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A Hoobnoot electronic cigar, an object that is used to smoke Hoobnoot.

Hoobnoot, also known as "happy juice", is a rather potent narcotic that is traditionally smoked by the Qiskaltak for recreational uses.


Hoobnoot is the extracted sap of the Hoobaeous shrub, which is indigenous to Eeu & Tegin. It is somewhat similar to earth marijuana, as it can be smoked in the form of dried leaves, eaten, or drank. However, modern ways of consuming Hoobnoot are by inhaling it in the form or flavored liquid or vapor (commonly known as "hoobwater") using specially designed electronic cigars. The narcotic itself is also non-addictive, so rehab isn't much of a requirement.

The effects of Hoobnoot intoxication are feelings of euphoria, arousal, and extreme feelings of relaxation. It also acts as a painkiller if used in small doses. Users of the drug exhibit symptoms such as bloodshot eyes and large amounts of flatulence, which diminish 10 minutes after the drug's effects wear off. The effects of Hoobnoot last for approximately 2 hours.

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