon nods and walks over to Rhodo, still chasing Idocrase with a volleyball near the ocean, while Apatite and Larimar bring Olive into the temple. Idocrase is screaming bloody murder as Malachite continues to laugh on the floor. When Moon walks over to them, Rhodo drops the ball and Idocrase trips on a rock, falling into the water. Malachite bursts out laughing in an unattractive way. Rhodo snickers a bit as well. Moon smiles. Lucia is not impressed and sits down, growling quietly.

Moon: Guys, Olive isn’t feeling very good about leaving Togoda and Spinel’s upcoming visit. I wish to cheer her up.

Idocrase: How do we do that?

Malachite: Why are you smiling?...

Moon: Rhodo…

Moon places her hand in front of Rhodo. Rhodo is surprised. He looks at her hand, then back at her.

Moon: Let’s fuse.

Rhodo’s surprising expression turns to a very big grin, as well as Malachite and Idocrase who fangirl behind them. They all squeal and Moon just stands there, poker faced. Rhodo takes her hand and shakes it.

Rhodo: Of course!

Malachite: FUUUUSION!

Idocrase: HAHA!

Rhodo and Moon stand a distance away from each other. Lucia is sitting on the sand, watching them. Idocrase is laying on her fur and Malachite is standing up, arms crossed, smiling. Rhodo’s gem starts to glow and so does Moon’s.

Moon: Synchronize…

Moon tilted over quickly with her arms over her head like a ballerina. She twirls around and tilts the other way, then does a pirouette and stops on an elegant pose, swaying her arm slowly upwards. Rhodo puts his arm out and slides in, hovering his right arm over his left in front of him. He then forces his left hand down and his right hand slightly up. He twirls around and jumps closer to Moon. They both walk closer to each other, then meet back to back. Moon shakes to the left, then Rhodo shakes to the right. They do the opposite. They both raise their right hand up and left hand down. Then, they proceed to go in a pose with their left arm hovering over the other. They sway their arms up and face to the right. Rhodo finally swings his leg and kicks Moon, whose guiding his leg downwards with her hands, and they phase into each other. The figure gets bigger and bigger, and Malachite and Idocrase watch in awe. Lucia still looks unimpressed and tired. The glowing figure gets surrounded by a light-pink bubble and start to float. A humanoid figure takes form, still glowing, in a ball form, hugging their knees with four arms. Then, the figure sprouts out hair, and the bubble gets bigger.and bigger as the glowing figure gets out of its ball position and stands up. Suddenly, the bubble bursts, and the figure isn’t glowing anymore. The figure has a messy short and wavy hairstyle with rainbow strands, a small one-strapped dress, dark leggings, and boots. They have multiple bracelets and two metal ones. One eye is dark, one eye is a dull grey. Moonstone and Rhodochrosite have formed Morganite, and everyone, including Lucia, is impressed. Morganite twirls around with a big grin on her face and strikes a pose, hands on hips and the other pair in the air.



Morganite walks closer to Malachite, Idocrase, and Lucia, who are still excited.

Morganite: Did ya miss me?!

Morganite snickers and Idocrase is starry eyed. Both Malachite and Idocrase nod their heads with no words.

Morganite: Well, I heard that a, how do you say, little friend is feeling a bit down!

Malachite: Yeah, Olivine!

Morganite has a big grin on their face. They’re as excited as Malachite and Idocrase.

Morganite: How about we throw her an ICE CREAM PARTY?!?!?!

Malachite squeals in happiness and Idocrase cheers, jumping up and down. Lucia looks at them like they’re weirdos. Morganite squeals as well.

Morganite: Oh, I’m so glad you guys are happy with it!

Morganite laughs in an unrealistic way, but that’s strangely their normal laugh. Malachite and Idocrase look at each other in excitement. Any time with Morganite was going to be one Hell of a time.


Olive: What did you want to show me?

Apatite: Hush now, we’re almost there.

Christa: Apatite… Did you really have to put a blindfold on her?

Agate: Shhh, Christa! It’s a surprise!

Olive is lead outside of the temple and onto the sand by Apatite. They all walk over two long white foldable tables, each containing five bowls on top of them. In those bowls contained ingredients to make ice cream, unmixed. Colorful balloons are also tied down on the tables. Apatite unties Olive’s blindfold and lets her witness the surprise. She’s shocked. A big smile appears on her face. Everyone shouts surprise! and Olive squeals in happiness. But something in particular catches Olive’s eye; Morganite. Olive is starry eyed seeing the giant figure standing before her. Morganite bends down and introduces themself.

