"In The Dark" is the third episode in season one of The Homeworld Gems, and the third episode overall.

In The Dark
Season 1, Episode 3
Vital statistics
Air date July 8th, 2015
Written by Katrinasis
Directed by Katrinasis
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When Morganite and Emerald get trapped underground during a mission, how will they escape?


Morganite walks up to Emerald, who is just sitting around.

Morganite: Let's go. We have a mission.I

Emerald: Aw, do we have to?

Morganite: Emerald...

Emerald: Fine.

Morganite and Emerald walks towards the warp pads, and Morganite points to one.

Morganite: Let's go, Emerald.

Emerald: Wait...isn't that the Warp to that Gem battlefield or something?

Morganite: And? Morganite activates the warp.

Morganite steps off the Warp Pad and looks around.

Morganite: I remember it like it was yesterday...

Emerald: Remember what?

Morganite: Erm...nothing. Let's just go.

Morganite and Emerald start walking around, untill Morganite suddenly stops.

Emerald: Huh? What is it Morganite?

Morganite: Do you hear that?

Emerald: Hear whaaaaAAAAA

Morganite: Oh no!

The floor falls in on its self, and Morganite and Emerald fall as the screen fades to black.

The screen fades back in to a dark cave, with Morganite looking around.

Morganite: Emerald? Are you there?

Emerald appears out of a pile of rubble.

Emerald: Ow ow ow... Ugg, I can't see a thing...

Morganite: I can fix that.

Morganite's Gem starts to glow, and a ball of pink light comes out of it.

Morganite: There.

Emerald: Wow, I never seen you do that before... What is it?

,Morganite: It's a... Hey, don't-!

Emerald touches the ball of light, and quickly pulls her hand back.

Emerald: Ack! Ow ow ow ow...

Morganite: It's a ball of extremely hot light.

Emerald: That's good to know...

Morganite: Anyway, we should go. I thought Homeworld disabled all these traps after the war...

Emerald: These are... Traps?

Morganite: Uh huh. They were used for capturing enemy soldiers, and they would collapse at the slightest weight.

Emerald: Wow... That's amazing...

Morganite: Right... Anyway, we need to get out of here...

Emerald: Right!

Morganite and Emerald walk into the darkness, following the ball of light.

After a while of walking, Emerald points to a dead end.

Morganite: Dead end...

The ground suddenly starts to shake, and a giant snake creature appears.

Morganite: There it is, that's what we need to defeat!

Emerald: Then let's do this!

Morganite and Emerald summon their weapons.

While Emerald attacks it, Morganite comes up with an Idea.

Morganite: Emerald! Grab on to it!

Emerald: Are you crazy?!

Morganite: Just trust me!

Emerald: Fine...

Emerald grabs on to the creature's tail, and it starts to flail around.

Morganite: Now's my chance!

Morganite summons a few balls of light, and sends them at the creature.

The creature shreeks and then poofs, causing Emerald to fall.

Emerald: Oooof.... Well, we did it at least... Morganite, you look tired, is something wrong?

Morganite: Nothing's wrong, let's just find a way out...

Emerald: ...Oooh! I have and idea!

Morganite: What is-

Emerald interrupts her whole summoning her weapon.

Emerald: We can drill our way out!

Morganite: ....We can try....

Emerald: All right!

Emerald starts drilling a hole while Moragnite follows her, and the episode ends.


Morganite and Emerald warp back, with Peridot there.

Peridot: There you are! Do you have any idea- wait, what happened to you two?

The camera pans to Emerald and Morganite, who are dirty and ragged.

Morganite: Don't ask.

Major Characters:

  • Emerald
  • Morganite

Minor Characters:

  • Peridot

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