Homeworld Shenanigans is a series written by Wikia-Critic, SnowCreamImplosive and Uglyfish63. It is a lighter series, focusing on the daily life of a homeworld gem, specifically Jeremejevite.


  • Homeworld Shenanigans Bomb Progress: 2/6 episodes finished


Main Characters


Smoky Quartz

Milky Quartz



Angel Aura




Other Characters






Shiva Lingam

Yellow Diamond

Blue Diamond

White Diamond


Season 1A

Overall Number Season Number Title Card Episode Name Writer(s) Summary
001 001
Out From the Kindergarten, Here I Roar!

Uglyfish63, SnowCreamImplosive,


Jeremejevite is formed in the Kindergarten and goes on her first mission.
002 002
The Big Cheese SnowCreamImplosive Jeremejevite meets some high-ranked gems.
003 003
Smoky Quartz


Jeremejevite meets Smoky Quartz, a gem in a very strange situation.
004 004 The Milky Way SCI Jeremejevite spends a day with Milky Quartz.
005 005 Watts Up? Uglyfish63, SnowCreamImplosive The Homeworld System is hacked into by Rebel Spies and Jeremejevite is sent to deal with it.
006 006
It Takes Two Uglyfish63 Jeremejevite is given the mission to create a batch of force-fusions.
007 007 Angels In Heaven SCI, Uglyfish63 Jeremejevite's new colleague, Angel Aura, unintentionally causes problems during missions.
008 008 That's Cheating! SCI, Uglyfish, Wikia-Critic Jeremejevite discovers her "hacking" ability, which she has trouble controlling.
009 009
Bug Off! Uglyfish63 Smoky Quartz needs help keeping Abelia under control.
010 010 Fusion for Dummies ??? Jeremejevite is taught how to fuse.
011 011 Rebel Rising ??? The rebels begin to hold their swords at Homeworld and the team tries to do something about it through fusing.
012 012 A Cheap Tactic ??? Jasper tells the story of why she hates fusion so much.
013 013 ??? ??? ???
014 014 Blinded by Light SnowCreamImplosive, Uglyfish63, Wikia-Critic The gems accidentally set an imprisoned rebel with immense powers free.
015 015 Lights Out SnowCreamImplsoive, Uglyfish63, Wikia-Critic One of the Homeworld gems is a traitor.

Season 1B

Overall Number Season Number Title Card Episode Name Writers Summary
016 001 Moss and Snow Uglyfish63, SnowCreamImplosive, Wikia-Critic After the battle, Jasper is desperate and tries to find people for the group.

Crossover Episodes

The Neo-Crystal Gems

Overall Number Season Number Title Card Episode Name Writers Summary
001 001 We, Are The Neo-Crystal Gems! SnowCreamImplsoive, Uglyfish63, Aaron Soul The Neo-Crystal Gems investigate a Kindergarten.
005 005 Why Is She Here...? SnowCreamImplsoive, Uglyfish63, Aaron Soul The Neo-Crystal Gems encounter an old foe.

Homeworld Shenanigans Side Series: The Other Shenanigans

This is SCI. I know we have not released episodes, and there's only one, but I would like to give you what's in store for this series. I am making a side series so early only because I want you guys to have a little "taste" of what the writers can give independently.

Also, we have finished up to episode 8 but episode 2 is not done. I'm the main writer for Episode 2, and it's not finished, so that is why it hasn't been released yet.

The story takes place in a school-esque setting for the Homeworld Gems, except they call it "Intellectual Buildup Organizations". The main characters of this series (not including Jeremejevite for certain reasons, sorry Milky Quartz!) are set in this story. This series takes place in the past, so characters will look different and you'll meet new Gems, too!

HS is about young Jeremy surviving Homeworld, but I'll tell you the story of how they will survive Homeworld.

Read The Other Shenanigans here.

Note: This series won't start until a certain episode releases.

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