The Rebellion Episode 4A: Home

This is the 4th episode of The Rebellion and the first three part episode.

Home (Part 1 of 3)
Home TR
Season 1, Episode 4A
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Air date Unknown
Written by User:LapisL6
Directed by User:LapisL6
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The Plan Home (Part 2 of 3)


Turquoise and Topaz attempt to save Diamond and Quartz, but things go downhill.


[Episode enters with Turquoise and Topaz trying to build something on a hill.]

Topaz: I got the thrusters attached... [Thrusters fall off.] ...never mind.

Turquoise: C'mon! We gotta build this rocket quickly! We need to leave at exactly 10:00 am so we can get there when the guards are on break.

Tooaz: We have 2 hours and we're almost done. Why'd you wake me up so early!

Turquoise: I thought you would be uncooperative, but we make a good team! [Smiles at Topaz, who blushes.]

Topaz: And... DONE! [Walks away to admire the ship, sweating.]

Turquoise: Wow, this came out good!

Topaz: What now? We have 2 hours.

Turquoise: How about... A FRIENDLY BATTLE! That'd be fun!

Topaz: Are you sure that's safe?

Turquoise: As long as you fight back, [smirks]

[They position themselves at other sides of the beach. Topaz summons his staff and Turquoise summons his armor. Suddenly, they both run at each other. Topaz does the first attack and shoots a bolt out of his staff. Turquoise avoids it and elegantly grabs Topaz and throws him in the air. Topaz makes use of the oppurtunity, and sends a lightning bolt straight down at Turquoise. He then lands on Turquoise finishing the battle.]

Turquoise: Great work out there! Nice job using that throw!

Topaz: Thanks!

[Suddenly, Turquoise's watch beeps and they rush to the ship. They buckle up and blast off!]

Topaz: Thrusters are blasting. We should be there by lunch break.

Turquoise: Great!

[After a while, the gems spot Homeworld.]

Topaz: Wow, this place looks different.

[Suddenly, they spot a ship behind them. It looks exactly like Hematite's but a little bruised. In the cockpit is a saturated green gem. Suddenly, the gem climbs through the roof hatch and jumps onto Topaz and Turquoise's ship.]


Turquoise: [Spins the wheel] Get off, you little-

[Suddenly, Turquoise is cut off by an explosion from the engine room that destroys the ship and knocks Turquoise and Topaz unconscious.]

Turquoise: [Wakes up in space] Where is that rascal! [Notices Topaz] He can't breath in space! [Grabs Topaz and climbs into Hematite"s driverless ship. Suddenly the mysterious gem climbs in too and corners them.

???: I got you now!

Turquoise: Who are you!?

???: I'm Emerald, but you may know some of my "other friends"

[Emerald starts glowing and splits into 2 familiar Gems. Hematite and Jade.

Jade: We knew you crashed on purpose! So we fused and rebuilt the ship. We knew you were going to try and save Diamond and Quartz, so we followed you.

Hematite: And now we'll take both of you as slaves! Jade, do the honors.

[Jade pulled out his whip and thrashed Turquoise and Topaz unconscious, which ended the episode.

Were You Paying Attention?

In Welcome to Beach City, Emerald was already revealed as a fusion of Hematite and Jade.

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