Season 1, Episode 1
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Air date June 24, 2015
Written by Mr.Napcakes


Directed by Darktriggerhappy


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"Inconvenience" is the first episode of the first season in Gem Conquest.


Three factions from Homeworld come to an Earthlike-planet to conquer it, but they don't realize that there might be some difficulties.


A teal Gem was standing in front of a mirror fixing his hair. He looked as if he was of high importance and seemed to be smiling at his own reflection. He stepped back to a looked at his outift, than at his face. He smirked. He was in a cold restroom with flickering lights. It was somehwat huge. The primary colors were blue and white, but they were hardly seen by the badly litten bathroom lights. The only light that functioned correctly was the light above the diamond shaped mirror. He got closer to the mirror, placing his two hands onto the futuristic counter, head moving in.

Achro: Okay, you can do this. Motivate a whole group you've known most of your life to go to a planet you and them know nothing about. You've come this far.

He looked up at the mirror and smirked.

Achro: And you'll look good while doing it. Now get out there, grab your girl, and take over some planet!

There was a knock on the bathroom door, as well as a somewhat soft voice.

???: Achroite, hun, are ya in there?

Achro: Yes, honey, I am. Just giving myself a motivational speech!

???: Well ya gotta hurry.

Achro: What, you need to use it?

???: No, silly bun! We're about to land!

Achro blankly stared at the mirror.

Achro: Well crud. I'm coming out, Elbaite, so step away from the door!

Elba: Use Elba. Please.

Achro: Sorry, sorry. All stessed and stuff.

The futuristic door opens sideways, and Achro turns to the opened door. He sees a fine lady with a nice red braid that fades to green. She has lovely pink skin, a white and green chiffon dress with red rectangles near the bottom. She fixes her dress and brushes dust off of her white boots.

Achro: Looking lovely as always, dear.

Elba: Why thanks, dear. I'm blushin'.

Achro looks around the hallway, then back at Elba.

Achro: Where's Sulfur?

Elba: Probably the main control room. 

Achro: And Bismuth?

Elba: She's takin' a break in the parlor.

Achro: Good. I want us to be the first that sees this planet's beauty.'s going to be nothing when compared to you, of course.

Elba: Aw, you're as sweet as a sugar plum, Achro!

She hugs Achro, him hugging her back.

Achro: Don't mention it darling.

She releases her grip and takes a step back. He sticks out his hand, offering to walk her to the ship's exit.

Achro: Shall we?

Elba: Of course.

Elba holds his hand as they walk to to the exit, awaiting for the ship to come to a complete stop.


A tall woman with an elegant white dress approaches a large window. The room is not lit, with only the light of the thousands of stars lighting up the room. The room is empty and has wine colored walls. The woman looks out the large window and views the cosmos, while standing with her cane. She sees an earthlike-planet in view. Her dark red lips smile.

Cupri: So.. It appears that we have arrived.

Her cane disappears into oblivion and light. She nearly walks out of the dark room, when something starts ringing. She looks at her right hand, and her ring appears to be blinking. Her white gloves are given color every blink. She presses the red stained glass the ring appears to have and a voice file pops up.  Cuprite glares, but presses the play button to hear what the file has to offer.

???: Madame Cuprite, the ship is prepared to land on your orders. We've found a spot suitable for our needs.

Cupri: I see... Imperia, get to the main control room and land this ship. You also need to check the cables. We wouldn't want them to fail.

Imperia: Why of course, Madame. I'll set the landing location right this moment. Good day.

Cupri: Likewise.

The call ends and Cupri exits the dark red room and into the hallway. She paces down the hallway, her stilettos giving off sounds with every step. She looked around the ship, checking if she missed anything before arriving on this strange new world. She then sighed, continuing to the exit. As long as everything went according to her plan, she would find this far more easier than expected.


A short, child-like Gem was pacing around an empty, yet ironically filthy room. While he was doing so, angry shouting from another Gem could be heard. It sounded as if even he didn't know what he was talking about. As the shouting continued, the short Gem, who was wearing a helmet and a full set of armor, was progressively getting angry, as well.


