The Rebellion Episode 4B: Home (Part 2 of 3)

This is the second part of Home in my fanfic The Rebellion.

Home (Part 2 of 3)
Home TR
Season 1, Episode 4B
Vital statistics
Air date Unknown
Written by User:LapisL6
Directed by User:LapisL6
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Home (Part 1 of 3) Home (Part 3 of 3)


Topaz and Turquoise must save themselves, Diamond, and Quartz.


[Episode enters with Turquoise and Topaz sitting unconscious in a cell. The walls are a metallic silver and the plasma bars are blue. They were in the Gem Prison. Suddenly, Turquoise's eyes flutter open.

Turquoise: Not again. Topaz! Wake Up! We gotta save them!

[Topaz wakes up with a start and observes his surroundings.]

Topaz: How do we get out?

Turquoise: I have a dangerous plan. Are you fast on your feet?

Topaz: No. What are we running from?

Turquoise: Weren't you listening when I explained the plan?

Topaz: Uhh............. Maybe...

Turquoise: I'm going to blow up the main wires to blow this place to bits. I'll put a fuse on it so we have time to escape through the broken plasma bars, save Diamond and Quartz and rush back home through the Galaxy Warp.

Topaz: Okay... But, no guarantee I'll trust you from now on if it fails.

Turquoise: Got it. Be ready to go! I know where they are. Just follow me.

[Turquoise smashes through the vent and finds the cables. He'd puts a hand-made bomb next to them (Don't do this in real life) and lights the fuse.]

Turquoise: Let's go!

[The plasma bars spark and fade away and they scramble out. Topaz is cautiously following Turquoise through the prison, looking out for guards. They eventually find two familiar gems, Diamond and Quartz, in the same cell, lying hopeless.]

Turquoise: Let's go! We're here to save you!

Quartz: Okay... What do we do?

Turquoise: Follow me.

[Topaz uses his staff to explode the plasma bars and soon they're all running. Suddenly, Topaz sees something behind them.]

Topaz: What's that!?

Turquoise: Oh no, the explosions catching up!

[They run as fast as they can, outrunning the explosion. Suddenly, Quartz is hit by a fireball from the explosion. She falls to the ground, and Diamond rushes to help.]

Turquoise: We gotta go!

Diamond: I can't leave Quartz! Go on ahead we'll be okay!

[Turquoise and Topaz run away. Turquoise's eyes start to fill with tears. They arrive at the Warp Pad, when suddenly, Hematite and Jade appear in the Warp Pad.]

Hematite: Arghh. No one escapes this prison!

[Hematite levitates them in place and moves them towards the explosion. Behind them, they see Daiamond and Quartz running, both hurt. Suddenly, they're both swallowed by the explosion.]

Turquoise: Noooooooooooo!

Hematite: [smirking] Don't worry, You'll join them soon!

[Suddenly, Jade tackles Hematite to the floor, and Turquoise and Topaz are freed.]

Turquoise: You saved us...

Jade: I'll explain la-

[He was cut off by Hematite flinging him off and she ran to the Warp Pad.]

Jade: C'mon! Let's get you home!

[The three of them enter the Warp Pad together and vanish away. And the episode ends.]

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