This is a character in the Legend of Sapphire series.


She has light blue skin with dark blue hair in Pearl's style as well as beautiful dark blue eyes. She wears a beautiful light blue dress with teal and white detail the glistens like the snow. She wears a necklace with snowflakes on them that sparkle in the light and has snowflake earrings she wears. Her gem is in the shape of Pearl's found at the base of her neck like Sapphire's gem.


She has a mixture of personalities from her mother and father, having the sweet, caring, and intelligent personality of Pearl and the compassionate, creative, and serious personality of Sapphire. She however sometimes makes wrong decisions for hanging around with Amethyst but she always tries to do the right thing even if it isn't as right as she thought. Just like her father, she has deep love for music and arts which is why most of the time she plays an instrument, sings, or writes.


  • Cyrokinesis
  • Extreme intelligence
  • Graceful Agility
  • Sand controlling abilities
  • Create holograms with her gem


Although she is new to battle, she is proven to be extremely skilled with her sovnya which looks like a combination of Sapphire's and Pearl's weapons. It has a blade made of ice at one end and a spear like blade at the other end with the staff part of the weapon resembling the main body of Pearl's spear. It is said that if something gets cut by it it will freeze from the inside out making this a deadly weapon for such a young gem.


Like her father, she uses ice magic in battle but mainly for freezing her enemies in battle rather then using the ice as a weapon. She also uses agility in battle like Pearl does using her brain to outwit others even if sometimes she prefers to just freeze someone instead of outwiting them.


Sapphire: Ice Opal and her father, Sapphire are extremely close and she will do anything it takes to make sure he and her mother are safe from danger. Sapphire treats her more independently than Pearl which makes her like Sapphire just a little more. Sapphire still is pretty protective of her and is willing to risk his life for his daughter just like Pearl would but has more faith in Ice Opal that she can protect herself.

Pearl: Ice Opal cares alot for her mother, Pearl but can sometimes get annoyed by how protective she is for her. Ice Opal doesn't like how protective she is but she does know she is that protective just because she loves her and doesn't want anything bad to happen to her. Ice Opal does think Pearl needs to loosen up at times but she still cares alot about her mother.

Amethyst: She and Amethyst love hanging out but sometimes she gets Ice Opal to do the wrong things from doing something stupid or doing something risky. She does like some of the stuff Amethyst does but she doesn't want it to get her in trouble. But thankfully, she knows the difference between right and wrong most of the time.


  • She is the daughter of Pearl and Sapphire.
  • She appears to love snow and tries to make it snow all the time.
  • She can make snowman come to life.
  • She loves hot choclolate.
  • She is the only gem that isn't a real gem in real life.
  • She is a reference to Elsa from Disney's Frozen.

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