The shouting stopped, causing Ulexi to sigh in relief. Suddenly, the futuristic door behind him opens, and a tall and buff lady approaches him. She has long, messy hair and worn out armor, as well as a green torn up tunic and a brown battle skirt. She has a jug of water attached to a strap that goes around her waist unevenly. She looks serious.

Ulexi: Well, what is it?

Unakite: We're coming close to the planet and, if it wasn't obvious, Chryso is at it again.

Shouting could be heard from another room again.


Ulexi sighed out of annoyance.

Ulexi: Apparently, threatening him wasn't enough.

Una sighs as well.

Unakite: Chryso, enough with the antics. We're almost onto the planet.


Una: ... Sure. Sure they are.

Ulexi pushes Una aside, as he starts walking toward the ship's exit, as Chryso continued his insane rambling. Una walked into his room, as the sound of fighting could be heard.


The sky was filled with clouds. The grassy plains felt dull, and the air was still. Three ships came from above, landing slowly in different locations. Once they landed, a hatch in each of the ships opened. From the far left, Cupri walked out, examining her surroundings, but slowly becoming mortified when she noticed the other two ships. Ulexi walked out of the far right one, groaning at the sight of competition. From the middle ship, Achro and Elba walked out, arms interlocking with the other arm. The two looked at the ships on their respective side, Achro being on the right and Elba being on the left. Then they looked at each other and let out sighs at the same time. Cupri walked towards the center of the three ships as her adviser, Imperia, followed her. The same happened with Ulexi with Unakite and Achro with Sulfur, only Elba was with Achro as well. Their armies all looked at one another confused. Everyone was confused.

Cupri: Who.. Who the Hell are you people?..!

Achro slightly laughed.

Achro: We were about to ask you the same thing. But hey, thanks for doing it for us!

Cupri: That wasn't funny.

She stomps her cane down, alerting everyone.

Cupri: This planet was going to be conquered for Bleeding Snow, the highly-advanced faction which I am the leader of.

Ulexi: This is supposed to be territory of the Brutal Horde, and I'll be happy enough to shut that self-righteous mouth of yours personally!

Una nods and smirks. Achro looked at Sulfur and nodded.

Sulfur: You're both in the presence of Grinning Greed, so know your place with those tones of yours. The co-leaders, Elbaite and Achroite.

He sighed, examining the other two factions thoroughly.

Sulfur: In comparision, your forces are..... Not very numerous, so to speak.

Cupri: How rude of you to say that...!

Sulfur: It might be rude, but it's true.

Cupri: Ugh..

Imperia steps in.

Imperia: Well, how are we supposed to organize this whole, er, situation?! We can't ALL rule over this planet!

Ulexi: I say a fight to the death is in order! Three go in, one comes out! And we all know who's going to be walking out. US!

Achro laughed.

Achro: Now, now. I don't think a conflict is necesarry. I say we find land and call it ours. Who needs a whole planet when you can have a chunk of it?

There was a brief silence, but Cupri spoke up eventually.

Cupri: That... Does seem like a fair agreement, I suppose..

Achro: And, to make it even more fair, it's first come, first serve. Well....except here. We're all here.

Imperia and Cupri nod, as well as Ulexi and Una. Elba stays quiet. Sulfur, however, simply smirks and whispers something to Achro. He nods, as Sulfur summons a holographic display, causing a giant robonoid to walk out of the ship.

Achro: Theracebeginsnowhavefun!

He gets onto the robonoid, helping Elba up as well. It hurries off. The Grinning Greed Army follows them. Cupri just stares, still not believing what she just witnessed. She turns to Imperia.

Cupri: They're going to get all of the good land! MOVE!

Cupri holds her dress, so she doesn't trip, and runs towards the other direction, Imperia following. The Bleeding Snow Army follows the two.

Ulexi: Well don't just stand there! We at least need SOMETHING out of this whole thing!

Ulexi charges, as the rest of the Brutal Horde yells in trumph and follows him. The outcome for the race to get land was anyone's game.



Grinning Greed

  • Achroite
  • Elbaite
  • Sulfur
  • Bismuth (mentioned)

Bleeding Snow

  • Cuprite
  • Imperial Topaz

Brutal Horde

  • Ulexite
  • Unakite
  • Chrysocolla (voice only)



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