Morganite: Well GOOD AFTERNOON! You must be OLIVE!

Morganite has a big grin on her face. Olive gets all jumpy.

Olive: Y-YES! I’M OLIVE!


Olive: UHUH!

Morganite stands up straight as everyone watches them in amazement. First, they summon out a pair of hand-claws, which belong to Rhodo. Morganite has a confused look on her face, but then her expression changes to an Aha! kind of look. They rips the claws from their grips and throws them into the air. Then, they summon Moon’s fan and twirl it around as a giant pole of wind forms under it, turning into a solid, black handle. The wind carries the falling claws and merges it with the pole. The weapon glows to form a giant turbine on a pole. Morganite twirls it around and pounds the end of the pole onto the floor. Still smiling, they walk over to one of the bowls and raises their hammer. Olive and Idocrase are excited to see what Morganite does next. Suddenly, Morganite pounds their ice turbine into the bowl of ingredients and mixes them together quickly, then freezing it. A puff of white smoke surrounds her and the children cough a bit. Once the puff of smoke goes away, the children run up to the table and are amazed by the outcome. Morganite made ice cream!

Olive: You made.. ICE CREAM?!

Olive was in shock. Idocrase was amazed. Morganite was jolly.

Morganite: UHUH! Want some too, Idocrase?!

Idocrase screams to the top of his lungs.

Idocrase: YEAAAAH!

Morganite proceeds to do the same thing she did with Olive’s bowl. Meanwhile, Olive tastes the vanilla ice cream. Her eyes sparkle.

Olive: This…

Morganite: Yeeeees?

Olive: This is the BEST ICE CREAM I’VE EVER HAD!

Morganite squeals from excitement and jumps up and down. They accidentally raise their ice turbine with them and flings Idocrase’s bowl of ingredients into the sea. Idocrase makes a pouty face. Malachite laughs and falls down onto the sand, unable to get up because of her enjoyment. Apatite snickers a bit. Agate is shocked and Christa smiles.

Christa: I… Kinda want some ice cream now, surprisingly.

Agate: I hope she can make sea salt flavored ice cream! That’s my favorite.

Christa: Mine’s vanilla orange, I guess.

Agate: Wow, nice!

Agate jollily walks over to the bowl and so does Christa. Morganite nods and mixes/freezes their bowls of ingredients. Agate and Christa are both pretty amazed.

Christa: … Woah.

Agate dives in. He moans in delight.

Agate: Ohmygod, this is SO GOOOOOOD!

Christa turns to him and raises an eyebrow.

Christa: R-really?..!

Christa turns to her bowl of ice cream and slowly scoops a bit of it. She puts the spoon in her mouth and is impressed.

Christa: … Yeah! This… This is actually pretty great!

Larimar giggles and walks over to the bowls as well. Apatite does the same, but is stopped by Malachite, who has finally recovered from her fall. She puts her hand on Apatite’s left shoulder.

Malachite: I’m, uh.. Gonna go to my room and get a camera or whatever.

She sounds a bit suspicious. Apatite is oblivious.

Apatite: Oh, that sounds great!

Malachite smiles and runs up the steps of the temple. She opens the door to her room and runs inside. The door shuts. She snickers.

Malachite: Wow, she’s really gullible.

She turns back to the door and takes a deep breath, then exhales.

Malachite: Blue Burning Room.


Larimar: I-I like the mint flavored ice cream the most, Morga-Morganite!

Morganite laughs.

Morganite: Oh, why thank you Lari-

They’re interrupted by a sudden scream in the temple. Everyone quickly turns to the direction of the temple door. They’re confused. Lucia, whose sitting besides Larimar, quickly stands up and growls at the door.

Christa: Was… Was that Malachite?

Lucia suddenly dashes to the door. Apatite does the same, running as quickly as she can to the temple door. Everyone’s now worried and in shock.

Apatite: Agate, come with me!




  • Morganite's Ice Turbine
  • Moon's Elixir (Mentioned)


  • Rise Island
    • Dawn Dusk Temple
      • Malachite's Room
      • Blue Burning Room (Mentioned)
  • Togoda (Mentioned)


  • This is the first appearance of Morganite, a fusion between Rhodochrosite and Moonstone.
    • This is also the first time a member of Division C fuses with a Division B member in the series.
  • A book was made containing the history of the Dawn Dusk Gems.
    • Reason being: Mr. Napcakes was too lazy to explain every new member of the Dawn Dusk Gems about their past through character dialogue.
    • Assume Christa read the book too. Agate was told this info in person.


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