This is the seventeenth episode of my series, The Rebellion, and the fifth episode of season 2

Season 2, Episode 5
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Air date Unknown
Written by User:LapisL6
Directed by User:LapisL6
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The Plan 2: War Captured


The Diamonds and their army arrive.


[Episode enters with Turquoise pacing, paranoid.

Turquoise: We can't beat them, we're too weak.

Steven: We can do it!

Topaz: Yeah, Morganite, Hematite, and Peridot'll be be easy!

Jade: Well Jasper and the Diamonds will probably protect the weaker ones.

Ortho: Lets just beat up those little-

[Suddenly, a green ship slowly lands on the beach, kicking up a storm.]

Turquoise: We're dead....

[The door of the ship enters and the Diamonds, Peridot, Jasper, Lapis, Hematite, Morganite, and a big, muscled teal Gem. He had a green cape with a blue diamond on it and his Gem was under his right elbow.]

Jade: Azurite...

[Turquoise, Topaz, and Steven go out onto the beach and face their opponents.]

Yellow Diamond: This is it? 4 Gems and a "Steven"! Hand over the prisoner, or we'll make you!

Ortho: NEVER!

Yellow Diamond: Have it your way, Azurite, you can handle this. [The Diamonds head back into the ship and watch through the windshield.]

Azurite: I expected more from this planet. You beat us twice and both times ended up weak. How pathetic. Well, orders are orders. [His Gem started to glow and energy flowed from his Gem into his hand, where a blue green spiked gauntlet was summoned.]

[Turquoise summons a group of light clones, but Azurite smashes right through them.]

Turquoise: Uh oh.

[Azurite charges at Turquoise, but Turquoise thrusts his sword outward, impaling Azurite.]

Blue Diamond: [Gasps]

[Turquoise picks up Azurite's teal pentagonal faceted Gem.]

Yellow Diamond: Gems, get them!

[Lapis summons a hand of water from the ocean, but instead grabs the Diamonds ship and shakes it violently.]

Lapis: I'm sick of following orders!

White Diamond: Hematite, Morganite, get them! [Morganite and Hematite charge Steven and Topaz, but are easily defeated.]

Yellow Diamond: Jasper, Peridot, we're counting on you!


[Jaspef charges at Ortho and headbutts him with his helmet and grabs him by the hand.]

Jasper: I got the prisoner, now wheres my paych-

[Jade whipped Jasper until he poofed.]

Lapis: Get out of here! I can't hold this thing much longer!

Yellow Diamond: I don't think so!

[Suddenly, the ship shot out a green laser, hitting Lapis's hand and making it drop it and then narrowly missing the Gems.]

Turquoise: Nice aim, banana man!

Yellow Diamond: Thanks for the compliment!

[The ship shot out another beam, obliterating the Gems into their Gems, and ending the episode.]

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