Season 1, Episode 5
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Air date Unknown
Written by Sticks the Badger
Directed by Sticks the Badger
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"Fragmented" "The Temple"

Interstellar is the 5th episode of Season 1 in The Last Of Us, and the 5th episode overall.


Mage urges Ivory and Jet to fuse.


[Open Ext. Beach]

(Ivory and Jet play checkers on the beach. Mage, sitting on a life guard chair, pelts them with water balloons if they lose. Ivory concentrates on her next move.)

Ivory: (takes one of Jet's pieces) Ha! Take that!

Jet: Wow, Ivory. I'm impressed. (gets pelted by a water balloon)

Mage: Now it's your move, Jet.

Jet: Are the water balloons really necessary?

Mage: Yeah, this way the moves really matter.

Jet: But it's checkers! Every single move matters.

Ivory: (twirling hair) Sounds like somebody's being a sore loser.

Jet: (holding anger) I'm not a sore loser. (defeats Ivory in one move) Because I just won the game!

Ivory: Wha-? Here it comes! (holds arms out, Mage pelts her with water balloons) Ah, feels good to lose.

Jet: Ahem, I certainly hope that's not the same attitude you have during battle.

Ivory: Ugh, you're no fun anymore. This is why we never form Jade.

Jet: We don't form Jade because you're difficult and a mess.

Ivory: We don't form Jade because you're uptight and-

Mage: (jumps in between them) Guys! Guys! What is Jade?

Ivory: Oh it's the two of us, mashed together.

Ivory: (scoffs) Is water just hydrogen and oxygen "mashed" together?

(Ivory and Mage look clueless)

Jet: (sighs) When we synchronize our forms we can combine into a powerful fusion Gem named Jade.

Mage: Wow, that's so cool! But tell me more about Jade!

Ivory: Well, Mage, he's an ultra powerful, stone cold Betty. That part's me. And he's, like, kinda tall. (whispers) That part's Jet.

Jet: What Ivory is attempting to say is, Jade is an amalgam of our combined magical and physical attributes fused into a single entity.

Mage: Can you do it right now? Form Jade!

Ivory: (scoffs)

Jet: We only form Jade when it's absolutely necessary.

(Light emits from the Beach House.)

Mage: Citrine's back!

[Trans. Int. Beach House] (The Gems enter house to greet Citrine.)

Mage: Ooh! Ooh! Did you get me anything?

(Citrine presents a rock)

Mage: Whoa, a rock! Thanks!

Jet: So, was your mission a success?

Citrine: I've located the Geode beetles of Heaven and Earth. You two, however, need to make an inspection of the Galaxy Warp.

Ivory: Well I'm going with not Jet.

(Mage is biting the rock.)

Jet: Well, that's perfect. Because I don't want to go with grammatically incorrect people anyway.

Mage: Is her talking about me?

Citrine: You three go together, I go alone.

Ivory/Jet: What? Why?

Citrine: The Earth Beetle's at the bottom of the boiling lava-lake, and only I can swim in lava. You'll find a functional Warp Pad at the top of the Lunar Sea Spire. It's safer.

Ivory: You mean boring-er.

Jet: You mean more boring.

Ivory: So you agree with me.

Jet: Ugh! Come on you two, lets go.

(They walk towards the warp.)

Citrine: Mage, be sure to keep the harmony.

Mage: No problem. (gets on warp) Today's going to be all about har-mon

(The Gems warp.)

[Trans. Ext. Lunar Sea Spire]

Mage: -ny! (falls) Woah...

Ivory: This was once a gathering place for Gems.

Mage: So, when you fuse, do you turn into a giant, giant woman, or just a regular-sized, giant woman?

Jet: Male, Mage.

Mage: Does one of you control the right arm and the other control the left arm?

Ivory: Come on, Mage.

(Ivory and Jet walk away.)

Mage: Wait, these are extremely important questions! (catches up)

[Long Stairway]

Mage: Phew, there sure are a lot of stairs, how about you form Jade and give me a piggy back ride?

Jet/Ivory: No.

[Trans. Top of Spire]

Jet: Ah, the warp.

Ivory: (panting) Finally!

Jet: Oh, nevermind... It's damaged.

Ivory: (facepalms)

Mage: Can't I fix it?

Jet: Oh, yes!

Ivory: Go for it.

(Mage stomps on his foot, and wipes a tear on the Warp Pad.)

Ivory: Thank you, Mage! (tightly hugs Mage)

Mage (strained): No problem.

(The Gems warp.)

[Trans. Galaxy Warp]

Ivory: (checks warp) Inactive.

Mage: (checks warp) Inactive.

Jet: (checks warp) Inactive...

Ivory: Do we have to check all of them? They're all still inactive, like always.

Jet: We need to make sure.

Mage: I've never seen so many warps before! Where do all these Warp Pads go, anyway?

Jet: Well, these warp pads were used to travel off-planet. They were our connection to the Gem Homeworld and to Gem-controlled planets all over the universe.

Mage: (gasps) You mean we could go anywhere we want in outer space?

Ivory: (scratches butt) Yeah... We could do that if they weren't all busted.

Jet: It's true. The Galaxy Warps have all been inactive for thousands of years. I'll always have my memories of other worlds. But now I'm here. On Earth... forever.

Mage: With me!

Jet: Right. With you. It really is incredible out there, though. I wish you could see it.

Ivory: Um, you guys! I think this one works!

(Jet and Mage walk over.)

Ivory: See? No cracks. That's new.

Jet: (gasps, grabs Ivory, and jumps off-screen)

Mage: Dang...

(A large Gem suddenly appears, summoning a scythe and destroying the Warp Pad.)

Mage: Are you... Jade?

Jade: In the flesh.



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