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Gender Pronoun


Professional Status

Dawn Dusk Gem


Dawn Dusk Gems

Personal Status



Rise Island

First Appearance

Smoke and Mirrors

Music Theme "Van Giwoo" from LaTale
Voice Actor

Logan Wells

Idocrase is a major character in Dawn Dusk Gems.


His gem is located on his belly button, like Steven. His skin is a straw color and his hair, that goes upward, is a dark olive color. He has a black t-shirt that's sleeves have negative spaces made of triangles, one on each sleeve. Over his t-shirt, he has saffron colored armor with golden plates that act as his sleeves in a way. His armor has a cross on it, one line being white, one line being a rust color, and the center being neon lime green. He has sharp metal bracelets on each wrist. His pants are dull mulberry color with a yellow design on the right side, outlined with orange. His boots are similar to Amethyst's, but are light grey as opposed to white.


He has a stubborn and impatient personality. He's usually hot-tempered, like a child. But in battle, he does splendidly. He cares about his friends a lot, even if he doesn't act like it. His small stature makes himself feel self pity. He can be a nice and serious person when something important is happening, but it usually results to anger. He loves to have fun with Malachite and Rhodo while they go on and do their shenanigans. When someone takes that fun away from him, however, he gets grumpy.


Like all gems, he has the ability to shapeshift, summon a weapon, and fuse. His weapon is a blade, but his most unique ability is to control sound. He can mute people, raise volume, and do other things sound related. It's ironic that he can mute people since he's the loudest of the Dawn Dusk Gems.



He's pretty good friends with him, even though Rhodo teases him about his patience issues. Rhodo, Malachite, and himself are kind of a trio.


He's pretty good friends with her. Rhodo, Malachite, and himself are kind of a trio.

Moonstone and Apatite

He thinks they're nerds, but he's still friends with them.


Even though it may not seem like, he looks out for her and finds her to be a really good friend, as well as the others. When she's feeling uncomfortable, he, as well as the others, try to cheer her up and try to be gentle with her.


  • He is the only member of Division B that hasn't appeared in any other episodes previous to Smoke and Mirrors.
  • He shares the same voice actor as Jace; Logan Wells.


Image Description
Idocrase Gem
Idocrase's gemstone is located on his naval. It's shaped like a circle and has a vertical rectangular facet on it.


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